went to mayan exhibition

i do get off the rez now and then. tuesday we went to see the mayan exhibition at union station in kansas city. it was worth the almost 20 bucks admission fee. it took us an hour and a half to get thru the whole tour. we had to do alot of reading. that was okay with me. i get into history.

seeing all the artifacts and pictures reminded me of our 10-day tour of guatemala. we were on our own tour bus that traveled to all the regions of the country. we went to see the ruins at tikal. that was one of the main things i wanted to see.

one of the displays at the exhibition said the mayans worshipped over a thousand gods.  yeah they created a great civilization but were mere pagans eh. most cultures recognized one God.

i seen a tv program about the mayan, aztec and incan pyramids.  it said that the indians couldnt have built the pyramids because they didnt have the technology. the conclusion was it had to be aliens from outer space that actually built them then went home.

on the way to the exhibition a semi-truck kicked up a rock. it made a loud noise as it hit our windshield. i didnt see the ding where it hit. we went to see the mayan exhibit. when we came out i seen that it had a crack about 6 inches long. we stopped for lunch and it grew to about a foot long. we got the windshield replaced yesterday.

i got a call from the amish country store where i shop for supplies. i was told the 10 cushaw crooked neck squash that i ordered are ready to be picked up. i want dry the squash so i have a years supply on hand. i might take a few to our fall dance.

i said i would pick the squash up on friday. i forgot i am scheduled to eat lunch with my granddaughters for grandparents day. then in the afternoon i have to go pick up my grandson in lawrence. i called the country store back and left a message i couldnt pick up the squash until next week. they havent called me back yet. the squash will keep until then. i hope it is alright with them.

i am ready for saturdays football game between KU and duke. i got the tickets in an email. they are loaded on my cell phone. i heard they sold over 40 thousand tickets so far. they want a sell out for the game. that would be 47,000 fans at the stadium. that will be loud. i bet andrew wishes he could go with us but he has games this weekend.

i sorted thru my porcupine hair. i was getting the short hair under 4 inches long together. normally i dont use hair that short. i will make a porcupine rosette. this time for what some call ‘indian sunglasses’. they cover the eyes of dancers. now i will be able to use hair that i put aside.

gotta get to work on that rosette.

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