Aloha neshnabek

I had to add a picture of the whale tour.

the locals might be thinking this indian turning native on us. every where i go i greet people with ‘aloha’. most are friendly back. just a few grumpy tourists arent.

it is hard to believe these past eight days have gone by so quickly. i will be flying home tomorrow. i have a late flight. i leave out of here at 9:30 in the evening. i will be in denver at 7 in the morning. then on to kansas city. then back to the rez.

this afternoon mary and i are going on a whale tour. we get to see the whales up close. we have seen them from the beach by our hotel. we were just walking along the beach a while ago with our feet in the water. there was a sea turtle swimming around. it got the tourists all excited.

yesterday we drove the road to hana. it is called the most beautiful drive in the world. we only covered part of it. it was raining and some drivers were passing on the narrow roads. it is full of curves and one laned bridges. we said hell with it and turned around.

we did stop at the beaches along the way. one place was a breeding ground for the sea turtles. we took pictures of them. there were at least a dozen of them. i thought it was pretty neat. we didnt get to go to jaws. the famous surfing place of maui. it was wet and i woulda needed a 4 wheeler to get back there. that was alright i did get a picture of some surfers though. gotta have a picture of that.

sea turtles on the beach

on the road we stop at a road side store. it had some spam musubi. i had to try one. i have already eaten poi, poke, kalua pork and fresh fruit. i have eaten alot of fresh pineapples. they taste sweeter here. same with the fresh juices i have daily.

every where i go i see someone that reminds me of people around the rez. i guess natives have some resemblences. kinda like the old stereotype that all indians look alike. mary and i would notice someone at the same time.

i have been on the beach a number of times. i am not doing any sun bathing though. dont need to when you already brown like this guy. some people spending lotsa money to come here to tan and be brown like this.

they have a luau here but we passing on it. we have been to two of them. we got front row seats at the performance at polynesian islands. it was a great show. we werent allowed to take pictures for some reason. sacred or something. it made me wonder why we aint got someone doing a sacred fire dance at our performances. eh.

i have seen rainbows a number of times. got a few pictures. i cant wait to see my pictures when i get home. i was a photographer in a past life. i can take good pictures.

i dont like seeing this trip winding down. i really enjoyed being here. it rained a few times but the weather was nice. it beat being on the rez where i heard the temp was 8 below. i was sweating here at that time.

i have to get ready for the whale tour later. maybe i will head back to the beach. i like the feel of the water and sand on my feet.

almost christmas

this is a picture of my son joe’s house. he won the Christmas lights contest last year. he added the deer and other things this year. they haven’t announced who won this years contest yet. I dont have a vote but I say this house wins.

we drove around the rez so the grandsons could see the xmas lights. lotsa indians dont put up lights. I was wondering what the hells the matter with these indians. then I realized I dont put up lights either.

the grandsons are going home tonight. they opened their presents that were under the tree. we also had to give them their xmas stockings. we fill the stockings with stocking stuffers. they were happy with the things we got them. they are at that age where they are pleased with anything. why cant some of our adults be like that?

I can tell its Christmas by the toys laying all over the house. the kids pick them up then get out some more. whenever they get tired of the toys we give them away. or sell them at the per cap flea market then use the money to buy other toys.

I try to impress on the kids that giving should be all year long. not just on one holiday. I think they get that point. I think that people who were poor tend to give their kids what they didn’t have. I know my kids and grand kids have things I never had when I was little. and this aint one of those ‘I was so poor that……’ stories that get people to roll their eyes.

I got bummed out last night by KU losing their basketball game against Arizona state. I felt confident the whole game we would win. we led until the closing minutes. well I knew that we wouldn’t go undefeated this season. now maybe the team will pay attention to their hall of fame coach. they will still be good this year.

tonight I will watch the kc chiefs football game. I hope they dont lose. they better be peaking about this time of year. i will be pulling for them the rest of the season. hope that is a long time.

i got the rusted wheel off my rav4. all it took was one whack from a sledge hammer on the inside of the tire. i had sprayed the wheel with wd40 a few times to help cut the rust. now i have to take the tire to town and get it fixed. i seen a screw was in the tire.

i have one tire that is no good. i need to replace it because it has a break in it. the place i bought it from didn’t replace it but just put a plug and a patch on it. they didn’t even tell me the tire was no good. i wont ever go back to them. i seen an ad on craigslist that listed two tires with 80% of the tread for $50. i may go for that.

