had my quarterly lab done

i had my quarterly lab this morning. i asked the pharmacy lady if i could get my A1C results. she said yeah, it would take her a few minutes to do it. i waited.  she came out and told me it was 7.14.  i said i will take that. it came down some more.

i was ready to leave the clinic but the rain was coming down in waves. i sat in the waiting room until it let up. i still got damp but not wet. i am glad we got this rain. we had some rain last night too. tomorrow we are cutting willow poles for our sweat lodge. the ground will be workable to set them in place.

i hope i had enough tarps and blankets to cover the lodge. the old ones pretty well rotted out from the weathering. i will have to replace all of them. i bought some new tarps a coupla years ago. i use blankets to make sure the steam dont get behind the canvas. i dont know if i have any old blankets i can use.

i went to town yesterday to get chicken feed and dog food. on the way home, i seen an animal cross the road by the casino. i slowed down as i got closer. i seen it in the ditch. i told mary ‘look its a badger’. it was looking right at us. we could clearly see the white stripes on its face. a truck was coming and scared it into the corn field so we didnt get a picture of it.

i already had tickets to KU’s opening football game. i decided i wanna go to more games than that. I bought tickets to the Duke game. no, not basketball. the football game. i think KU can win both games i have tickets for. i went to the opening game they won last year. KU might have to consider giving me tickets since i could be their good luck charm.

i am going make some porcupine hair rosettes next. you dont see them much anymore. i made a couple of them a few years back. i had them at my stand during the gathering held here. some guy from canada bought both of them eh. i seen some made arm bands with porcupine hair too. maybe i will try to make a pair of them too.

i have sorted more hair. i will be able to start tieing the hair for the rosettes i am making. i gotta figure out how i am gonna finish them. i googled porky hair rosettes but couldnt find any info on them. i will see what i can do as i go. i remember my uncle bud saying if i can see it, i can figure out how it is made.

the cable guy is here. we decided to get hooked back up for football and basketball season. i get tired of searching and searching for something to watch on streaming channels. i dont know what is on until i do a search. sometimes it takes longer to find a movie that it is to actually watch it.

got get to work on that roach.

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