got my hat fixed up

i bought a derby hat last year. i havent worn it yet. first i wanted it beaded. a niece of mine beaded the brim for me. i was given a hat band a few years ago. i wanted the brim of this hat to kinda match it. i will wear them together. all it needs is a feather. i will fix that up later. then this indian can wear it on special occasins.

i was in town the other day. we stopped at a sandwich place to get something to eat. i sat by the window.  as i was eating my sandwich i noticed a guy panhandling on the corner. no one was stopping to give the guy any money. i imagine it aint easy standing on the street in hot weather for hours.

some people wonder why dont he just get a job like me. they dont understand there are a lot of people that simply cant hold down jobs for many reasons.

we left after i ate. i had to pass the corner where this dude was standing. i had a coupla bucks ready for the guy. i think it is good mojo to help out street people. we rolled down the window and mary gave it to him. the guy said “God bless”. he was giving thanks he finally got something. but still, it was nice that he said that. the people that looked down on him didnt tell him that.

i called the amish country store where we go to stock up. i asked if they could get me 10 crooked neck squash. they did that a few years ago. they were nice 20 pound squash that i dried. the owner said he would call me when he had them ready. i will have to drive over there to pick them up. i will dry them. i love dried squash.

the meat processing place called about our quarter beef. i told them how we wanted it cut up. they will call when it is time to pick the beef up. it will be in packages like we ordered. its a good thing we had the freezer defrosted and ready to store all that meat.

while it was cool i mowed the yard. i am glad i got that done. i had to pick things up. we had some willow branches laying around in the back yard. they were left from when we put up our sweat lodge. i had to cut a few low hanging branches from the trees in the yard.

our dogs passed a test of sorts today. the door to the chicken house was open. one hen was out. the dogs didnt bother the chickens at all. that is good. we got the dogs to protect the chickens. we dont need dogs that kill the chickens like the first pups we got. these ones will be alright now.

today we are taking andrew to his soccer game in olathe. samuel has one in topeekie. cant be in two places at once so we splitting up. we probably will eat in town.

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