pow wows over sweetheart

a picture of me and my grand daughter kinikwe. i posed with her by my stand at the pow wow. i was wearing the new t shirt i had made for me. she told us she was a fancy shawl dancer. i watched her dance a few times. i also watched my grand daughter miamikwe who has fun dancing.

our pow wow may be over but i am still reliving parts of it. i got to visit with many people i know and some i just met. i was also texting people while working at my stand. we were sending pictures and jokes back and forth. i dont do social media so i text people i know.

i took down my stand on sunday morning. i didnt set up that day. everyone had checked out all the stands and bought what they really wanted by then. i had already advertised my craft and passed out business cards to those interested.  i sat in the arbor and watched them dance. i took lotsa pictures too.

we didnt have as many drum groups or dancers this year. maybe cuz it was called a ‘traditional’ pow wow. that means we didnt have contests, thus no big prize money. most will say pow wow is not about the money but with some it is. i kinda prefer a smaller pow wow. if we gonna spend our money it should be on us.

they pow wowed late every night but i went home bout 11 both nights.  this ol’ misho gotta get his sleep. i heard many that stayed said they had fun. having fun is what pow wows should be all about. thats why i go to them.

i took my laptop to a computer place. they updated it and added virus protection to it. i want it ready when i take a road trip. i will continue to do my blog and surf the net while on the road.

i am planning to go some where, anywhere. it dont matter, just cop some road time. i havent been anywhere since before covid. i want to camp out. i love having cowboy coffee and breakfast cooked over a fire. i like sitting around a campfire at night too.

i wanna go see petroglyphs, maybe in utah. i have seen petroglyphs in hawaii, alaska, chaco canyon, canyon de chelly and in petroglyph park near albuquerqe. i have seen lotsa rock art too. my interest in both grew from visiting ancient ruin sites.

i will also go soak in hot springs somewhere, maybe in colorado. i havent soaked in a few years. i know it will make me feel younger cuz my mother said it did for her. i have occasional back pain from my arthritis. a good soak would be good for that.

we watched the nba championship series last night. the warriors won. i am pulling for them because andrew wiggins is on that team. he only played for KU one year but we will always claim him as a jayhawk.

gotta catch up with my chores. my lawn needs mowing again.

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