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after i performed a wedding
after i performed a wedding

I am known as eddie joe. I am a prairie band potawatomi. I live on our rez in kansas. I spent most of my life here. I have traveled around during the course of a lifetime. I have criss crossed this country too many times to count. I was sent off to parochial boarding school during grade school.  Believe me all the horror stories associated with that trip are true. I went to an all indian job corps. There I fell in love with the mountains. Done some time in the military as a computor operator. I went on a government relocation program to california. It didnt take too long to hit the streets. I failed at that program miserably. You can take the injun out of the rez but cant take the rez out of the njun.  As usual i ended back on the rez. The rez has always been my starting out point and where i always end up at. i doubt i will ever leave the rez.

I lived here when there was no running water or electricity. i call those times b.c. (before casinos). I have maintained a simple lifestyle. I raise a garden to enjoy fresh vegetables, and i grow or gather many of our sacred foods. I raise chickens for the eggs. I gather many foods from nature like my ancestors did. I don’t hunt and fish like I used to, young hunters have spoiled me by bringing me game. I still burn wood as a primary heating source, it reminds me of my youth.

I claimed to be potawatomi before there was money in it. Aint no instant injun that found pride in being native when per caps rolled in. I am just a simple country injun. What i dont have i dont need. i havent done everything but i am content. i don’t feel a need to prove anything. My art keeps me going. I have been making roach head dresses for over 40 years. I also make hand drums, pipes, ball sticks, breast plates, fans and some bustles. I scrape the hides i use in making drums.  I have done deer, elk and buffalo hides.  I dabble in painting. My art is still evolving.

I am still working on a book to be titled “aint no fort injun”. It is a auto-bio, but most people can relate to parts of it. It is about growing up poor on a rez, going to boarding school and  later becoming involved in the alcohol and drug scene. And the violence. I went on a downward spiral in my search for identity. It took me years to get out of that life. I returned to my traditional ways and that is what saved me. It occupies most of my time. I have worked with native american prisoners for 5 years, I learned alot from that experience. It took me many years to live all of that, so it is taking me time to complete my book.

I used to blog on myspace. I was read all over the country, and had some readers overseas. other native blog sites picked up my original writing. I drew some crazies, a few hassled me. i got some hate mail for merely expressing my opinion. Even though it was “my”space some invaded it. didnt need that. Got bored with that, but i miss writing. So I started this site to blog and sell my roaches. i use the term reznjun though it may offend some. i heard it all about stereotyping etc. i lived in the days when i was called an f’ ing injun. i got into many fights over that. so now when someone tells me how it demeans indians i think to myself ‘yeah tell me about it’.


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  1. Hey Eddie Joe; You have a kool site here keep it up! And I didn’t know that you made fans………….do you have the feathers or do I have to collect my own? I was wondering about a Winterhawk fan?? Later, Cheryl

  2. Hi Eddie Joe,

    Please send me your email, I would like to hear a price on your roaches.

  3. Aaniin Eddie Joe,

    I like your work. Just new to your blog but will try and read some of your posts as I get the opportunity. I was looking for how to make a roach, that is how I found your site. Later g’waabamin

  4. nijena steve,
    thanks for checking out my site. hope you get something out of that page. my blog is just my ramblings bout things i see. every now and then there is something in there.
    pama mi ne kowapmen

  5. when you say ‘pama mine kowapmen’ that means ‘see you again’. thats just one way of saying that. i suppose the language police will say its wrong but my mother said it that way.

  6. I was familiar with the phrase ‘pama mine’ but hadn’t heard ‘kowapmen’. If you’re grandmother used it then I doubt there are too many of the language police that can say that its wrong.

  7. nanimwe glad i get comments. pama means later and mine means again so that is saying later again not see you again. ‘wap’ is the verb to look or see. you can use it in a variety of forms to mean lotsa things. but my knowledge of the language is limited. just know a little bit.

  8. Eddie Joe,
    You referred several times in your blog to a gardening program on the rez. Do you work for the Traditional Foods to Prevent Diabetes grant program at the clinic?

  9. That’s awesome. I’m glad to hear the program is still going. I wrote the grant for that program when I was with the clinic. Mike Jensen and Randy Mitchell worked on the project with me, and Tim Mendez built the little greenhouse we had.

  10. Hello from Florida. Just ran across your website, and it looks great. I noticed the comment about my Cousin, Mike Jensen, and I sure miss his smiling face. Stay safe, and good luck with your evolving art.

