ate like a poor man

or a rich one. i had cowboy bread and corn soup for supper last night. you gotta either grow corn yourself or pay the big bucks for it that some charge for dried indian corn. i love our dried corn so much that i grow it. i didnt get a crop this year but i have some stored away for the lean years like this one.

we found some deer meat when we thawed out our freezer. mary defrosted it. i asked what she was gonna do with it. she said have it for supper whenever. i said then cook it with our dried corn. so we had corn soup last night. when i was growing up, if you wanted bread you had to make it yourself. my mother made cowboy bread a lot. i still like to eat it.

i still remember my mother making cowboy bread on the wood stove. my brothers and i  had to bring in the wood to get the stove going as one of our chores. my mother also made biscuits in the oven of that wood stove. it musta took some real skill to judge how much heat was needed to bake biscuits as good as they were.

i got my refund from the NIL place. i wasnt ripped off. they didnt give me a reason why i didnt get a shoutout for my grandson. i would have preferred it to getting the money back. guess i am naive to how business works. used to be that when you paid for something, you got it.

today i have to go after more chicken feed. the good news is i no longer have to buy the chick starter that costs more. i can feed all of the chickens the same layer feed. i will turn the chicks out with the older hens. they arent chicks anymore. they are hens that are ready to lay eggs. the rooster will strut around the yard too. i will like hearing him crow like a politician.

today is a tribal holiday of sorts. it is per cap day. most of mine will go toward making two car payments. the rest will go into my bank account. i will transfer some to my savings account for my bucket list trip.  i had friends n relatives say to me ‘it must be nice to be rich’ after i have taken some trips. i am a several tax brackets lower than being rich. i save my money for things i want. they could do the same thing instead of whining.

i finished the two arm bands i was working on. i am starting to make another porcupine hair rosette. it will be for what some call ‘indian sunglasses’. it will go on the headband and cover part of the eyes. you dont see those that often anymore. i will make a few of them to use up the short hair i have left over.

gotta do my chores before heading to town.

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