i am getting the oil changed on my car too. my son will do that. i used to but got spoiled by the convenience of going to the quick serve places. they are fast but they try to sell you things you really dont need at a large mark up. we have to be honest but businesses dont. no i dont want a $40 cabin filter i can get at o’ reillys for $12.

once my rav4 is ready i will take a fast trip to northern Oklahoma. i want to play bingo. i haven’t gambled in a few months. gotta get my jones on. hope i dont get tennis elbow from using that dauber. (or is it dabber?)

the government shut down. good. they wont be doing our country any more harm. that is until they reopen. the ruling party hasn’t figured out that they controlled congress, the presidency and the court system for the past two years. they just didn’t get it.

will see what this week brings.

nearing christmas

this is a picture of a Jayhawk on the over head score board at allen field house. I took it the last game I went to. probably wont go to any more games this year. gotta watch them on tv when I can get the game. like tomorrow. I can watch the Jayhawks play Arizona state. rock chalk.

I was reminiscing about my youth. I remember that almost every small town used to have a building that had an entire wall painted white. it was to show movies on. I remember seeing those painted walls. Mayetta had one. so did Delia. the walls stayed painted for years after they stopped showing movies on them.

I dont remember actually watching a movie on one of these outdoor theaters. I thought my mother said we did go to them. I just dont remember.

I have to go weigh in today for the holiday challenge. last week I gained bout half a pound. that is not the direction I hope to be going. I hope I didn’t gain again this week. I only walked once and lifted weights once this week. I will walk on the treadmill today for sure.

I haven’t gambled in so long I dont remember the last time I did. gotta be a few months at least. maybe I am jonesing. that will change this next week end. we wont have any grand kids then. I told mary we should head south to play bingo. it is just over the Kansas border. i need to get off the rez now and then.

I want to play bingo in newkirk because of their deals. I can pay $27 to play for a thousand dollar payout. the good thing is they dont use machines. I wont have to play against some one that is playing hundreds of cards like they do here. I want at least a chance to win. we have played there a coupla times but haven’t won yet. this could be our lucky time to win.

there are also a few casinos clustered together at the state line. maybe I will play some slots too. i haven’t played them in a long time too. that will be my Christmas present to myself. maybe if I am lucky I can win some more traveling money.

while down south I will go eat at this hamburger joint called dixie dog. it is a small drive in at the edge of ponca city. it has some of the best hamburgers. kinda like how bobo’s in topeekie used to be. I dont usually eat hamburgers but these ones are good. I have driven a few miles out of the way to get one of these burgers.

I probably will go to sharps indian store too while I am in the area. i am not really looking for any thing in particular. I look for things on sale. I have bought a few things doing that. i will also look for things i can use in artwork. i still need smalls for my future pow wow stand.

i wouldn’t even bother trying to see if they would buy one of my roaches. i have dealt with indian stores in the past. their rule of business is to double their money. that means they will only pay half of what something is worth. that’s why i dont do business with someone that will resell my roaches. i have turned down a number of people that inquired about marketing my roaches. i say if anyone is to make something off my artwork it will be me.

the temperatures have been warmer this week. i let our wood stove fire go out. i will fire it up again when cold weather comes. it will too. today is the winter solstice, the astronomical first day of winter. we will get more cold days and snow yet this winter.

i will keep sorting porcupine hair. that is a never ending chore. gotta get busy.

injun meal, paid my website,

I had to put in a bid on the bird house that Andrew built and painted. he showed me which house he made. he made one last year too. I bid $20 on it and won. I bid the same thing on this one. misho indulges the kid. he wanted this one in our yard too.

I seen we had a squirrel in the freezer. we cooked it yesterday with yellow corn mush. I like it that way. it was how it was fixed when I was young. I enjoyed eating the squirrel. it was good. I even ate the head.

an old guy once told me that hunters aint suppose to eat the heads. that’s because the deer will hear you coming. I used to eat the head when I was young because it would be what was left after guests and big people ate.  we had to wait til they were done eating.

that reminded me of a funeral we had here once. some students came up from Haskell. an old guy asked them if they wanted some squirrel. the look they gave was priceless. the old guy said no its good and started to eat the squirrel head, starting with the eyeballs.  he said the brains are good too. he cracked open the skull and ate the brains. the girls looked shocked. the old guy was having fun.

the KU basketball game played last night wasn’t on a channel I have. I listened to the game on the radio while walking on the tread mill. I walked two miles. we used to listen to KU games on the radio when we were in high school. in those days they would only televise a few games a year. mostly during tournaments. you had to listen to the games on the radio. us indians would talk about the game next day at Mayetta high. 

indians always have food at every thing they do. that’s good. what aint good is the sweets.  we have many diabetics in our tribe.  I am one of them. when someone offers me cake I tell them I shouldn’t have it.  I say I am diabetic, if you want to kill me it would be easier to shoot me. that brings a strange reaction but I make my point. they could be killing me with cake but I try to watch what I eat. 

