piles of sorted hair

i decided to check out how much hair i have sorted. i have more than i realized. i have maybe a pound or two that is sorted. i have another cardboard with half as much as the one shown. it has hair that is a lighter shade of yellow. this hair is a darker orange.

i have been sorting porcupine hair for a few years. whenever i have time i sit down and sort hair.  i buy the hair in big bundles of several ounces and up to a pound of hair. it is usually from a number of porcupines. i have to clean the dirt off of it and comb out the under fur and quills.

i put a rubber band on smaller bunches of hair that are roughly the same size and color. i take out the all blond or all black hair. i remove hair with too much white on the bottoms that wont be covered by the deer tail trim. i also remove hair that has too much color on the tips. i dont want the top color to be staggered.

i leave only the hair that is all black with uniform yellow or orange tips on it. my roaches look better when the hair sorted like this. it is extra work but is worth it.  i put the sorted hair into a wooden wine box to protect it from getting bent.

i have enough hair sorted for at least 10 to 15 roaches. the numbers on the cardboard sides are in inches. the hair slid down an inch below the bottom mark.  i have enough hair for several roaches that will be over 9 inches long. maybe one or two over 10 inches.

all this hair is a result of me patiently sorting it. i couldnt guess how many hours i put into doing that. i binge watch tv or jam out to my music while i am sorting hair. i have pounds of porcupine hair that i bought over the past years. i knew making roaches would be my craft after i retired. i looked at it as an investment in myself.

the reason i  was checking out my sorted hair was because i needed some to finish the armbands i am making. i have more than enough to finish them. next i will make some more woodland style roaches. i want to have a supply of them on hand.

yesterday my granddaughter kinikwe and i went to gather the eggs. we looked at the chicks i bought this spring. we saw an egg in their pen. today i found another one. they are finally ready to start laying eggs. i will get some zip ties to band their feet so i know which chickens i got this spring.

after i band the chickens i will turn them loose with the older hens i have. one of the chicks ended up being a rooster. thats okay i like hearing a rooster crow in the yard. i will have 19 hens that will be laying eggs. i will be getting lotsa eggs every day now. thats okay too. i have steady customers that buy my extra eggs. that money goes toward feed.

gotta get busy on that armband.