more road time

we had a good night in flagstaff with our daughter wabenokwe. we went to the lowell observatory. we listened to a lecture by a science guy about the universe. it was pretty imformative. it reminded me of sitting in astronomy class back in my college days.

after the lecture we got to look thru the telescopes they had. we seen a galaxy and a coupla binary stars. later we listened to a presentation about the constellations. the guide pointed them out with a laser light.  it too reminded me of astronomy class. it was interesting though.

we headed north the next day. before hitting the road we ate at a diner on the old route 66 highway. it was still in operation even though the road isnt used as much as the old days. breakfast was good. after getting our fill we hit the road.

we drove thru the navajo rez. we stopped at one of the many road side stands that lined the highway. local craftsmen were selling their jewelry, beadwork, pottery, rugs etc. we bought alot of things for giveaways. the lady and her mother musta smiled as we drove off. i bought a hatband, a friendship bracelet, coupla necklaces and several pairs of earrings. mary bought more than i did.

after leaving the stand we missed our turn. i had turned off the gps cuz it was getting rather annoying. i shouldnt have done that. i didnt realize it really was trying to tell us we were off the route. we drove on for miles and didnt see any road signs.

it ended up we drove miles out of our way.  we stopped at a roadside stand and asked for directions. we had a good drive seeing all the scenery we dont see at home. we are on vacation, the drive is the thing. it dont matter where we go. we just wanna see other parts of the country besides the rez.

after we got back on course. we went thru monument valley. we stopped and took pictures. we drove on to see petroglyphs up the road. we stopped at a place called newspaper rock. it was a big panel of petroglyphs on the side of a cliff. it was neat to see that.

i have seen petroglyphs or rock art at many places. i seen them in alaska, hawaii, chaco canyon, canyon de chelly, anasazi ridge in utah and in petroglyph park near albuquerque. now i add newspaper rock to that list. i will continue to see other places that have them.

today we are headed toward south dakota. mary wants to go to her high school reunion. i dont know which route we will take to get there. we will drive thru colorado and then north and east. we will get there in a round about way. i have enjoyed the views of all the places we have driven through.

every place has its own beauty. i love the rez though. like dorothy says there is no place like home. we still have a few more days of road time before we hit home. we are having a good trip so far.

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