finishing up second roach

we went to the farmers market in Kansas City yesterday. it was the first time we have been to this market this season. it took us a little over an hour to get there on the turnpike. we had to pay $5 for parking. the parking attendant asked if we were natives. i said yeah. he said he was too. a registered cherokee.

the farmers market had a wide selection of fresh, home-grown vegetables. we ended up buying over $120 worth of veggies.  gotta eat healthy. we had to carry a load back to the car.  we bought up roasting ears, leeks, onions, new potaotes, tomatoes, green peppers and peaches.

they have two sections at the market. one section is for home grown things. the other section is for things shipped in. we went back to buy a watermelon and cantaloupe.  i bought ginger root, lettuce, kale, carrots, apples. cauliflower and brussel sprouts for juicing.  i bought bananas and lemons from the shipped in section. we also bought spices and dry rubs for seasoning while we cook.

we loaded up and headed out. we drove part of the way home on the turnpike. we got off in lawrence and drove on hwy 24.  when we got to topeekie we drove up old hwy 75. i prefer the laid-back pace of two lane highways. not many speed, tailgate or pass you like they gotta get some where a few seconds ahead of you.

i didnt finish the second roach i was working on. it wont take me but about an hour or so to finish the outer row of deer tail. i started that this morning. i checked out the other round roach i had wrapped. it shaped up real good. i will ship them wrapped up. the porcupine hair wont get all bent out of shape that way.

its a good thing i have a coupla bins of deer tails that i already dyed. i have several deer tails dyed red. that is what i am using to finish this round roach. i have a coupla boxes of white deer tails. i will dye some more of them for later projects. i like to have things done before i need them.

by now we would have had our indian corn dried and put away. that is if it had come up. my corn didnt grow for me this year. this is one of the few times i havent had indian corn in the past 37 years i lived here. i got something to look forward to next year. it is probably good both fields laid fallow this year.

i didnt grow any crooked neck squash either. i will have to buy some to dry. i called the amish store a few years ago. they saved me 10 big crooked neck squashes. each one weighed about 20 pounds. i dried them and had a good supply of dried squash. i will call them again to have them put some away for me to dry.

gotta do my chores and finish that roach.

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