I paid for another year of my website. viva la reznjun. I was looking for a stamp to mail my check with. all I had were some jimi Hendrix stamps I bought.  the daily hits on my site have dropped drastically over the years. I toned my stuff down. I would get hate mail from some that weren’t bright enough to realize no one forces them to read my blog. and a few bureaucrats resented they didn’t have editorially control over what I wrote. the tribe dropped links to other websites for that very reason. 

i pay for my website  to advertise my roach head dresses. i only blog because I pay for my site anyway so why not write every few days for the hell of it. i like to write. it gives me practice for the book i am writing.  politics and/or controversy get the most reads but I aint into that. I only write for my hard core readers. some have read my ramblings for years. that is who I write for. I couldn’t care less about the narrow minded who miss the point.

speaking of my website. something kinda related. a guy asked me if I had any t shirts with my “” logo on them. guess he was interested in one. probably cuz he is a rez injun. it made me wonder if others were interested in the same thing. maybe I can get some made up for advertising. that is if I can get a good deal on some t shirts. I wont pay concert price for a shirt. 

went to topeekie yesterday. I had to buy a new keyboard. I dropped the old one some many times my computer didn’t recognized it. my computer worked fine but I couldn’t type anything into it. I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. I got tired of the wires on my desk. now I can keep surfing the net. 

gotta work on my roaches today.

now its winter

at the last KU basketball game I was sent this picture by my son. I texted him back and asked where the hell are you. he replied at home. then he said a classmate of his took this and sent it to him. I said damn that was spooky to be sitting somewhere and you get a picture of yourself. made this old hippie think big brother  really is watching our every move. 

the picture made us look a bit serious. it was because the game was closer than I would like it to be. we ended up winning. some say we aint playing that good. well our team is undefeated and beat some good teams. when we do play up to our best, I don’t think there are many if any teams that can beat us. rock chalk.

it will be the start of winter according to the calendar this week. for me it is winter now. we had our winter dance. that is the real start of the season for this indian. 

it is nice that we have had snow several times already. we need the moisture in the ground. we were in near drought conditions last year. parts of Kansas were in drought conditions. I plant a garden every year. its a gamble but I take it. I still have some dried corn left even after a coupla bad years. the good years carry me thru the lean ones. 

I am kinda considering applying for the part time garden job. I don’t want to work full time. I love my retirement. only reason I wanna get a part time job is to have more travel money. I haven’t walked on the great wall of china yet. no guarantee I would get hired but I might apply anyway. if I dont get it that wouldn’t matter. my life goes on. 

they are threatening a government shut down. I wonder how long it would be before the average American citizen would notice no one is doing anything for them. the rich would order congress back to work to pass more favorable legislation for them. 

I thought Christmas cards were a thing of the past. I got two of them. I was pleased with that. one from my grandkids. the other was from my mother in Oklahoma. in case you are wondering how can this guy have three mothers, it is an indian thing eh. I was adopted by a family in Oklahoma. I used to go there for ceremonies a lot. and my family adopted a lady to take the place of our mother here. I am lucky.

my chickens are still laying eggs. I get a few eggs every day. that makes it worth my time of going out there every day to feed and water them. I raise chickens because I have to have fresh eggs. store bought don’t taste as good as the kind you raise. if we have any extra we sell them. I cover part of my feed costs that way. 

I wont get to sort any porcupine hair today. the grand daughters are coming.  and Samuel doesn’t have school this week so he is here this week. I will get to working on roaches when I can. I always put in some hours every week on that. today it is time to entertain the grandkids. .

elite 8

team spirit01it is tournament time so at work they are having a photo contest. they will pick the best picture of workers supporting their favorite team. the winners will be awarded a pizza party. some of us got our k u gear on and had this picture taken to enter into the contest. I wear k u gear most of the year especially on game days. I was ready to  pose with my co-workers.

