wheres the beef

got the beef in the freezer. we picked it up frozen and bundled up like we wanted.  we went in half on a quarter beef with our son. we put our share in our freezer. we both have plenty of steaks, roasts, hamburger, etc.  we have other cuts like stew meat, ribs, cow tongue, oxtail, heart and liver. the meat should last us awhile.

gotta say something about my nephew and his family. they raised the beef. every year at the county fair they enter their cattle and pigs. they have won a number of times. they won enough blue ribbons that some of the others have commented on “them indians”. whatever. they are good at what they do. next fall we plan on getting one of the pigs they raised.

i havent had much of a garden this year. i did get a crop of potatoes. sunflowers came up in those two rows. i left them to grow. they must be volunteers from the sunflowers i planted in my corn field last year. i let the sunflowers grow by mowing around them. i want them so the wild birds can eat them.

my grandsons are both playing soccer this year. pictured above is samuel. we missed his last game because we had to take andrew to his game in olathe. samuel played in topeekie on the same day. we had to split up so both had a ride to their game.

we want to go see samuel play this weekend. i havent been to that soccer complex near the kansas river yet. i remember seeing signs there before it became a reality. someone had a dream about a soccer field there and made it happen.

i learned something by going to the sparks flea market yesterday.  i aint into them the way i was before. i had to sit down a few times to rest from all that walking. i passed on some stands because i know what they have. i probably wasnt gonna buy anything so i didnt go check them out. perhaps i am burning out on flea markets.

we bought a meal to go. we drive up a few miles toward white cloud. we stopped at a pull over by the missouri river. we ate our lunch while watching the river roll by. it was a good place to have our meal.

we will be heading to lawrence in a bit. we will pick up andrew at the hilltop school on campus. we will go eat then head to the football game. i have been anxiously waiting for this first game. i believe this program has a real good chance to get better.  andrew will have a good time watching the game like we will be.

i am thinking about placing an over/under bet on the KU football team. the odds are that KU will win 2.5 games this year. i will bet they will go over that mark. if they win 3 games, i will win on the bet. i have faith in our team to cover that bet.

gotta get ready for the big football game. rock chalk.

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