worked on a rosette

i finished tying the second row of porcupine hair for this rosette. it looks much better than with a single row of hair. i still have to attach the two circles of hair together. i am undecided as whether to use buckskin or string to use as ties. buckskin can break if it gets wet too many times. i have a mirror as the center of this one.

the hair is about five inches long. that is kinda long.  i was just trying to see how i can make this. i will make a mate to this rosette to make it a pair of armbands. i will make others with shorter hair than this for the ‘indian sunglasses’ rosettes. dont see them that much anymore.

i am getting a referral to get diabetic shoes. they are to help with the bone spur in my ankle and for the overall benefit for my feet. first i had to prove i actually live on the rez. i took my driver’s license and auto registration to prove my residence. i complied with the simple request. i aint all radical about it. what i find ironic, is i had to prove i live here to people that dont.

tomorrow i will go to the sparks flea market. it has 500 spaces for stands. it will take me about 3 or 4 hours to cover all that ground. i will wear my walking shoes. i get tired from covering all that ground and have to sit down awhile. i like to do some people watching too.

i never know what i am looking for until i find it. i have gone to enough flea markets, garage sales and auctions to know at a glance if i have any interest. i bypass stands that are all tools or jewelry etc. i look for trinkets as giveaways or items to use in my artwork.

they have food stands at sparks. i used to get smoked turkey legs at a bbq stand. they havent been selling them the past few years. thats too bad. i really like smoked turkey legs. they make a tasty meal that aint too many calories and they arent fried.

andrew decided he wanted to go to the KU football game with us. i had to buy a ticket for him. a coupla days ago the seats next to us were unsold. last night i looked again and they werent. i had to buy a seat in the row in front of us. mary said she would take that seat and andrew will sit next to me. he went with us last year and had a good time. he seen some of his classmates at the game.

today we are picking up our quarter beef. i dont think i will be whining “what, steak again?”.  we paid my nephew’s family for raising it. and we will pay the processing fee, it will come out to about $4 a pound. not bad for steaks, roasts etc. we dont buy meat from a grocery store that often. we like the meat from processing plants. it is usually home grown without all the additives. 

gotta do chores.

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