toto i got a feeling we’re not in kansas anymore

once my brother gary asked me why i only took pictures of us when i traveled. i said why would i take pictures of people i dont know. he laughed and said yeah i guess.

here are a coupla pictures of me on our trip. the one is me after collecting on the bet i made that KU would win the national championship. i made it to las vegas this morning to get my money. hell yeah. that $570 will pay for part of this trip.

the other picture is me soaking in a private jacuzzi at indian hot springs. at the end of our first day on the road we went to soak.  when i first got into the water it was almost too hot for me. i havent soaked in awhile. the jets that pumped up the hot mineral water felt good. i plan to soak again on this trip somewhere.

after we soaked we went to the old mining towns in the hills. the towns are just gambling towns now. i played some and didnt win. i only lost $20. before heading to our room we had the buffalo wings we like in that town.

on our second day i noticed the low tire light on the dashboard was lit. i went to a store to ask if there was a place open to fix my tire. there wasnt but i was directed to a station that had an air pump. i aired the tire up and hit the road. i checked the  pressure again down the road. it was still leaking air. i drove on and found a tire place. they said they would take care of it.

we waited an hour before the guy told us the tire was no good.  it so happened that they had the exact same tire. i told them to put it on. they did for over $60 more than what we paid for the ones on the car. down the road i checked and seen it wasnt the exact same tire. rip offs. but at least we are good for the remainder of our trip.

we got on the road and made it to a place that had petrogylphs. we had to walk over a mile to get there. no one else was around. by the time we got there the sun was dropping. we only got to see a few of the petroglyphs. that tire caused us over an hour and a half to get on the road. so we didnt get to see more of the rock art.

we got a room an hour from las vegas. we made it in today. i was able to cash in my ticket. i havent gambled much the past few years. so i played a hundred bucks of my winnings. it was money i didnt have so i was willing to try to win more. i didnt. but i look at it as my entertainment.

today we met our daughter wabeno. we are staying at air b n b in flagstaff. when we leave here we will head toward monument valley then north toward more petroglyphs.