fall afternoon

it was a nice fall afternoon yesterday. andrew wanted to play catch with the football. the girls decided the leaves misho didnt rake up would be fun to toss in the air. they always have fun playing outside when they are here. gotta enjoy the outside weather before winter rolls in.

i still have to toss wood into the basement. now i have two big piles of it after i called about a small load. i hope i wont be viewed as one of those mean ones who will raise hell if they dont get something. thats who get everything around here. but i aint like that. i never complain. when i get something i appreciate it. i lived here when we had nothing. i do think that everyone should be treated equally though.

i want to have at least a months supply of wood in the basement. when an extended cold snap comes i dont want to go outside to get wood. or if it snows or ices up.  i will never forget when i needed more wood in the basement after an ice storm. the wood was covered with a layer of ice. it was cold while throwing it in. then it had to thaw and dry  out before i could use it.

i stack the wood along the basment walls. it is with in reach when i want to stoke up the fire. wood neatly stacked outside may look rustic but i prefer to have it where i can use it.   moving that wood and stacking it will be a chore, but keeping busy is what keeps me going.

i watched the kansas city chiefs football game last night. they didnt play last week so i was jonesing. it was a close game but i had confidence in our quarterback when the game was on the line. it was too close for comfort but i was happy with the win. i wore my new chiefs jersey for good luck.

i am looking forward to thanksgiving dinner this week. actually it isnt at dinner time cuz we will eat around noon or one o’clock. we will eat at my sons house. our oven went out so we have to cook somewhere else.  his house is roomier than ours. we ate there last year too.

while we are eating we will be able to watch K U ‘s first basketball game. it will be against gonzaga, who is ranked number one. our team will knock off that over rated program. this year will be the first time in years that i havent gone to our opener in allen field house. i wont be able to buy a new jersey either. i dont have a favorite player yet.

if i am looking forward to basketball that must mean i gave up on K U football. i am a fan but i kinda did. i think they will be good in a few years. gotta give miles a chance to turn this team around.

will see what this week brings.

made deer jerky

our deer jerky is done. we ended up with half a gallon.  i used a food dehydrator i bought at a garage sale. i bought it because it had different settings including one for jerky. good thing it worked. i have bought duds before.  i couldnt pass on this one at the price i saw.  i think its sacrilegious to sell broke stuff at garage sales.

i fixed a batch of marinating sauce. i used soy sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, worcestershire sauce, cajun seasoning and a coupla splashes of my habanero sauce. i cant give out my recipe because i didnt measure anything. i just tossed in what looked right to me. 

i put the deer meat in a freezer bag with my secret sauce. it marinated for a day or so. then i put it in my cheap but effective food dehydrator. it took about 5 hours and had the texture of jerky. i let it set overnight.

i tried it this morning. that was the real test. it tasted good to me. and i didnt have to pay mucho dinero for a small sack of it. it wasnt hot even though i put some habanero in it. next time i will put more habanero sauce in it. 

now i wanna defrost some deer and make more jerky. or maybe try some of that buffalo roast. we usually save it for corn soup. we have to make room in our freezer. we will empty it out over the winter.

the meat processing place called. our smoked turkey and ham was ready to be picked up. we bought a smoked turkey before and really like the taste.  they cost more but are worth it. the home raised hams from meat places taste much better than the spiral cut hams.  i dont care for spiral hams at all.

we had already gone to town the day before but we went after the turkey and ham  any way. we dropped them off at our sons house because our freezer is full. we didnt have room for them. we will have them this coming week for thanksgiving dinner.

hope my militant friends dont go off thinking i celebrate the day. no need to sing the aim song. or use terms like ‘decolonize’. we do it to have a family get together. the same with other holidays. we like to get together and have indian food like nenwezhek, dried corn soup, wild rice and dried squash. that plus the turkey and ham.

i always used to want to have someone dress up as pilgrims and serve us our thanksgiving meal. that never happened. it probably wont ever happen either. just my twisted sense of humor.

i am looking forward to the big meal.  at my weight i dont need it. but i have gone hungry enough times in my life that i can really appreciate a good meal when i have one.