  11. Hello from Eugene, Oregon! Nice website. I wanted to know if you got any 22 inch roach bases for sale? I bought some half grown bases from Crazy CCC and I still had to add rows to the base. I started making roaches last year out of necessity. My favorite roach maker went out on hiatus. I like your work and yeah I got lots of porky hair leftovers, some over and under 8 inches. Let me know if you got any yellow, blue, and red bases for sale. Take care

  12. thanks. no i just make the bases for roaches i make. i work full time and only get to roachmaking now and then. i wonder why you dont make them yourself. i am sure if you can tie the hair you can easily master making the bases. that way you can do the entire thing and the way you want them. if you need pointers i can help you out. its always nice to meet other roachmakers

  13. Eddie Joe
    Thanks for posting for me and yeah I have made some bases. The ones I made were too loose. What do you recommend? Or what is your technique? Remember I just been doing this for a year now.

  14. hard saying what is causing the bases to be loose. an educated guess is it is not sewn enough. i sew mine thru the middle first to hold them together. then i sew both sides near the surface so that i sew thru the base 3 times. this stops them from splaying out and holds the entire base together. trick is not to sew it to tight. if it becomes tight you can work the base by gently pulling it in opposites directions to loosen it up. not to hard tho. if you sew it to tight it will have a tendency to stick straight out at the nape of the neck like you see on some dancers.
    when the roach is done, you should be able to hold it in two hands and let the tail drop. it should fall straight down. if not it is too tight. hopes that kinda answers your question.

  15. Dear Eddie Joe,

    Do you still have head roaches for sale and what are the prices? One of my sons is about to start dancing traditional. He is interested in a Black head roach with white tips and some spots of turquoise blue in front.

  16. Hi Eddie Joe. I want to invite you to travel again on the Trail of Death Commemorative Caraven Sept. 23-28. The Trail of Courage Living History Festival will be Sept. 21-22. Hope you can come to it too. You could set up your crafts and sell them too if you wish. We sure enjoyed your company in 2008 & 2009. Please tell others who are interested. Let me know if you are coming. We visited George & Pat Godfrey last weekend, had a lot of fun, with Bill & George telling jokes and kidding back & forth. George wrote a book about Watchekee, his great great grandmother. It is a really good book. like you blog. Keep up the good work. Shirley

  17. will see what my schedule is like. i hope to join at least part of it. it was a great experience the last time. i hope others join it.

  18. Eddie Joe – hello from sun setting here[w.coast] been awhile. good blog, first view. enjoy hearing of garden and bees. did you get nenwezhek. don’t see it much out here. plenty health, jim

  19. Found your blog …… Just wanting to say …….. Very nice to meet after all this time. Enjoyed my stay immensely. Looking forward to reading your blog and even a return visit to that part of the country again. Lucie

  20. Boozhoo, Eddie Joe! 🙂

    Nije na gin?

    I’m wondering if you you might be able to send me your email address. There are a few wonderful topics I’m hoping I can share with you. One in particular is the upcoming Autumn 2016 language event which I’m helping to organize in the Nishnaabe community of Biigtigong.

    While our language team has not (yet) formally announced all the details of our event, you can certainly check out the community’s language team webpage at http://biigtigong.com/language/about/team/ or the Band’s main website at http://www.picriver.com is you’d like to learn more before you and I have a chance to visit together.

    I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

    I gwiyen

  21. Glad I was able to find your blog page after the Tribal page was revamped. I enjoy reading about your gardening and travel adventure whether far or near. I was ill with a cold this past Saturday so I miss the council meeting for I always look forward to meeting you in person when possible.

  22. I figured my site would be easy enough to find if someone looked for it. if you are on the rez sometime, look me up. I am usually home.

  23. edie joe tried to contact you last month and haven’t seen a reply im guessing my text didn’t go through if it did and you haven’t had time to reply forgive me for asking again I learned about porcupine hair from reading your site and have saved the hair off 20 porcupines palm length and up last year I talked with you and you didn’t need any at that time just wandering if that has changed at this time I enjoy saving the hair that would normally go to waste but need to find someone who can use it I don’t do ebay and prefer to sell to someone who is interested in an extended buy/sell relationship like yourself if you are not needing any hair and probably wont in the future do you know of anyone who might thanks for your time

  24. Hi, found your site while looking up milkweed a while back. My friend Mike is PBP and told me about your writing, too. Just finally got caught up on posts, glad to see you’re still updating!

  25. soon enough it will be time to pick milkweed. gardening will come first. i am anxious for spring. my busiest time of the year.

  26. Eddie Joe – remember me and the Trail of Courage Living History Festival at Rochester Indiana? We are still doing it but I am 82 now and my husband Bill is 87. Don’t know how much longer I can be a part of things – only God knows. But I am still writing. I would like to get one of your drums to use at the Trail of Courage in the Opening Ceremony. Could you send me one? Shirley Willard, 3063 S 435 E, Rochester IN 46975.
    George Godfrey is still helping with the Trail of Death trips. I can hardly walk anymore. Would love to hear from you.

  27. I enjoyed reading your blog. I am looking for a roach head dress for our grandson. I tried to send a note on the contact portion, however, it does not send.

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