road to nowhere

road to nowherei went rabbit hunting the other morning and there was a fog out. it looked like the road just disappeared into nowhere. sorta like an old twilight zone show. i know that ages me remembering that old show. i had to get a picture of it. a few rabbits were out. i got one to go with the one my nephew gave me. i had them for supper last night. that was a real treat. i used to give my first one of the season to a neighbor of mine. she was a dear old lady. shes gone now, so i kept my first one this year. i was out walking 3 different times. i covered several miles in the timber. i went skunk a few times but it was worth it just being out in the timber. it was a bit brisk but wasnt bad. anytime out in nature is time well spent.

today is per cap day. potawatomi christmas as it is known round these parts. the mall and walmart should be full of injuns. i wont get to head to town til later. we gotta finish up a ceremony and got another funeral to do tomorrow and the day after. then we have our winter dance. oh well.

i remember when they used to draw names for christmas. that was an adventure. no matter how much effort you put into it, seems like you got ripped off in the end. they should put a new twist on it and make a rule that the presents have to be bought off tv ads. i can see it now, the polite smile when someone gets a blanket with sleeves on it.  or an obama chia. you could even draw two names with the great deals they have on tv, since you get two of everything.

our snow is slowly melting away. its still early winter so i bet we get some more later. it didnt drift too bad. my great uncle told me about back in 1918 or so when just the tops of the fence posts were visible. he said the drifts were over 5 feet high in places. and he said they couldnt make it to town in the horse and wagon. we havent had snow like that for years.

i gotta get ready..

winter wonderland

car drifted inthe big winter storm that hit most of the country left us with plenty of snow also. we didnt get it as bad as other parts of the country and probably not as much as other parts of the state. north of here they got 12 inches of snow. back east states got snow measured by the feet. i dont know what we got. maybe 6-8 inches or so. hard telling. i know it covered my car up.

the tribe has been good to come by and clear the drive. yesterday after they came thru the wind started blowing. that caused our drive up to the big road to drift over. we got stuck in our drive. we couldnt make it out. so we stayed in. its a good thing that ku basketball was on. even that was an iffy thing. the snow covered the satelite dish for awhile and we didnt have some channels. mother nature is still more powerful than modern technology. it was alright by game time.

one of my homeboys that works for the tribe came checked on me this morning. he knew i couldnt get out. he drove a 4 wheeler, they have enough clearance to make it thru. a car doesnt, as i found out. i have to go help at the funeral tonite and tomorrow. so they gonna send someone to clear the drive again. the wind stopped blowing so it should be alright. it will stay below freezing for the next few days, so the snow wont melt.

after the snow moved thru we had to deal with cold temperatures. it wasnt enough to tell us it was in the single digits, the weather people added that with the wind chill it was below zero. i am sure grateful that we have wood stacked in the basement. i remember growing up and thinking the old house we lived in was cold, even with a fire. insulation and storm windows werent common then. people survived though. they had to be tougher, not by choice but out of necessity.

i had to think of my dog and other animals when the temperature dropped below zero. i thought how it must be for them. they deal with it. i built a dog house for konugish. i situated it in a corner that blocks the north and west winds. the other day i went rabbit hunting for an hour or so. i did get to see one rabbit run in the snow. i didnt get a shot at him though. i remember them saying we call rabbits ‘mswe’ because of the tracks they leave in the snow. the tracks have 3 parts to them. the wind was blowing so i came in early. i may go again later.

i will have to clear a path to the chicken house. i feed them inside the chicken house. just too much snow on the ground to feed them in their chicken yard. they have stopped laying eggs. i may butcher a couple of them sometime to make some tortilla soup with. the doc said i should give up eggs anyway. i also have to clear my car off, get it ready to venture out.

let it snow..let it snow

ponderosa pinesit snowed last nite and more is expected. or as my mother used to say ‘nesh na geh e pok’ –because its winter.  well i guess that is one way to look at it. it is after all winter. gotta expect snow sometime.

the tribes road grader cleared my drive. i appreciate that. i remember being snowed in for 4 and a half days once. its not like that anymore. they really make an attempt to get to everyones house now.

i may go walking into the timber later to see if i can scare up some rabbits. ko nu gish will probably follow me. he wont let me go anywhere without tagging along. my little heeler pup wont be around to follow. someone ran over the little critter. thats 75 bucks down the drain. i will get another one later. kinda wish i had some beagles to hunt rabbits with.