had to get off the rez

had to go to town this morning. we refilled our water bottles. i know some say it is the same as tap water. well they should drink my tap water. i can smell the chemicals in it sometimes. after a shower my skin itches because the water dries my skin out. i have to put lotion on as soon as i get out of the shower.

i can also taste the tap water when i drink my coffee. or indian tea. thats why i go fill up our water jugs for drinking water. i want to enjoy the taste of my fresh ground coffee and my indian tea. i had to wear a mask at the water place. i got no problem with that. i actually prefer that. i wont go to a place where no one wears a mask.

we seen a coupla garage sales. even if it is late in the season, still some one has garage sales. i bought some pastel chalks for a good price. if i dont use them for art work, i know my grand kids will have fun with them. i also found some crayons. my grand daughters like to color. i have their pictures hanging on my walls.

while in town i drove around. i remember my doctor saying my car was the safest place in town. driving around is how i found the garage sales. i noticed that people are already putting up christmas decorations. i havent even had my turkey yet.

i did buy a santa hat at one garage sale. i put it on a carved, wooden bear i have in my living room. i bought that at a flea market. we put a new years hat on it on new years eve. we also put a mask on it during halloween. now it is being santa. my grand kids look to see how the bear is fixed up.

i had to take my rav4 to the dealers. the check engine light came on. turns out the gas cap wasnt sealing right. they replaced the seal and it works fine now. they charged me $94 for that little job. the warranty didnt cover that. oh well now i know there is nothing wrong with my car. on the rez, kids drive newer cars than old people do. but old folks keep their cars longer.

dont know if this is true or not but i heard mayetti was getting a dollar general. we cant keep stores in business but one of these stores is coming to town. thats the way it is for small towns. you cant buy healthy food but can always get pop and junk food. kinda like our convenience store. once we had a subway there. but we wanted grease not healthy food.

thats kinda funny. i dont want to say whether or not if something is true or not. i dont wanna tell a lie. but in todays world it is acceptable for people to lie, especially our politicians. if some scandal comes up involving famous people, all they gotta do is just deny it ever happened. people now are willing to accept that. is that what we have become? it used to be that a mans word was everything.

will see what happens next.

cut up the deer meat

we cut the deer meat off the bones of the hind and front quarters we were given. the back strap is already stored away. we cut the big pieces and bagged them up as roasts or meat to fry. we diced up the small pieces and made stew meat. we will put that in stew or chili.

we cut thinner pieces to make deer jerky. i have that marinating in a home made sauce. i put a little habanero sauce in it to give it some zing. we have made jerky in the oven. i may do that again or use a food dehydrator. i bought a coupla them at garage sales. i  used one to dry red anaheim peppers. another time i dried cherry tomatoes. i am sure the jerky will turn out okay.

it didnt take long to cut the meat off the bone and bag up. we have done that enough times. it hung on the porch for a few days to cure. it didnt have that gamey smell when we were cutting it. nor will it have that gamey taste when we are eating it. thats why we cure it out first.

mary used her food saver vacuum bags to store all the meat. we put them into the freezer.  now we have squirrel. buffalo, turtle, fresh chicken and deer meat. we will get out what we need for what ever dish we are cooking.

i saved a few pieces of sinew. not tryna be all tradish but i want to try using some. mary might also. i wish i would have cut the sinew off the back strap. there were long pieces on it. i was also given the legs of the deer. i will cut off the toes and dew claws. i use them in crafts.

i ordered another knife sharpener rod. the one we had is probably cooked. its time for a new one. gotta have sharp knives in the kitchen. nothing as aggravating as picking up a knife that wont cut.

next i will have to scrape the hair off the deer hide i have. first i gotta scrape the meat side clean. i have scraped enough hides that it wont take long. i will use the rawhide to make miniature hand drums. that will become inventory for a stand i will have when ever pow wows start again. gotta have smalls for the stand. not many carry enough shonya to make a big purchase like a roach.

since our chickens arent laying we have been buying eggs from the feed store. the old guy that works there sells them. they come from his chickens. we have to have fresh eggs. our chickens better start laying soon. i feed and water them everyday. they gotta take care of my breakfast needs.

this indian gotta go to  town. the check engine light came on. i am hoping it is just something simple. the car is under warranty. it should be covered.  i dont like going to town nowadays. but i gots to go. i need my car.

