what was that?

i had my quarterly doctors appointment yesterday. i was driving home and seen something move on the side of the road. i looked and seen a brown animal that was turning. i only seen part of it. it was the color of a deer but was smaller than a deer. it looked muscular. it was bigger than a tame cat or dog.

i passed by and didnt get another look.  some say they have seen mountain lions in that area. it was about that size.  i only seen what musta have been its’ front shoulder. and no i wasnt smoking any of that funny stuff.

i will always wonder what was it that i saw. was it a mountain lion? mary and i have walked on that road many times. we have heard movement in the timber next to the road more than a few times. we just keep walking.

we thawed out our freezer to get ready for the quarter of beef we have coming. i found a coupla squirrels in it. i took them to our family dinner. there was some left that no one wanted. i took some. it was squirrel soup with corn meal mush in it. i ate that growing up. i really enjoyed eating that soup. it reminded me of when i used to go hunting for squirrels when i was young.

we had guests from another tribe at our dinner. they said they really liked the squirrel soup. i am glad that they tried it. some of our younger people didnt even want to try it. they arent used to eating it. i grew up eating squirrel. i gotta have that taste if i hadnt had any in a while.

the meat processing place called me about that quarter beef. they havent gotten to it yet. when they do, they will call me to see how we want it cut. we will have to pay them for the processing fee as well as my nephew for the beef. my son is going in half on that quarter beef.

today i am going over to get my tribal license plate renewed. based on my last name, i have to do that at the end of august every year. i will have to present my insurance card and pay for the renewal.

a coupla my nieces like my tattoo. it is my indian name written in an old potawatomi way of writing that is no longer used. they want to get their indian names in that script as tattoos also. i said i would write their name out for them.

i cant wait til next weekend. i have tickets to KU’s first football game. it used to be wait for basketball season to start. i have gone to plenty of KU football games over the years. i am hoping this coaching staff is the one that will turn things around for our program. i bought tickets to two games so far this year. i support our team.

gott do my chores.

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