went to kansas history museum

yesterday i went to the kansas history museum in topeekie. they will undergo a major renovation on september 4th. it will be closed for almost two years while that is being done. before it closes, admission is free until sept. 3rd.

i have gone there a few times already but i have been wanting to go again. it aint that i cant afford to pay the admission fee. i save money whenever i can. that is what allows me to do things that i really wanna do like planning a trip to china.

i went to museums while bumming around the country. when i went to another city i would check out their museums or libraries. it would be a place to get off the street. while there i would tour the exhibits or read.  i would hang out until it was time to go party at nighttime. i mighta been a bum but i was always learning something new.

i would also check out museums wherever i traveled.  i really liked the national museum of anthropology in mexico city. i became interested in the ancient civilizations of that country and would study them. i also went to a museum in cuzco, lima and guatamala as well as other places i traveled to.

i will never forget going to the louvre museum in paris. it held some of the world’s great art. there was so much art that it became overwhelming. i couldnt see all of it in the one day i was there. i became content to just walk down the halls among some of the world’s great art. i would stop at some that caught my attention. i seen the mona lisa and the venus de milo.

i went thru the museum in the vatican while in rome. i was there to see the sistine chapel. there was so much art everywhere. and gold. i couldnt understand how a church could have so much wealth when there was so much poverty in the world.

in the kansas history museum they had a potawatomi display. one picture showed potawatomis dressed up in ‘non-native clothing’. it said the ‘catholic boarding school at st. marys did not allow students to practice tribal ways’. hmm. there were also pictures of shanesi,  kack kack and others.

after i toured the museum i took this picture of the school where they sent potawatomis. the actual name was ‘potawatomie baptist manual labor training school’. here they taught potawatomis how to be good indians or something.

i liked my tour of the museum.  i spent over an hour there. i looked at most of the exhibits. it is a good history of kansas. when the renovations are done, i will go back and toured the new exhibits. i will gladly pay the admittance fee.

today is my mothers birthday. she would be 94 years old. i think of her often. i learned so much from her.  i wonder how much more i could have learned if we had these past 20 years she has been gone. happy birthday mom.

gonna work on my porcupine hair rosette.


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