deer meat hanging

we were given some deer meat. it is considerate that some hunters try to hook up older people with fresh meat. ol’ misho dont get out to hunt any more. we were given two hind quarters, one front quarter and the back strap.  i gave the young hunter a container of sema i grew. i told him i really appreciated being thought of.

i was asked previously if i wanted some.  some guy told us he would bring some so i replied no. but that didnt materialize. this time i took it. a friend of mine that is gone now used to bring me deer meat every winter. when he was alive i always ate deer meat.

i hung the meat up on my screened in porch. i want it to cure a few days before i cut it off the bone. i will dice up some for stew meat to go into chili.  we will barbeque some. i will make deer jerky with some of it. our freezer is full from our stocking up for the year. we will have some room for the deer meat.

i was also given the deer hide. previously i told these hunters i needed a hide. most hides get tossed. i put this hide in my rain barrel. it will soak it a day or two before i scrape it. i will use the raw hide to make miniature hand drums. these little drums are about 3 inches wide. the kind one would probably hang from the rear view mirror in the car. or just hang on the wall. i put one on our christmas tree.

we cut up part of the back strap and made corn soup with it. we already had some dried indian corn soaking. we were gonna use buffalo roast for the soup but changed our minds when we got the deer. we gonna have the buffalo roast today. my grandson andrew really likes our corn soup.  he takes a lot of pride in knowing he helps us grow our corn. he has helped his misho since he was a little guy.

when i was younger there werent many deer around here. if you seen one, you would still talk about it a few weeks later. now they are so common its rarely mentioned. back then a hunter shot a deer. he tracked it all day until he found it. you didnt waste that life. meat was precious in them days. we didnt get per cap.

i got an ad from the heirloom seed company. i save seeds from things i grow. or i buy them from this company. i prefer to grow heirloom veggies. the ad i got was for their next years’ seed catalog. all i had to do was give them my email address. so i did. now i wait a few months and i will have a new seed catalog.

my chickens have settled down. they get all agitated when we do some thing like cleaning chickens. or if raccoons get in the chicken house. now they are calm. they go into the yard to eat. the hybrids we cleaned wouldnt let them eat.

i usually wonder what the next week will bring. this week i know i will be busy again.

cleaned chickens n got wood

we cleaned chickens yesterday. i let out the rhode island reds and barred rocks. the hybrid chickens wouldnt let them eat, so it was time to clean the hybrids. they werent laying eggs anyway. they are a breed that was suppose to give lotsa eggs. they didnt roost either they stayed on the ground.

it took less than two hours to clean six chickens. i have two left that i can butcher later this winter. i made a fire outside to heat the water. i hung the hens up on the clothes line pole. i cut their heads off with a sharp knife.  we plucked the feathers after they bled out. we then butchered them.

we bagged up breasts, legs and thighs and wings. we had a bag for backs and necks. we will use those to make chicken broth that we will can for soup. we put the bags in the freezer for meals this winter.

as an elder i get wood from the tribe. and i appreciate that. the bottom pile of wood in this picture is what they brought me this year. i am not one to complain. i even pointed that out when i called a tribal official about this. i said i only got about half a pick up load of wood.

for the past few years its been like that for me. i get half a load of wood when i seen big piles in some yards. or i get all green wood with no dry to keep it going. or logs that are too long for my stove. or small chunks of wood. some times i get wood that burns quick and leaves no coals. i said i aint asking for any more than others i just wanna be treated the same as every one else.

i hung up i thought that was it. bout a week later one of our home boys brought me a nice load of dry elm and oak. it was about 4 or 5 times bigger than the first pile. i told him i appreciate a good load of wood. i said the first pile would only last a coupla weeks then i would have to call for more. i said this pile would last at least a month. i was happy.

then this morning i heard a truck outside. i looked and seen they were had a load of hack berry.  they did drop it off though. last year someone was bringing a load and seen i had some laying on the ground. this old guy didnt toss it into the basement yet. they drove off with it. i had to call again a week or so later to order more wood.

