got a routine going on roaches

i am almost done with the second roach i am making. i finished tieing the second row of porcupine hair yesterday. it will be a red, round one like the one i just completed. these two roaches are for a lady in red lake. i sent her a picture of the first one. she said it was beautiful.

i will tie the outer deer tail trim today. i can work around the grand sons and granddaughters here. they dont bother me when i am working. i am glad to know that since i will be working on roaches when ever i can. the boys and girls club will be open next week so the girls will be over there. school will start soon, so the boys wont be here later on. i will be in a routine by then.

i dont know how you wrap a small round woodland style roach. i havent talked with anyone that has one. i googled that and couldnt find anything. there are a few videos of wrapping a regular roach but i already know how to do that. on one video i seen that one dancer uses dax pomade on the porky hair to shape it. i use plain water to help shape my roaches.

i found a coupla short sticks at a garage sale. they looked like they would work for short roaches. i wrapped the first roach on one. i am gonna see how that works. if it does i will have to make sticks for wrapping round roaches. i will have to ship these roaches. i was wondering how i will box them up so they dont get crushed.

tomorrow we are going to the farmers market in kansas city. it is a big market. i dont have a garden and i am wanting fresh veggies that i usually grow. i have to see what they are selling. we will be buying some things in bulk to save for the coming year.

we cant buy up too much until we get our quarter beef. we were expecting to get it this week. we got word it aint going to the locker until the 15th instead of last week.  we gotta see how much room in the freezer that will take. i hope i aint gonna be saying “what steak again?”. eh.

we were planning to cut the willow poles for the sweat lodge on sunday. the temperature will over a hundred. working in the heat wont bother us but we decided to wait until next week when temps are in the 80s. even though we can handle the heat i prefer to do it when it is cooler.

i get amused at how some people can just make up their history. i gotta admit some are pretty creative about it. its okay if they believe it but it aint right to be passing their fantasies off as the honest truth. in todays world of social media anyone can be anything they wanna be, i guess.

gotta do chores and finish that roach.

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