when i was young and we had plenty of rabbits i would walk all day to hunt them. i remember back then before per caps we would put bread sacks over our socks before putting on our shoes. that would keep our feet dry and prevent them from freezing. we didnt have good boots like today. poor injuns had to make do with what was available. them days are gone but not forgotten.

we would skin any rabbits we shot and hang them in the cold for a few days. this would cure them and make them taste good. i did this a few years back. i hung about 5 rabbits on nails in my carport. i came home hungry for rabbit cuz i knew they were ready. thing was there were no rabbits hanging anymore. someone came along and glommed onto my cured rabbits. such is life.

we have some ceremonies coming up. should be able to get thru even with more snow coming. we always make do.

the plays the thing

electriceddieheading to see a play today called wicked. its sort of a prequel to the wizard of oz, about the good witch and bad witch. i havent been to a play since…well dont know if i ever went to one. at boarding school we had to go see one every easter about the crucifixation etc. i was young then. this should be different. the play did well on broadway so it is taking the show on the road. i look forward to seeing it.

i received a notice from a high school classmate of mine.  she reminded me that we are the 40 year class at next years reunion. 40 years. damn…thats a long time ago. i have said i regret not keeping in touch with my classmates. my life took me down many avenues.

i had to tip over my rain barrels. they were still full of rain. i didnt want them to freeze. that would have ruined my barrels. i need them for next growing season. no guarantee that we will get the same amount of rain that we had this year.

i seen an ad on t.v. promoting a christmas cd by bob dylan. no…say it aint so bob.  i didnt think bob would get that commercial. but i bet it sounds good if it is dylan. my brother larry liked dylan. so do i. i went to see him in concert 3 times. i still have a dozen of his albums. he was a hellva songwriter. he said something with his music. wasnt just a lot of screaming. i miss that in song writing.

i better get ready to go see a play…its 2 and 1/2 hours long. gotta go.

fixing up basement

i have been busy working in the basement. when my sons came home for thanksgiving they helped me move the sheetrock to the basement. we then hung the rock and started taping. we got most of the work out of the way over the weekend. since then i have been finishing up. i havent done much drywall finishing but i do it. i just dont have that touch that years of working at it gives you.  oh well it is a basement. it will look alright.

i am doing all the little things that need to be done before painting. i sanded the first coat then i put the second coat on the joints and nail holes. i also finished the doorways. its a good thing i have a fire going in the basement stove. it is warm and it helps dry out the taping compound. the tribe delivered another load of wood today. just in time for the cold snap that is arriving.

the basement has needed work  for a time now. i thought no sense in doing it until other work was done. we had gutters put on in the last year. that will have solve the drainage problem somewhat. at least the water will divert away from the house. i gave up the idea they will come do landscaping so the gutter will have to do. we also got a new sump pump. the last time the basement flooded was because electricity went out. i only had flooding 3 times in the past 20 some years i have lived here. so it is not a recurring problem. just one that has to be dealt with now and then. i have raised my appliances up in case that ever comes up again. hopefully not.

when i am done taping, finishing and sanding it will be time to paint. i will paint the entire basement white. so it will reflect  available light. it should brighten it up. i cant wait until the whole thing is done. i saved this project until winter. i thought if i had to work in the basement, it would be best when i had a fire going.  it is cozy down there.

today the temperature was in the middle 50s so i went for a walk. i did my usual two miles. i walked 39 miles last month. i hope to keep logging miles even during the winter. i  walked in the winter the past few years. i enjoy a brisk walk. it aint that bad. i see more animals while walking in the winter it seems. gotta keep my exercise going. helps with the arthritis. and bursitis. i wont let them get me down. staying busy helps.

happy thanksgiving…

bne uki was heading over to the nation station the other day and seen these wild turkeys in the buffalo pen. they moved so fast it was hard to get a picture of them. we have many of them on the rez.  i lucked out and dropped one while hunting in the timber along little soldier creek once. they dont weigh as much as the domesticated kind.

today is a day we give thanks. i know i am grateful for so many things. i love my home, remembering the days when i used to hitchhike to nowhere. wandering around is no way to live. i am thankful i am alive. i know that i could just as well not be here now.I am lucky my over indulgence in alcohol,drugs and violence didnt kill me. i think of my friends and relatives that are not here anymore. i miss my mother, 3 brothers and too many friends that i have lost. i will always remember them. i am grateful that i can sit down and have a big meal with my family. i never forget the times that i have gone hungry. i know that many people in the world still go hungry in spite of the wealth surrounding them. i am grateful my garden produced so well this year. there were years i didnt get much from my garden.

