nice to have family get togethers

i havent posted a picture of the two round, red roaches i made. i got done with the second one. here they are. i turned them upside down so the hair would splay out. it shows the roundness better that way.

here is a picture of my nieces’ grandson milan too. he is my neighbor on our mishos’ allotment. at a family get together i  was holding babies like a politician. i am the oldest in my immediate family now. my nieces and nephews want me to see and/or hold their babies. i usually do.

i have been around kids all of my life. i had 11 siblings and about 30 nieces and nephews. the nieces and nephews have offspring. now their offspring are having kids. there are 4 generations of our family.

milan is getting used to me. i usually tease him as i do all of my nieces and nephews. he smiles so i know i aint really bugging him. he knows i am playing with him. hes a good kid. my brother gary would be proud of the little guy. milan is carrying the indian name of my misho.

once my mother wondered if our family would get along after she was gone. many of our family were at this family gathering. we worked together and had fun visiting with each other. we shared a lot of laughs. that had to make my mother happy.

i must be getting older. while working, a coupla my nieces asked me if i was alright. they were concerned cuz i was doing things that younger men should be doing.  i see some of our indian men that never help out. thats why i do it. i wont be like them.  i told my nieces i may be getting older but i will work until i cant anymore.

mary and wabeno went to the crow fair this past weekend. i enjoyed seeing their pictures. i didnt go because i promised to take care of something here. when i say something, i have to honor my word. i was at the crow fair once before.  i remember being at the rodeo and horse relay races there. i also bet on the horse races. maybe i will make it back there some other time.

since i was busy i havent started on the porcupine hair rosettes. i will get back to them this week. i never know when something will come up. sometimes my time isnt my time, i have to do things when it is necessary. i try to help when i am able.

school is starting again. i will see less of the grand kids during the week. maybe we will head to colorado to soak in the hot springs. things are cheaper during the week.  maybe even head over to the hot vapor cave. i liked being in the steam of that cave. it reminded me of a good sweat lodge. i have a sweat i can go into now. thanks to my sons.

gotta get busy with chores i had to let go.

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