qwuk jish gizh uk

thats ground hog day in the local native lingo. i think the potawatomi language is a beautiful language. its too bad more people dont understand it. it sounds so good to hear. i had a greeting in potawatomi that i was gonna add to my website but cant seem to get it uploaded. dont know what is wrong with my skillz.  my nephew composed an original song and i did a voice over on it. it really sounds good, sorry i cant get it on here. it displays text identifying it as a greeting but wont play the sound bite. i will continue to try.

i watched the super bowl yesterday. i wasnt really for either team so i got a pool together. any game is more fun to watch if you got a few bucks riding on the outcome. i didnt win the pool. i needed a weird combination of a safety and a touchdown with a missed extra point or something. didnt work out that way. i wasnt disappointed as the cardinal fans.

they make a big deal out of the overpriced commercials. i use them as a chance to grab another piece of chicken. i seen a commercial last week that grabbed my attention. i think it was red bull. it had that running bear song in the back ground. it told the story of ‘brown bear’ and ‘little white dove’. they lived across the canyon from each other and just couldnt connect. i didnt run out and buy a case of red bull but i liked the injun theme. i dont need to be that hyped up.

i went to some of the sites that featured my old website. they still list that old site. i told them i wasnt affiliated with it anymore and asked if they would change the url to my new site. some opportunist glommed on to my old domain name cuz i had lotsa traffic to that site. hope the sites will change that for me. one site allowed me to change it immediately. good deal.

i even went to our tribal website and asked to have my site listed in the links. that was a coupla weeks ago. got no answer. usually though the tribe blocks access to blog sites. thats how you know you made it. heaven forbid if anyone is exposed to an alternative point of view. sure wouldnt want anyone to think. or to question. keep them injuns in line.

we didnt get hit with the winter storms other areas of the country got. i took advantage of the nice days and walked. i logged 22 miles during january. not much but a good start for this year. this week will have some days warm enough to walk in. i walk for my health. more indians should walk or do some kind of exercise. a healthy njun lives longer and draws more per caps.

warm weather allowed me to clean out the chimney. it makes the wood stove more efficient, and keeps it from smoking. i was almost done when i had a slight accident. i slipped and fell onto the chimney housing then hit the roof. it knocked me out of wind. and bruised the hell out of my ribs. luckily i didnt roll off the roof. the pain i feel when i fell when i rise reminds me i just cant do the things i used to. thing is i have to do them. i’m glad i aint a candy ass.

i missed at least 4 or 5 jayhawk games this year. they weren’t  aired on the many channels that i  subscribed to. gotta pay extra for the ones that air those games. thats why we in this economic mess we in. everyone trying to bleed you for every dollar they can get. i have been a loyal fan for years and now i dont get to watch some games. tonites game will be on though. i will check that one out. our team will keep getting better and better.

hope an other things..

electriceddieif obama stood in front of our general council, they would ask what he has done in the week that he has been in office. then they would attempt to stifle any change he proposed.  like them republicans. we all in this together, but always have someone trying to hold up progress.

this will take longer than a week.  more than likely it will take years to recover from this economic crisis. or we will merely adjust to it. the numbers attached to the stimulus package are staggering. to the average joe indian anyway.

our national deficit will never be paid in our lifetime. so the solution is to just spend more money and go deeper in debt. how effective will that be, after all it is our government that will decide who gets what help. the last stimulus check should have just been handed over to the oil companies. one has already reported record profits for the year. billions have already been spent to bail out some industries. wall street rewarded themselves with billions in bonuses after getting bailed out.

you gotta wonder will indians be included in the bailout. many indians supported obama. the state to the north of us said they would include the tribes that lived there. the numbers given out by our state say nothing bout indians. typical. we help the state, they wont help us.

we have lost many programs. they need a bailout. services are the first thing cut.  but we still have lotsa money for traveling around though. it would save us money if they just partied at home. maybe we can be like wall street. the programs go under then we reward all directors with a bonus.

they finally got rid of that governor up north. he maintained his innocence to the end. usually the rich and powerful merely offer an apology and ask to move on. like that erases what they did. this guy said i did nothing wrong. some lawmakers were disgusted he was trying to sell a senate seat. really. thats not the way it is done. usually special interests groups buy it for you. then you dont demand payment for signing a bill. you already owe them for it. thats the way it works.

i still say our tribe shoulda bought that seat. may have been easier to get gaming there. the way it is, that may never happen. it may be for the best anyhow. so far we have given away 125% of any profits we may make. we have none left to give. it may be cheaper to say ‘look we will give you 10 million more then lets walk away from this.’  just pass it out to whoever wants a piece. we cant afford anymore.

i get amused by a t.v. commercial. it says you can make money just by collecting all that gold you have lying around gathering dust. gold? what fukken gold. this injun aint got no gold lying around.

