further on down the road

i took my tent and air mattress for a 3-thousand-mile ride. last night i finally got to camp out. we camped out in the yard of marys’ friend. it is near the missouri river. it is better than most campgrounds we have been in. we seen a turkey and its young walking around. we also had this deer walk right up to us. we saw a beaver cross near by on the road.

we sat around a campfire visiting. that is when the deer walked up to us. camp fires werent allowed thru out most of the country we passed thru. thats why i didnt want to camp out. camping isnt the same without a fire to sit around. we got to use our lawn chairs that went for the ride too.

we had to have smores. marys friend showed us a different way to make them. they used keeblers fudge covered cookies to hold the marshmallows. that eliminates the need for hersey bars and graham crackers. they were good.

today we are going to marys high school reunion. it will be her classes’ 50th anniversary. i missed my 50th cuz of covid. dinner will be held at the local casino. we will go tour the school grounds where she went before the dinner.

tomorrow we are heading home. it is only about 5 or 6 hours away. we will probably make that longer. i want to stop to see my nieces on the winnebago rez. they will have breakfast for us. we have passed thru many rezzes on this trip. we drove for hours on the navajo rez. we drove thru the pine ridge and rosebud rezzes yesterday. we were jamming out to some indian music being played on their radio stations.

we bought souvenirs from the native stands on the navajo and pine ridge rez. we use them for giveaways. i bought some gifts at wounded knee. an old lady said unemployment was 90% there. we were glad we bought from natives. we know our money went to a good place.

on the way here we stopped in colorado. they had a hot springs. we went to the yampah vapor cave. it is little caves carved into the solid rock. heat comes from the vapors of the hot springs. the temperature in the caves is near 114 degrees. it draws out all the toxins. it felt like a good sweat lodge. because we were natives there was no charge for us. we were there about an hour before we hit the road.

we drove along the colorado river for most of this trip. we crossed it through out colorado and utah on the way to las vegas. there we seen lake mead where it is dammed. it has lost alot of water because of drought. we seen the water line was the water level was. it has dropped many feet. i did stop along the way to put my tobacco in the water.

it has been a good trip. kinda regret it is coming to an end. it was worth going on though. until next trip.