we backed our KU football team

friday night mary, andrew and i went to KU’s first football game of the season. i have been waiting for this game since i bought my tickets several weeks ago.  i believe this team will be better than teams of the past.

i told andrew that mary and i were going to the game. he said i wanna go too. he remembered going to the season opener with us and his auntie hattie last year. he had fun because KU came from behind and won that game.

i had to get another ticket for him.  i found one in the row in front of us. mary sat in that seat for a little while. whoever bought the seats next to us didnt show so we did get to sit together.

we werent the only fans. there were almost 35 thousand fans in the stands. the team is buying into the new coach’s approach. the fans need to have faith in the process too.  we better stand behind our team.

i have gone to many KU football games over the years. i seen wilt chamberlain in the audience once. another time i went to a game with my brother gary. i told him look theres gale sayers. i took his program and went to ask for gale’s autograph. he obliged me. i gave gary his autographed program.

we had some down years in the past few years. i back the team anyway. i still say KU is the best school i ever dropped out of. it was my favorite school but i couldnt deal with my alcoholism and school at the same time during my wild youth.

i like to park as close to the stadium as i can get. that means paying someone to park in their yard.  we did last year. we parked in the same yard this game. the guy raised his prices by $10. he only had one spot left so we took it. we were a block and a half away from the stadium.

we brought pillows to sit on. i remember that the stadium seats are too hard to sit on for a whole game. the pillows made it easier to deal with.  i will take a pillow when we go to the duke game.

we had plenty to cheer about this game. KU scored two touch downs on 6 plays to start the game. they dominated the other team for the whole game. KU crowds arent used to that. the place was loud. that had to make our team feel good to see a bigger crowd behind them.

by the third quarter there was little doubt KU would win. they were up bout 40 points. i told mary and andrew we should ease out. we had an hour drive home. i wanted to hit the road before the traffic. we listened to the radio as we drove out of town. KU won handily. now i regret not placing that over bet on them to win more than 2.5 games.

cant wait til next game now.

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