we built a new sweat lodge

yesterday my sons and i cut willow poles for a new sweat lodge while it was cool. temps were in the 70s. thats better than working in 100 degree heat. after we loaded the poles up, we hauled them to my backyard in joes pickup. we put the frame up.  the rain we had made the ground workable.

we missed putting up a new lodge last year. it got too late and the poles woulda broke. a coupla of these poles snapped but no others did.  the willows woulda been too dry if we waited any longer. my mother used to say it’s no good to say ‘pama’.

i tried stripping the bark to use as natural ties but it wouldnt come off in long strips. we used string instead. good thing the culture police werent around to tell us we aint doing it right.

i am glad we got the frame done. no maybes, mights, gonnas. it is done and we will be able to have a sweat whenever we want. we didnt have one last year. i could have used one when i caught a mild case of the covid. i had a lingering cough. a good, hot sweat would have fixed me up.

we didnt cover the lodge yet.  i will do that later. i bought some new canvas tarps. the old ones kinda had it from being out in the weather.  i just wanted to get the frame put up before it was too late. i bought a buffalo hide at an auction for a door. it has some holes in it but i will patch it with another hide i had with holes in it.

my sons coulda built the lodge by themselves. they helped me do that many times over the years. but i like to help out while i still can. i may be getting older but i wont allow myself to act old. i work when i can. i wont stop working until i cant anymore.

i like to go into sweats during the winter. my skin gets real dry. it gets so dry sometimes that it itches. no lotion helps. a good hot sweat opens my pores. it toughens me against the weather too.

people used to come to me and say they needed to have a sweat. it was only at their convenience. i would accommodate them. i did most of the work. they would say call me anytime you have one. i would but they would be too busy doing other things. some were just taking advantage of my nature. i kinda burned out on that after a while.

i will get back to making a porcupine hair rosette today. i have most of the hair sorted for it. i want to try to make it a double row of hair. i think it will look better that way. if i like it i will make the rest of them the same way. i have only made two of these. i plan to make a lot of them for my future pow wow stand.

i gotta call the meat locker to tell them how we want our beef quarter cut.

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