now i have the two piles of wood in the top of the picture. it will last me most of this remaining calendar year. i only burn about 6 or 7 loads of wood a year. i heard some got like 16 loads of wood last year. i couldnt burn that much if i tried. i wasnt asking for more than others. i dont want to worry about staying warm when it is cold. i would do it myself but i am old, got arthritis and am diabetic. i help others when i can. i dont like asking for help but i wont beg for it either.

have a good day

got a fire going

today is veterans day. i had to think of my brother larry, as i do often. he served in viet nam and was awarded the purple heart. he wrote a book about his experiences titled ‘potawatomi tracks’.  now the book is selling for $961 on amazon. or $801.77 used. thats how it goes. he had trouble selling it for 20 bucks. the rip offs glomming on are profiting more from his experience than he did. honor our vets eh.

larrys book made me aware that i havent been writing mine. i  blog every other day to practice writing. i better force myself to  get back to my book. i am not getting any younger. i want to leave the story i have to tell behind. i gotta have my book on the shelf next to gary and larrys books. we all have different styles of writing.

when i traveled thru the southwest i enjoyed  the food there. now i have to have green chiles on lotsa cooking. i also developed a taste for mutton. either cooked with fry bread and a roasted pepper on the side or as mutton stew. the only place around here i can get mutton is at the haskell pow wows. i have been looking for a place where i can buy mutton. i seen one place that sells lamb but it costs more.

i have gone to a coupla flea market places. wearing a face mask of course. i have so many of them. when i check out, they ask me if i would like to round it up to the nearest dollar. they give this money to a charity. i thought if i keep it i could put it to good use too. but i always give to good causes. thats good mojo.

it has been cool enough that i made a fire in the wood stove. it is nice to wake up to a house with a warm floor. i replaced the stove pipes before i started the fire.  i went to a home improvement store. the stove pipes were priced higher than ones advertised at the feed store. i saved 5 bucks by driving half a mile to the feed store. i save where ever i can so i can spend that money on something else.

now that i have a fire going i make more trips up and down the basement stairs. i have done a few sets on the weight machine while down there. i might get in more reps while keeping the fire going. older people also need weight training. it helps with balance and strength. i do it  to burn calories. walking hasnt made me lose any weight. i will hit the treadmill anyway.

temps will be in the mid 50s today. our plan is to clean some of the hybrid chickens. at least 4. they arent laying many eggs. they wont let the rhode island reds and barred rocks eat. these will  be my main egg layers for the next few years. so the hybrids gotta become soup. it dont take us long to clean chickens. i have done that plenty of times.

gotta get a fire going outside to heat the water to dip the hens in. then the plucking starts.

fall season

it must be fall. my yard is full of leaves. i am trying to psych myself up to rake the leaves up. i could easily get several large trash bags full. i would use them to make another compost pile. i have one already and it shrunk down to half its size. it is almost ready to use. probably no such thing as having too much compost.

i planted most of the trees in the yard. i took care of them. they can now help me in my gardening. all those leaves could be put to good use.  the leaf mold would be ready by spring. i can add it and my worm castings to my grow beds as new organic matter.

used to be as soon as the leaves started falling i would go squirrel hunting. that was one of the  first things i did every fall. i havent gone the last few years. i could use the walk, i have been slacking lately. now that i am getting older it takes more effort. my dog hasnt been following me the past few years. he too is getting old. he barely walks.

one of my sons went out squirrel hunting the other day. he didnt see any. while he was gone i seen one running in my front yard. i couldnt shoot at it because he had my .22. i will get that squirrel one of these days. it is fattening up on my acorns and walnuts.

i havent been out in the timber since spring time when i was after mushrooms. little soldier crick aint running. there are pockets of water in crick bends. there is water backed up by the bridge. a beaver made dams in the crick several years ago. they must still hold some water. the animals are going up to our pond. i imagine the standing water in the crick is getting stagnant.

i watched the chiefs game yesterday. they squeaked by with a two point victory. thats okay. you only have to win by one point. i am glad that they arent doing the tomahawk chop. maybe they still are but you dont hear it as much on tv.

i picked up some meat at the locker we go to. i asked about the smoked turkey and ham we ordered. i was told they dont order them until the week of thanksgiving. i said ok that will work. we will cook them for our family dinner. i also like to have indian corn soup, wild rice, dried squash, kakasuwabo and nenwezhek. i really enjoy our thanksgiving meal.

