went to samuels soccer game

we went to samuels soccer game yesterday. sometimes i may be living in the past. last week i was ahead of myself. i thought samuel was gonna play last weekend. he didnt. his game was yesterday.

samuels’ game was held in topeka near the kansas river. it was the first time i have been to that soccer complex. it had nice facilities and plenty of parking. william took andrew to his game in olathe and joined us later. we took samuel to his game in topeka. he had to be there early.

it was raining for awhile. we had to break out the umbrellas. we covered with a blanket because it was kinda cool.  we sat back and cheered samuel on. they dont keep score but parents do. our team got beat. it dont matter we had fun watching samuel play. he knew he had 8 of us supporting him.

i was all excited about devin neal giving andrew a shout out thru the NIL opendorse site. it allows athletes to be paid for their name, image and likeness. the site said i could get a shout out for $13. i could make an offer of what i wanted to pay. i said i would pay $25. i seen the site added on an $8 fee. i paid it. then i got a text message that devin couldnt accept my offer a week later.

i was disappointed and told andrew about the surprise i had planned for him. i told him it wasnt gonna happen. i thought about it and checked my bank account. i noticed that even though andrew wasnt gonna get the shout out they did charge me.

i wrote to them telling them they took my money but i didnt get what i paid for. i applied for a refund.  i thought that the NIL site was on the up and up. or at least they should be. i dont blame devin for what opendorse does. i am waiting to hear from them.

i used to give maple sugar candy to these old men that used to teach me things. they really liked it so i would share with them when i scored some. i havent had any in a few years. different people said they would help me get some. they didnt come thru. i have been missing the taste of the maple candy that my ancestors loved.

this past spring, my nephew got some maple candy while on a trip up north. i rationed it out as long as i could. i just had a piece now and then. after it was gone, my son got some while he was up north recently. i rationed it out too. now i am finally out of my maple candy. like those old men, i really like the taste of it. hopefully i can score some more next year.

yesterday i watched the KU football team win their first league game. i predicted they would win. one of my sons bet on the game and won too. today i will watch the Kansas City Chiefs play.

gotta do my chores first.