I still had my t shirt and hat on while watching k u play Maryland last night. we won the game and advanced onto the elite 8. so much for the critics that say we cant get past the first round. I keep saying this team will win the national championship. this team is showing it can find a way to win.

all k u has to do is win 3 more to be national champs. the next game is tomorrow night. i will be watching and rooting for our jayhawks. mass street in Lawrence will be packed after a k u win. I was down there the last time we went to the final 4. there were thousands of fans that filled the streets downtown. I met a lot of people I knew.

I get annoyed with some announcers or analysts. they can never give k u credit. all year seems someone talks k u down. now we are the number one seed overall and considered by some as the best team there are some who think we will be beat in any game we play. that don’t matter. our fans are loyal to the team. it don’t matter what people around the country think of the jayhawks.

no work today. we have the day off for good Friday. the other night I had my grand daughter Cecelia over. now I have the grandsons. we will have fun. I have to keep them entertained and still find ways to get chores done. at least they help with feeding the dogs and chickens and bringing in eggs.

among other chores I have to work with my compost pile. I bought a used pond liner off craigslist for 30 bucks. I ordered one from online a while back and it was too thin. the wind blows it off the compost pile. I will use the one I just bought. it is heavier and should produce the heat needed to speed up the compost process. that’s what the hippies say anyway.

since I have the grand kids I wont be able to make a high school basketball tournament in Lawrence this weekend. they will have a number of recruits that k u is looking at. one of them is the number 1 recruit for next year. he has narrowed his list of schools down to 3 and k u is one of them. if we get him, we could be looking at making another run at the national championship again next year. we don’t have to rely on him but he will add to an already loaded team coming back.

there is a swap meet in topeekie tomorrow. I plan to go look at chicks, they will have various breeds of orpingtons. they lay brown eggs and can be used for meat. I ordered some chicks from the feed store but might buy some more at this meet. I have to feed and water them already so what is a few more. I buy straight runs. I will get too many roosters out of that. I will butcher all of the roosters but one. any time I want to have tortilla soup or chicken n rice I just have to go to the freezer.

should be a fun 3 day weekend watching kids and basketball. and getting some chores done…….


auction and a birthday

i went to an auction this past weekend. i wanted to buy a wood lathe. it was a last minute decision so i got there late and missed bidding on it. i have been wanting to buy one to make sticks to wrap roaches  on. i ended up buying 3 wood bats i will wrap roaches with.  i once asked a wood worker what he would charge me to make these sticks. he said 15 bucks. i walked away on that. i can buy them from the supply houses for $5. so i look for baseball bats at garage sales. i can find them for a buck apiece.

i bought more junk than i wanted at the auction. i didnt bid on a few items i wanted because i didnt want the other stuff with it. you can get a box full of junk for a buck. but then you have to toss the rest of it. people with stores just mark it up and resell. they also drive prices up sometimes. i bought a rug they said was bear. i am not sure if it is a bear rug though.

i went to a birthday party at peoples park yesterday. it was for my nephews son. i logged my two mile walk before i went over there. i figured they would have lotsa eats. they did. i liked anything grilled. so i had hot dogs , burgers and ribs. it no wonder i cant lose weight. i do love good food. must be from remembering the days when i went hungry.  mary took some cookies she made from the paw paws i picked.

no holiday for columbo today. it is a federal holiday but tribe aint taking it off. somebody thought it would be a cute protest or something. in the larger scheme of things no one gives a damn if we dont take the day off or not. it aint like the prejudiced people will treat us any better because of it. sometimes it is our own people that treat us bad. so i protest the protest. i work every day so i can use it off. some get so much time off that they dont need the extra day. some wont work anyway. so what does it matter.

general council coming this weekend. will be there…


the word ‘whatever’ was voted the most annoying, over used word of 2010. whatever. well yeah it is a bit annoying. if we sit back and think about it there are other things that are annoying and overused. for instance the little gesture made with the fingers to indicate a quote. thats annoying.

i work with a guy that constantly tries to tell me what to do. he aint my boss. i dont listen to him. just act like i do. he hasnt figured it out yet that i am not listening. yet he continues to tell me what to do. thats annoying.

when i am sitting at a slot machine sometimes people stop and watch me play.  i know they have nothing to do with me winning or losing. but when i am losing i dont like someone standing there watching me. thats annoying.

i am on a no call list. some 800 numbers continue to call me in spite of that. if i dont make a donation to the worthy causes doesnt make me uncaring.  i support plenty of worthy causes. i get tired of calls around dinner time. thats annoying.

