started a porcupine hair rosette

i tied the porcupine hair for my first rosette. well, it is not really my first one. i made a pair of them before. a dancer from canada got both of them from my stand when the gathering was here. that was a few years ago. this is the first one since i made those two.

i tied this rosette a little different. the first ones i tied with a single string. i tied this one with two rows of string like i tie my roaches. the hair is spread out better than the first rosettes i made. i will continue to make them like this one.

i am wondering if i need to tie a second row of hair.  roaches look better with two rows of hair because they are fuller. i will make another rosette just like this and see what they look like together. if two rows of hair looks better i will make them like that.

once porcupine hair rosettes were common. they were even used as arm bands. now you dont see them hardly at all. making rosettes will give me a use for the shorter porcupine hair. i have so much hair that is too short to use on the tail pieces of the roaches i make. now none of it will go to waste.

i recently passed a milestone. i have been sober for 27 years. i am glad i was able to get out of that lifestyle. i burned down many golden opportunities because of my drinking and drugging. i got into way too many fights while i was using. i am lucky i am still alive. i lost some real down bros that lifestyle did in.

that chapter of my life is the hardest to finish writing about. i had much of it done then lost the pages. i will have to start over. it is what is holding up my book. it aint easy reliving those days. my brother larry wrote because he said that is part of letting it go. once i get past that i can go on to the other chapters.

next week is the sparks flea market. i didnt go to it or the one in brownsville this past spring. maybe i will go check this one out. like i really need more junk. i have quit buying many things like tools. i have what i need. i like looking for that one thing that catches my eye. the walk will do me good. it will take a coupla hours to cover all the stands.

it is time to mow the yard again. temps are up but it aint that hot. not like it was a few times this summer. i probably dont have to mow that much longer. soon the grass will die and i wont have to deal with it until next year. i am glad i got that john deere mower from my son. i like it.

i finished my chores. now i might get back to that rosette.

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