one flock now

i turned the chicks that i bought this spring in with the rest of the older hens.  i had them fenced off in the chicken house from the older hens. i didnt want them pecked up. they are no longer chicks. they are beginning to lay eggs.  all the chickens will be on the same layer feed.

now i have twenty hens with one rooster. half are production reds except for one light brown hen. the other half are red island reds, my favorite chicken. my misho used to say not to get white chickens because the hawks can spot them easy from way up there. we havent had many white chickens because he said that. he has been gone for over 60 years.

the first eggs the rhode island reds are laying are slightlly smaller than the ones the production reds are laying. that will change. the eggs will get bigger the more they lay. i bet i will get at least a dozen big, brown eggs a day. enough for my family and some left over to sell to buy more feed.

i finished the porcupine hair arm bands i was working on. i was gonna put mirrors on them but they didnt work out. the covers were loosened and i didnt wanna risk the mirrors falling out. i used polished silver conchos instead. i will make more of these for my future pow wow stand.

i am interested in an exhibition at union station in kansas city. it is called “Maya the exhibition. The Great Jaguar rises.” they have 300 artifacts that havent been seen outside of guatemala. mary and i spent 10 days in guatemala. going to this exhibit will be like revisiting that country.

we plan to go check this exhibition out this week. they are charging bout 20 bucks for admission but i really wanna see it. besides its per cap time eh. another exhibit is coming soon. it will be king tuts treasures. i wanna to see that exhibit too.

i got a call about the potawatomi trail of death. they are going to do a retracing of the route from indiana to kansas next fall. once i traveled the whole route with the trail of death association. i got to meet and visit with the people involved. mary and i have met groups at sugar creek that were retracing the route. once we cooked a meal for them.

they are hoping for more involvement from the prairie band. many of those on the original trail of death march ended up on the citizen band potawatomi roll. some married into the prairie band. members of our band have ancestors that were on the trail of death too. i probably will meet the group when they get to sugar creek. i hope others do too.

we had some room in our freezer after de-icing it. we bought a pork bundle to go with the quarter of beef we added to it. we rarely buy meat from grocery stores. most of what we eat comes from meat lockers. it tastes better and has less chemicals in it.

gotta go watch andrew play football today. then rush home to watch the KU football game.

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