the list could go on and on. there is much to be thankful for. i wish everyone happy holidays.

de ish

new pupwe got a new female heeler pup this weekend. she is half red and half blue heeler. the previous owner already had her wormed and gave the first shots to her. i have wanted a companion for konugish since we lost our other older dog, the dog with no name. we had that dog for over 10 years. dont even know how old that dog was. konugish is the first red heeler i have ever been around. i have grown to really like him. heelers are real smart and loyal. they are a  good breed. this little pup is only two months old. i hope to keep her for a long time. who knows maybe i will even get some pups from her someday.

when i checked snail mail today i found a note from one of my bros in it. i couldnt wait to open the letter up. that made my day. i havent heard from my bro in awhile. i always wonder about my friends that are around the country. hard to keep up with everyone. many of the friends i have made over the years are mobile people. they can be here one day and somewhere else tomorrow. nice to hear from them. friends are for life.

i heard from another friend thru the net. he is living in europe. we went to college together. some of us older students would meet at the student union to drink coffee and trade sick jokes.  i still am amazed by modern technology. it allows you to communciate with someone that is located somewhere else. my grand daughter  texts  me regularly. she will tell me goodnite and or good morning. i always tell her i love her. i like that ability to reach out to her or anyone just whenever.

i am still walking my 2 miles. it is getting cooler for walking but is still doable. cant make excuses. i  am on track to meet my goal of 365 miles for the year. i shoot for a mile a day over the course of a year. some years i have met that and then some. its just a number to shoot for. the good news is i havent smoked any cigars since fall dance. its not that i got resolve, i had the flu. havent smoked cuz of that. so as they say, something good will come from everything.

holiday this week. we are having a big family dinner. i am glad my sons will be home. i need help to drag the sheetrock down the stairs to the basement. holidays are great time to get together with friends and family. i just hope i dont gain any weight. i think of some friends i had over the years. their beliefs were that they would fast that day of feasting. i remember them every year. gotta admire people that make sacrifices. i remember the times that i have gone hungry too. those days seem so long ago, but i never forget them. i believe thanksgiving is all the time, not just one day. hope all have a great holiday.


leann n el doggwent to the rez volleyball league  last nite at the boys and girls club. i have a son and daughter playing and many nieces and nephews. it was fun watching the games. we have some real good volleyball players around the rez. i was visiting as well as watching the games. seems like the thing to do on wednesday nite. i think it is a good idea the league exists. i went to the rez softball league this past fall. now they are doing volleyball. the facilities are great. i remember back when the old gym floor needed work. i played basketball on it in my younger day. now it is in great shape. its nice they are using the gym for activities like this. they even have a concession stand to raise money for various causes.

they had a tournament over the past weekend that i missed. wish i had made it now.  while at the boys and girls club i bought some raffle tickets. they are having a 42″ flat screen tv for the prize. the tickets are a buck apiece or 6 for 5 dollah. not a bad deal if you are lucky enough to win that tv.  could watch the jayhawks win the championship on that set. its a way to  be supporting our young folks.

i have been doing demo work on my basement. before i had the new gutters put on and a new sump pump installed i had drainage problems in my basement. it flooded a coupla times, as a result the basement developed mold from the floor up. so i am tearing out the old sheetrock and replacing it.

when i first moved into this house bout 24 years ago it had  an open undivided basement. i added six rooms to it over the years.  at the time sheetrock cost about 2 bucks a sheet. its has more than tripled in price since. good thing i sold a piece of artwork. that is paying for the rock. i spent the last few days removing the old sheetrock. and i am making changes to the layout somewhat. i will add a closet to the laundry room for soap, bleach and other supplies. i moved the door to the office/libray room to make it more accessible. i will raise the platform that the washer and dryer sit on. that will hedge my bets against any future flooding. when the electricity goes out the sump pump is useless. that happened once. i lost my washer,dryer and water heater. they are all on raised platforms now.

my sons will be home to help when i  have it all ready for the rock to be hung. no way i can lug the 4’x 8′ sheets down the stairs by myself. i dont remember how i did it the first time. i am jamming while i am working in the basements. mary bought an old record player at a garage sale this summer. so i broke out some of my old albums. i have over a thousand of them. never could part with them so i just held onto them. now i am listening to some old blues, stones, beatles, van morrison and others. i like to have music going in the back ground when i work. will hear many alblums before i am done. there is still lotsa work to do….

first snow..