and i get emails all the time in my junk mail. many of them offer me a chance to keep 25% of millions. all i got do is send some money to someone i dont know. i have passed on many chances to be a millionaire.

i guess people play on the times we live in.  we do need change. if we didnt have an obama we would have created one. we need someone to tell everyone you gotta have hope. things will get better. man is a resilient creature. we can adept to anything. well ‘cept for the rich. they gotta be bailed out by the government.

at the movies..

went to a movie today. seen ‘gran torino’.  it starred and was directed by clint eastwood. seeing how old he has gotten reminded me of how old i am getting. the guy gets better and better with age. it was a matinee. lotsa of old people there. seems everywhere i go there are old people. at the casino, buffets and matinees. it was a good movie. worth the matinee price of $7.25.   glad i didnt go to the regular price movie for $9.25.  maybe we need to bail out the movie industry too.

i was going to see that movie the first weekend it came out but it was too crowded. i don’t like crowded movies or restaurants. got no problem with a packed allen fieldhouse to see the jayhawks play basketball though. the more packed the better. i like royal and chief games too. but they dont get big crowds. may have something to do with fielding losing teams.

had visitors last night. i showed my sisters how to fix fluffs on my nieces outfit. they are heading to a pow wow this weekend in oklahoma. said i should take off too. i said yeah, but i have to help with a ceremony sunday.

i was reading some other blogs. seen where our brother leonard was transferred. at the new place he was attacked by some other inmates and had some injuries. then he was place in solitary confinement. when are they gonna let up on him? you dont see any information like that in the mainstream media.

seems like people are looking to the new prez for hope. this country needs something new. i believe it was good for us to elect a black president. it is about time. i wonder  how long it will be before we have another. or a woman, or mexican american president. or dare we say an indian president. we already had an indian vice president. he was from this state. i had a history teacher that talked about him. the teacher said curtis worked in congress and had lotsa information about how indians were being cheated out of their land etc. so he was offered the vice presidency as a payoff.  i dont know if this is true. just remember hearing that in school. usually you dont hear anything like that.

all the work on my house is finally finished. i am glad. it made this old house look new again. we spend more time in our homes than anywhere else. i love my home. i appreciate the work that went into it. i got a new 50 year roof. hail damage ruined the old one. the contractors that ‘fixed’ it really ripped the tribe off. they didnt even replace some of the damaged shingles. i built an addition on my house a few years back. they just left those shingles on there. so the roof had 3 different kinds of shingles. and they didnt replace the guttering even though insurance was paid for that. and they left the old t.v. antennae brackets up there. there was no need for them as i have cable. now the roof is good.

the linoleum had 24 years worth of wear on it. it was covered over with a more durable laminate that looks like a tiled floor. it strenghten the floor and made it look better. we had to move all the furniture out of the rooms that got new flooring.  then move it all back. my plumbing is fixed. i am real happy with it. i own this home and will never move again. spent too many years moving around. bumming around. at one time i carried everything i owned in my backpack. those days are behind me. been here so long that the trees i planted are 20 feet high now.

all the work being done on the house kinda disrupted my routine. i still sorted porky hair. done more of my art work. did some writing. working on anutha chapter now. now that the workmen are gone i can get back to my routine.

rez blog

electriceddieThis country injun decided to become a cyber-indian. I used to have a website that featured my roaches. The web host no longer carried my site. I had a good business with my roaches on the internet. I had more orders than I had time to make them. I still sell every one that I make, but there are times when some go unsold for awhile. You can make the best roaches around but if no one knows you have them you don’t sell them. I believe that I have elevated my craft to an art. I was extremely proud of the first roach I ever made but it doesn’t compare with the ones I make today. I have gotten better at making them after over 30 years. I like the challenge of making each roach as well as I can. I want each one to be good. There are many dancers all around the country that own one of my roaches. It is very satisfying to go to a pow wow and see one of mine. I can recognize them even from the stands. They are others that I see that I admire. My hat is off to the one that made them. I seen some though that makes me wonder what the maker was thinking when he made them. I won’t sell a bad roach. I take pride in my art.

I used to blog because I enjoyed writing. It gives me practice in writing. I am working on a book. I have been for years. I have re-written the chapters I finished many times. Every time I read them, I see wording that can be a little stronger. I have two brothers that have published books. I guess it is my turn to get a book out.

I plan to feature my art and my writing with this new site. All the artwork will be done by me. The writing will be my own original writing. My blogs will be opinionated at times. I used to have my own newspaper back when I was an idealist journalist. My favorite part was writing editorials. It was my opinion. Mainstream journalism claims to be fair and impartial. I think it is slanted at times. Many issues are ignored. I want to write about things i want to write about. And I want to have fun writing.  I hope that everyone can enjoy this new site.