i banded my older chickens. now i know which ones i will butcher. we will get to that chore one of these days. i have been hungry for tortilla soup. and cant beat chicken and rice. i let the chicks i got this spring out into the yard. they are as big as, if not bigger than the hybrids.  they wont get pecked up. they are still shy about joining the rest.  they will get used to it.

what will this week bring?

got a new president

they finally finished counting the votes in pennsylvania. those 20 electoral votes are enough to make biden the next president. he also took nevada. arizona isnt done counting. biden could win that state too.  the senate race isnt over yet either.

this election had a record number of voters turn out. both parties got more votes than ever. more people wanted trump out than to keep him.  he played golf and tweeted while rome burned. biden got more votes than any president in history. protests in the streets have been replaced by celebrations.

the trump years are over. i guess that means the wall wont be built now. the budget wont get balanced. obamacare wont be replaced. maybe they will let the caged kids go home now.

question is what will trump do in the months until bidens’ swearing in. i bet he pardons his convicted friends. he will write more executive orders for big business. etc.  no doubt he will continue to file lawsuits trying to over rule vote counts. he will try to convince all that our democratic voting system is fraudulent.

i havent identified with either party. for most of my life i registered as an independent. i never voted straight party lines. i live in a red state. no matter who i vote for, this state’s electoral votes will always go to the republicans. some thought a democrat had a shot at winning a senate seat. but this is a red state and it didnt happen.

question now is what will this mean. life will go on. the people at the bottom will stay at the bottom. racism is out in the open. we are setting daily records for positive covid tests. that will have to be dealt with. many dont want to wear masks or practice social distancing. a new president wont change that.

today i will catch my hybrid chickens. i will band them so i dont mistake them for the rhode island reds i have. after that is done i will let the reds and barred rocks out into the yard with the rest of the chickens. they will be on the same layer feed from now on.

we will start cleaning chickens when our new ones lay eggs. the old hybrids arent laying that much. bout an egg or two a day. they arent earning their keep. they will make nice soup though. we have fed them a few months.

today i got my leslie west cd in the mail. it is ‘the great fatsby’. i have to have it to reload his version of ‘house of the rising sun’. it has a great horn section on it. it is my favorite version of that song. it is in my top ten on my play list.

i have to add a new layer to my worm composting system. i will use shredded cardboard as bedding. i have plenty of boxes i get from things i order off amazon. i have a shredder that will take care of the card board.

yep life goes on.

election is over but the counting aint

we had another red sunset last night. i took several pictures with my cell phone.  it is without any filters or special effects. just the way the phone took it.

the election is over. we dont know who won yet. they are still counting the record number of mail in ballots. it will take time to count all of them. there will be lawsuits filed over the counting. we have to wait to see how all of this plays out.

life goes on no matter who wins. we will continue to live with the covid pandemic. it will take time to recover from that and the effects it has caused. the rich profited off the pandemic while many are faced with being evicted from their homes. the economy suffered because of our denial of covids potential to disrupt our lives.

we have to live with the fact that racism is out in the open. there is no longer a need to hide it. and no, people that perpetuate systemic racism dont get to decide if there is such a thing. this is considered a christian nation but some wont accept that all are created equal.

we have been the greatest country on the planet. but should we legally shoot down our own citizens, cage little kids and tear gas peaceful protesters. have we lost our humanity. we fight for our country but not its people.

we now  accept our government openly lying to us. we acknowledge our government will use everything in its power to protect its power. right or wrong. we see that lobbyists no longer need to influence law makers. they are now law makers.

democracy is based on government by majority. in reality it is government by a few. congress, the courts and the presidency can become mere tools of the rich. everyone is guaranteed a vote by our constitution, which had to be amended to reflect that. we force democracy on countries around the world. then we suppress voting of specific target groups.

we are being convinced there is such a thing as climate change. we are willing to kill the planet that gives us life. we dont have a back up planet to live on. we now believe politicians over scientists.

we are asked to make america great again. we have been great. we had a dominating influence on the world. other countries look to america for leadership. now some laugh at us. others believe they can challenge us. we broke alliances with other countries. it will take a world effort to make the world a better place.

how will our country respond to this election. no one knows. we will wait to see what happens.