first snowwoke up this morning to see the first snow of the season. that brought back a few memories. i remember being told to wash my face in the first snow. that was so we wouldnt get sick as much that winter. i still do this if i can remember. this morning it wake me up. the first snow also means that now we can go rabbit hunting. thing is you dont see as many rabbits as we used to. i couldnt wait for the first snow when i was young so i could hunt rabbits.  i would walk all day. sometimes i would get some rabbits, other times not.  we would hang them up for a few days after we cleaned them to improve the taste. i wonder where the rabbits are that used to bother my garden. they are long gone now.

i cleaned out my chimney for the upcoming wood burning season. i already had a fire going. the stove started smoking a few times. so i knew it was time to clean the pipes out. i do that at least 4-5 times a year. i replace the stove pipes regularly. nothing beats the heat of a woodstove.

i bought some sheetrock for my winter project. i have to replace the lower parts of some walls in the basement. they developed mold. the tops are okay, so i will just cut the bottoms off and re-rock it. gotta do demo work first. i have some floor to ceiling shelving units in a couple of rooms. i made them out of pine boards. i hope i can remove them without damaging the boards. the cost of them went up since i put them in years ago. no house has enough storage space. i dont know how long this  will take me, but my boys will be home from school to help when they can. they will help hang the rock. then there is taping, sanding and painting. at least i can have a fire going to keep warm.

my sons will be home with thanksgiving coming up and the semester will be over next month. we already bought a turkey for thanksgiving. some older lady at the store said to wait cuz the price of turkeys will drop just before thanksgiving. i said it seems like it would be the opposite with the demand going up. she said no. i didnt want to wait so got it now to save a trip next week. i will watch the prices to see if she was right.

i watched k u’s football game saturday. i was hoping for a win. i figured they were due. i watch all game only to be disappointed at the end. i am still a fan no matter what they do. football was just something to do until basketball season started. this year we should have a great basketball team. i seen them play. i will follow them all the way. hopefully another national championship.

take a hike 2

take a hike2been busy helping at a funeral. that takes 3 days and we didnt have much help. i did get to go on another ‘take a hike’ sponsored by the diabetes prevention program. i believe in exercise. i know my arthritis is easier to live with if i am walking. if i dont exercise then i have problems.  we met again at the boys and girls club. we then drove to the northwest part of the rez. there are some big hills to climb. the young ones had no trouble going up the steep grades. the older ones just went a little slower. we seen a deer running along the creek when we were on the first big hill. later someone mentioned they seen an eagle flying overhead. i missed it. before we stopped for lunch  someone said there it is again. we all looked up and could clearly see the white head and white tail of the eagle. there was no doubt it was a bald eagle. we just watched it soar for awhile. we notice more eagles around here during the winter. we then continued on our hike after watching the eagle.

we ate on top of a big hill that overlooked the surrounding countryside. it was a great view of big soldier valley. long ago many of our tribesman settled on either the big or little soldier creeks. after we all passed our food around we rested awhile. the hills were steep climbs. i walk alot but could still feel the burn in my legs as i went up the hills. we then followed the creek back to our cars. it was another great outing. there will be a winter hike next month. it was suggested everyone bring something to add to a soup. that should be good.

i went to see the movie ‘the only good indian’ in lawrence. i know some people that were in the show. i heard it was about indian boarding school. i went to see the movie with several people that were went to boarding school. we were curious how they would treat the subject. it wasnt a bad movie. i enjoyed it. we were standing around outside the theater after the movie was over. some guy asked us how we like it. i said it was a good movie. but i thought it was more about boarding school. the guy said he worked on the movie and wondered why no one wants to pick it up for distribution. he said it did well at the sundance film festival. i said its just like that. i probably will order a copy of the dvd from the website.

i dont see any accounts of boarding school that are from the first person perspective. maybe because survivors dont want to relive that experience. or maybe it was just one small part of their lives. who knows. i read what other people thought it was like but i dont think they really got the point. you had to have been there i think.

someone dropped a suksi. i got the hide. i will have to work on that this week. i already scraped the flesh side. now i have to dehair it. will save it as raw hide for some hand drums. i got some of the meat and made jerky out of it. saved some meat for stew this winter. i remember an old guy around here used to save that wild game was the best. he ate it when he got sick. others say our diets are the reason for some of our problems. we have to try to eat our natural diet. that is a hard thing to do. not possible in all situations. can only try to do it.

the guy that rents this land added lime to the field. he had plenty left over so he put a couple of loads by my garden spot. i will add it to the soil.  i tried to burn the garden spot off but the grass is still damp. then i have to pull the cornstalks. still work to do so it will be ready by next spring. oh well..always have something to keep me busy.