middle of the week

it rained again yesterday which is a good thing. it comes in the middle of all the heat we are having.  temperatures are in the mid to upper nineties. the heat index is even higher. the t.v. said there may be a heat related death in topekee. it was an elderly person. people need to check on old people.

hate to sound like an incurable optimist but its the almost weekly rain and the heat that is making the gardens grow. at this time of the year the plants need plenty of sunshine and heat. the two gardens i am taking care of are thriving. so far i have given away 73 pounds of produce. that is just a drop in the bucket compared to what the main crops can produce. in my garden last year i had over 1200 pounds of crooked neck squash that were planted in 20 hills. the tribal gardens i planted have over 60 hills of crooked necks. i also have over 20 rows of indian corn. too early to call but they could produce alot of food if we get the right weather.

i gave my power point presentation yesterday to the staff at our health center. i talked about the gardening program. that was easy. it is something i possess some knowledge of and a subject i can go on and on about. i also gave a tour of the garden to 7 people.  the program i am working on has a line item in it for a website. it was to inform our people about the benefits of growing their own food, having proper exercise and getting screenings. that was shot down by our leaders who have to approve every website. lord forbid we inform people how to improve their health. maybe someday we wont have to live like we are in the dark ages.

i got some free buffet passes from our casinos stand at the fiesta. all i had to do was fill out a card. so my email will get their spam now.  we used the passes last night since tuesday is all you can eat steak night. i swiped my players card to get double points. need all the help i can get there.  i aint a high roller, just a small time gambler. the staff treats me good anyway. seen a few indians that were out and about. you can always find indians at the casino. being indian is a gamble. 

i have been watching the political ads on t.v.   you gotta take what they say with a grain of salt. if you believe every ad you would think all we gotta do is elect the one speaking. the ads usually bad mouth the other ones running. hmmm that sounds familiar. the democrats blame the republicans and vice versa. both political parties are equally guilty of many of the problems we face. i am registered as an independant because i didnt want to be affiliated with either party.

i added a new page to my site. it is called ‘arts and crafts’. i just did that because my niece had a beaded set she finished. i said put it on my site. i get a few people that check out my site. in the future i can add other artists work.

at noon today the week is half over. cant wait for the weekend….

my brother leo came for a visit

my brother came for a visit today. that meant alot. i had 6 brothers but lost 3 of them. we have adopted for the brothers we lost. it is always nice to see them too. it reminds me of the ones that are gone. i doubt i ever forget the people that i have known. there is always something to remind me of them.

i was walking the other day and i seen part of a carcass on the road. i noticed the feet of a beaver. kinda felt bad bout that. it is probably one of the beavers i watching last year when i walked.  there were buzzards by the side of the road all week. now i know what they were feasting on. i hope the rest of the beaver colony is alright. once this year while we were out walking mary said look a bobcat. i just caught sight of it as it disappeared into the timber. it is nice to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

the fiesta is over for this year. i made it down there one night. like many others i go to eat. i like mexican food. i usually park at my aunts house and walk over the bridge to the fiesta. it is just a short walk. i usually visit with my aunt before and after the fiesta. our pow wow usually has rain. the fiesta usually has hot weather. i am used to the heat from working in gardens. so it really didnt bother me. i heard a few turistos complaining bout the heat tho.they werent content to be miserable they had to include others that were in earshot.

ballots are due this week for the tribal election. i filled mine out a few weeks ago. now i gotta make sure it is in the mail so it counts. i vote every election–tribal, state and federal. i think everyone should. some say your vote dont count. it does. sometimes people complain about politics but they dont vote. they should. i dont know how much things will change or if they do change with elections. like some say the more things change the more they stay the same. that may be even more true in tribal politics. if we get anyone that wants to change the way things are, we usually get rid of them. life goes on in indian country no matter what.

i have to give a presentation about my gardening program this week. i will put it on power-point. i take pictures of everything i do in the garden. i have pictures of bare ground, seedlings starting out and now plants bearing fruit. nothing beats pictures in telling a story. the garden is producing, so far i have picked 63 pounds of vegetables. i believe the community is aware of the program. many are asking me ‘when do i get mine?’ some have their eye on the corn that is planted.

the weather people are predicting temperatures will be in the mid nineties all week. thats okay with me. we need sun and heat to make vegetables grow. its just that we have to live with the heat. oh well….

back online

i finally got my new computer online. i had a friend transfer my  files, music and pictures from my old computer to my new one. he added microsoft office pro 2010 to the new also. i also have windows 7.  since i had my last computer a number of years i will have this one for a few. so i want the latest software. i am still getting used to it though. i will figure it out. i remember years back when i worked on computers in the service. it was a room full of equipment. it had punch cards, tape drives and rows of equipment. that is all obsolete stuff. its basically all the same thing though. the technology keeps improving. i try to keep up with it.