every time the tribe takes a day off (and there are plenty of them) they send an email making sure contract workers arent getting paid. thats annoying. its not like they are trying to scam the tribe. seems that if the bosses really had any power other than sending memos they would make everyone work for what they get. i responded to the email saying it was unfair to contract workers. i got no reply but word was sent ‘down’ to me. thats annoying. if i am a hell raiser i can get people in power to do anything because they cave in to ones they are afraid of. but if i as a tribal member raise a valid question they wont respond to me directly. in a round about way i was told to be ‘ a good little indian’. whatever.

i filled up my propane tank the other week. (no the tribe didnt pay for mine, i did). the guy from the gas company said i should replace the meter thing on the tank since it was 25 years old. he said the new ones were safer. in case of a gas leak it shuts the gas off outside so it dissipates into the air instead of inside the house. i thought yeah sounds plausible to me. so i gave my okay to install it. the guy said i had a leak. we turned off in turn the cook stove, gas heater then the furnace/central air unit. thru process of elimination we discovered it was the furnace. the guy put a soapy solution on the gas connection and it bubbled up. he turn the connecting nut with his fingers and said theres your problem. it just needed to be tighten. thing is the unit is only two years old and we never mess with it. it must have been loose since it was installed when i got a housing grant. we have had a fire in our woodstove every winter. we are lucky we didnt blow the house up. the gas guy said the company that installed the unit should have check to insure there were no leaks. i said since i paid over 6 thou for the unit, i would hope so. the 70 dollar part paid for itself. it shows  that we have no leaks now and will shut off in the future if that happens.

i noticed the billboard on the highway as you leave the casino has been changed. it now reads ‘thanks for voting us best casino for 13 years in a row.’ thats better. it used to read ‘many happy returns’. that was lame. i thought it was a gene autry tune or something. i still think we should include some brown people in our advertising. we had a homegirl  on one billboard but it has been replaced. they used to have some indians, including my son joe on an old tv ad a while back. i thought it was neat to see indians on tv. some of joes classmates thought he was an actor doing commercials.  the new ad got no indians. tribal casinos are still referred to as ‘indian casinos’, they should reflect that. show some pride in being indian.

single game k u basketball tickets go on sale monday. i am planning on buying me some. i try to go to a game every year. i forgive the hawks for choking on us last tournament. time to move on. the early games are exhibition games with small schools. i will pass on those. the game i would like to see is the ucla game in december. let the team gel first and play a name program. that should be a good game. 

tomorrow we are planning another nature hike. we will meet at the boys and girls club at ten. then decide what route to take. will see what effect if any the weather will have. dont have what to pack for lunch.  i need to log some miles. my totals this year are way off from previous years. gotta keep walking for my health. ithink more people should be doing more exercising. its one thing we can do for ourselves. that and a proper diet. sounds easy but it is not. i see that.

see you in september

i didnt get that copy of prayers in potawatomi yet. i am sure the lady i know will get it. she told me she put it in an envelope but forgot it at home. just gotta wait. then yesterday my cousin told me my aunt was giving me a book that was owned by my other aunt. she gave it to me. i was suprised to see it was an old prayer book in potawatomi that was published in 1866. it was done by a jesuit priest that worked among the potawatomi. the book is in amazing condition. it has some finger smudges on it but the paper is in great shape. it is not translated. probably have to work on that.

i am getting flooded with new user registrations on my website. it is spammers. they sign up as users then unload spam. good thing i have control over any comments before they are printed. so i just delete the spam and the new users. i hope i am not deleting subscribers that want to read my blog. i have a few loyal readers but i dont have that many readers. just a small website.

i am putting on a cooking demonstration this thursday morning at the language house. it will be on how to make lye corn. or hominy as most know it. this is as part of my job. i may even dry some pumpkins. or squash really. they will video tape me as i demonstrate that. sounds like fun. my job requires that i do a certain amount of teaching traditional skills. that should do it.

speaking of teaching. i have been offered a speaking gig in kansas city. there are some potawatomi there that want me to speak to their group. this will happen some time next month or so. they said i can talk about what ever i  want. just as long as i teach them something. i have heard so much in my life that i can tell them something. they even going have eats. good deal.

i want to go to the big flea market  they have labor day weekend up the road in sparks. i have gone that a few times. i look for things i can turn into art. or tools i can use. i am not lucky like the people on antiques roadshow on tv. they buy something cheap and it is worth alot more.  i probably would be like some that have something appraised thinking it is worth alot. its kinda funny to see their looks of disappointment when they are told it is worth nothing. that would be my luck. i know what i buy is just junk though. no treasures in my stuff.

looking forward to the three day weekend….