gonna cop some road time

we have faithfully stayed home during covid times. now it is time to see what is down the road.  our destination isnt the goal. the trip is the thing. our intent is to find an adventure along the way. we are game to do whatever appears before us.

we will camp out along the way. we packed our tent, air mattress (aint gonna rough it that much), lawn chairs and cooking gear. we will cook breakfast and coffee on the camp fire when we camp out. we will have a campfire at night to sit around.

i thawed out some deer meat we had in the freezer. i marinated it overnight. today i will put it in the dehydrator to make jerky out of it. it will be good trail food to munch on. we are also taking a 3 gallon jug of drinking water. we will drink that instead of sweet drinks like pop. and we wont have plastic bottles as litter.

we kinda got an idea about what we wanna do along the way.  we will soak in hot springs for sure. maybe at indian springs or glenwood springs in colorado. or both. i havent soaked in a few years. i know that will feel good.

after that we will head toward utah to see some petroglyphs. there are many places to them in utah. this will be a side excursion to give us something to look forward to after a long drive. visiting ancient ruins has become a hobby of ours.

our furthest point will be vegas. i wanna cash in my winning ticket. i bet on the jayhawks to win the national championship. they won it so i won some righteous coin. i have a year to collect on it. i will do that on this trip. i dont know if i will try some slots in vegas or not. it is kinda expected though. mary told my niece we were going there to get remarried. my niece believed her.

we will meet my daughter wabenokwe near the Grand Canyon on fathers day. she is only a few hours away from there. we said we could meet at a place she wants to check out. we are gonna sleep in a yurt. it is designed to give us a view of the stars at night.

once we leave vegas we will start heading back with a long side trip. mary wants to go to her high school reunion in south dakota. we dont know what route we will take to get there. it dont matter. we will find an interesting way to get there. once we see that we will head back toward the rez.

i am taking my nikon camera and the small hand held sony camera i had to buy in belize. i will also have my cell phone to take pictures with. no doubt i will take hundreds of pictures along the way. i am taking my laptop computer to write my blog as we travel.

once the sun comes up in the morning we are heading out. i can feel it will be a good trip already.

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