i am going to pass on the gathering this year. at the summer dance my brother gave me vip tickets to see george jones at our casino that weekend. the gathering will be around for more years, dont know bout ol george tho. hes getting up there. may be my last chance to hear him sing. i like old country but dont care for the new country. it is mostly fusion anyway. its part  rock with country and alittle pop thrown in. so it comes out sounding like something different.

glad today is friday. i like my job but am glad to get off for the week. i am picking vegetables every week now. all the rain we have had is making things grow. i had doubters that are now asking ‘when am i gonna get mine?’ thats fairly typical of some njuns. they dont believe anything til you prove it. then they want to cash in on your hard work. i have been giving tours of the gardens every week. i like doing that. others have told me they will come see the garden.

gotta get to work. just wanted to say i am back online.

new computer coming…

heres a picture of pickerel lake where i camped last weekend. the locals there say it is where nankwe hid when the soldiers were killing her people. it is a nice campground and i plan on going back there sometime.

i bought me a new computer and have to take my old one to have all my files transferred to it. i have alot of my music on this one and many pictures. i probably have over 4000 pictures that i have taken everywhere i have gone. the new computer is loaded compared to this one. it will have windows 7 and microsoft office pro 2010.  i had this one for 4 years so i want all new software to go with the new one.

everywhere i go i have people ask me about the gardening i am doing. i am happy to talk to them about it. i also give tours to people that want to see the gardens. so far i have picked over 47 pounds of produce from the garden. i have to keep track of what i bring in. when the main crops come in they should weigh alot. that of course depends on the weather. never can predict it. one year we had cloudy weather and that stunted the corn. all the warm weather crops need sunlight and heat to make them grow. i hope for good weather for the gardens.

our summer dance is this coming up. that will keep me busy for the weekend. i cant wait. i always enjoy the dance. it is over too fast for me. i wish it could be like that all the time.

had to post something since i dont know when i get my computer back.

back again…

having a good weekend breaks the monotony of the routine. i had a good getaway.

only downer about the open road is having road construction going on. lotsa roads need work. i remember them saying the stimulus money was going fix them.

i got to camp at the lake where they said nankwe was when she had her vision. i stayed there for two nights. it was a nice campground. the first night was real windy. it sprung the tent stakes. no big deal except the next night it rained all night. the tent sagged from the wind stretching it all around. this caused it to leak. every now and then i would have a rain drop fall on me. i see why they stopped water torture. i would have signed any paper after awhile. the hostess lady brought coffee over to our camp the first morning. that was a treat. she was real nice. we had some good conversations over the course of our stay. one hot afternoon she brought bottles of cold water to us. that was one neat lady.

they had lotsa dancers at the traditional pow wow. i enjoyed watching them dance. they had a grass dance special. it was worth sitting thru the long winded speeches. i think they should leave all the talking out of pow wows. just let them sing and dance. one night of pow wow food convinced me to eat elsewhere. i had what they called a sioux dog. it was fry bread that was kinda raw inside covering a half cooked hot dog. i ate at the buffet at a casino next day. i scored two tshirts. one for joining the walk sponsored by the diabetes prevention program and one i bought for 10 bucks. you cant find tees for that price. it was made by local artists. it said ‘my home is turtle island’.

i went on a tour of the old fort site. i imagine that is where the soldiers came from who were killing off the indians at the time of nankwe. the guide took us into all the buildings.  one part outside the fort  had some teepees. this drew a few stupid comments about indians. back in my militant days i would have responded. but i know that does little good. best to let ignorant people stay ignorant. i took a few pictures. i also bought two strikers made at the blacksmith shop. got them for 5 bucks apiece.

after i left the pow wow i headed across the back roads of south dakota. it was a good drive. there were lakes everywhere. they had gotten 3 inches of rain before we got there so water was everywhere. so were many water fowl. never seen so many. i headed south to drive along the missouri river. it was wide because of the dam down stream. it was a scenic drive. i stopped at a museum along the river that was  good. it took over an hour to get thru it.

i checked out 7 casinos in the 4 days on the road. i guess you say i supported the local economies. the indians working there always checked us out. they probably knew we werent locals. the broasted chicken at winna vegas was the best meal of the trip. alot better than the sioux dog.

on the last leg of the trip i stopped at waubonsie state park. i spoke with a park ranger there. i asked about wabansi. he said that he had a tree burial. he was later moved to where he lived along a creek. he was buried there. i will contact the land owner later to see if i can visit the site. i have stood on many sites where potawatomis had their villages. i like to retrace our history. it is just an interest of mine. i know where we are, i like to see where we came from.

i got home tired from my trip. i slept for 9 hours. that is the longest i have slept in awhile. i covered alot of ground in the four days i was gone. sure enjoyed a good weekend. now back to the routine…..

