football and more football

we went to andrews football game this past saturday. we wanted him to know we were behind him.  we left early because it was too hot for samuel who was falling asleep in the stands. i felt the heat too.  we were in the direct sun. besides i wanted to get home to watch the jayhawks play.

i made it home in time to watch KU win their third football game in a row. i have been a fan even when our team wasnt very good. i supported the jayhawks when KU was considered one of the worst teams in the country. i went to many KU football games over the years. there were always tickets available.

i am happy we have a team that i can cheer for. i get emails almost daily about KU sports. i have read everything i could find about this team. i figured they would be good. i believed this coaching staff was the one to turn things around.

before the season started odds were that KU’s football team would win 2.5 games. i regret i didnt put down a bet that KU would beat the over. i said they would cover that. three games into the season and they covered that bet. i coulda won some money.

i  bought tickets to the opening game that we won.  then i bought tickets to the Duke game this weekend. i will be sitting in the stands with more fans now. fair weather fans will be climbing on the bandwagon. I am toying with the idea of buying tickets to the iowa state game. i never thought i would have to buy tickets early to get into a KU football game.

i have about 7 pints of hot sauce left from what i made last year. that wont last until next year. i was cruising thru topeekie and seen a sign that said tomatoes for sale. i bought them then i bought some habanero peppers from the farmers market. i made hot sauce with that. it is hot and i dont say that lightly. mary canned 9 pints. that will last me until i can get a crop of my own.

yesterday i went to get a ct scan. it was suggested because i had siblings that had aneurysms. the doctors made the rest of us aware that we should be concerned about that. i wanted to be sure i didnt have any. my results came back and i dont have any now.

the test was just a precaution. i have labs done every three months. i will have any test done on me to catch anything early. i am just being safe. it wouldnt be right to come thru open heart surgery and now finally getting my diabetes under control and let anything else do me in.

today we are going to union station to see the Mayan exhibition. i think it will be time well spent. i like seeing and learning about more history. this will remind me of our 10-day trip to guatamala and belize.

gotta do chores and get ready to head out.

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