was foggy this morning

woke up in a fog this morning. no, no i dont smoke it no mo. there was a foggy mist over our hayfield. i took a picture of it but it didnt do justice to how the fog looked.

we went to town after i did my chores. i had to go get fitted for some diabetic shoes. the doctor recommended that i get them because i have a bone spur. she said the shoes would be better for my feet.

they made a mold of my feet so i will get 3 pairs of shoe inserts. i can put them in any shoe. the lady at the shoe place seen i had brooks running shoes on. she said they had brooks shoes in stock. i got fitted for a pair of them. they are black. i said i could live with them. i will be able to pick them up the first part of next week.

i will use my new shoes when i am walking. i havent been walking as much since i found out i had a bone spur. i need to get back into my routine. once i start i can keep it up. trick is to get into the routine.

we never go to town for just one thing. while in town we filled our drinking water jugs. that will last us a while. i also stopped at a migo grocery store. i bought some canned mexican style hominy, tripe and pigs feet. i will make some mishmot tomorrow. i have been hungry for that. i dont cook often but when i do it is usually something i want.

i will have a surprise for andrew. he recently started playing tackle football in lawrence. at the KU game, he was impressed that devin neal of the jayhawks was from lawrence. i checked out Neals page on the NIL site. i seen i can get him to do a video shoutout for a few bucks. so i went for it.

in the shout out Neal will say “hi andrew, this is devin neal. work hard at football and maybe someday you can come play for the Jayhawks”. i dont know when i will get that but i am anxious for andrew to see that. that kid knows that his misho will do anything for him.

i sorted porcupine hair yesterday. i will sort hair again today. that is a never ending chore. i will keep working on roaches and rosettes. i like to keep busy. and i want to build inventory for a future pow wow stand.

i gotta pick up the blankets that covered the sweat lodge. i will take the good ones to the laundromat. we will wash them and use them to cover the lodge before putting the canvas tarp on. hope i got enough blankets to do that.

over the years i have met lotsa people. recently i remembered this dude from el paso, texas. we used to call him the a$$?0!e from el paso. he would always respond. people wondered why we called him that. we said cuz he was.

gotta get busy

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