first of july

today i have to head to wichita. there is a health clinic there that has a gardening program. they are under the same grant as we are. i will help them in whatever way i can. so i am working with 4 different gardens. i think more people should get into gardening. i remember back when our people were poor (we didnt always have casinos) they had to garden.

some people kind of amaze me. they view gardening as a no win situation. they are sure it will fail so they wont even bother to try. gardening is a gamble but it can pay off in fresh vegetables. some think that modern methods are the only way to grow, that you have to irrigate. they dont understand that things can grow naturally. irrigating is nice but history has shown it leeches the ground and wears it out faster.

i got an email warning about the heat. i agreed with most of it. i do drink plenty of water when i am working outside. i have to since i have alot of water loss thru sweating. the heat advisory said to wear a hat or use an umbrella. i always wear a hat but the umbrella thing is a bit out there. i can imagine trying to weed a garden holding an umbrella. i think if you are outside alot you get used to it. on the other hand i dont push it when it is real hot.

i meet people that dont know who i am but know my kids. they say oh so you are their dad. either they get around or i dont. maybe a little of both. lately i just go to work and then home. when i venture out it is to the casinos. i do get my walking in though.

i got my first batch of sema finished. looks like i will have enough to last me. i notice that some people had sema that is either lime green or yellow in color. they must fix it different. i just do it the way i was told by the old guy that got me started.

i am ready to travel this weekend. i am not a fanatic about pow wows. i dont sit there from friday evening til sunday afternoon. i try to catch an afternoon and evening performance, thats usually enough. and check out the stands. pow wowing is just an excuse to travel. i remember a mall along the way that gave great massages.  i am up to take a little side trip whenever they come up. if i see something that catches my attention i will pull off the road and check it out.

should be a good weekend..

waiting for a long weekend

got a long weekend coming up. kinda looking forward to that. i plan on heading up to the sisseton traditional pow wow. i went there last year. it was alright. the people were friendly. the food was good. and they got a nice casino. they had a fireworks display. i camped out for the weekend. i havent camped this year at all. this will be my first chance.

i will make a stop on the way there. the locals say the lake there is where nankwe was when she had her vision. they had something there last summer to remember her. they have a different name for her than we do. so i plan on going to the lake to visit the place. an old man here said it was at another lake in north dakota where nankwe was. i have been there. i want to go to this lake also just in case. cant go wrong by visiting both places.

i have lost 15 pounds since the winter. i am walking and i burn alot of calories doing gardening. seems like i have been trying forever to lose some weight. finally happened. i am doing this for my health. i enjoy walking. a bobcat ran across the road last week when we were walking. that was neat. i have been watching snapping turtles in the creek below the bridge we walk over. it would be a hassle to try to catch them. i already have four of them in the freezer so i am not really into it. we see all kinds of animals when we walk. nice out in nature.

i have been sorting the last batch of porky hair i got. looks like good hair. i havent had time to get to that since i started gardening. i want to make some more roaches. i sold two that i posted on my site. i plan on going to crow fair this fall. i want to have a bunch of roaches made before i head up that way. i may be up for a good trade if someone has something i want.

the weather wont be too hot this week. they said in the 80s. i can handle that. i have one garden site i had to weed this week. it is over by the sr citizens. i have 14 rows of our corn there and 40 hills of crooked neck squash. i also planted 40 hills of other squash, melons, cukes and okra. i dont know how that will turn out. the ground has lotsa clay in it. the rain we have been getting is helping out. the garden i planted behind the clinic is doing damn good. it has fruit on the vine forming. i have kept up with weeding it. i have been busy.

hope the week goes by fast. i am up for pow wowing….and some road.

days of summer

the winds that came thru last week bent one of the trees in the yard over. it broke off several limbs. i was concerned about the trees. the ice storm we had a few years back did some damage to them also. they must be tough. they are still hanging in there.

we have been getting rain almost every week. that is good for the gardens. the creeks are low though. most of the water rushed downstream. my lawn has to be mowed almost every week. today the heat index was over a hundred degrees. summer is only starting.

last night i went to the casino family night thing held at westridge bowling alley. it is for casino employees and their families. i went as a guest of my sons who work there. we bowled 4 games. i am not much of a bowler but i had fun bowling with my kids.  i am not into competition. i just try to improve my score each game. that worked until the last game when i just couldnt do anything. my best score was 178. not good enough for anyone to recruit me for their team.

they gave us tickets to ride go carts. i didnt ride any since i gave my tickets to my niece. she liked that. they also had putt putt golf but we didnt have time for that after bowling. it was over at nine. so we headed home to rest up for work. the heat tires me out. must be getting old. i keep hearing that.

i have been giving tours of the garden to people that pass thru. they all seem to enjoy it. i wonder why more people dont garden. it is basically free food after initial expenses like seeds and plants. an added bonus is the physical activity it takes to raise a garden. maybe we will have more people get into it. food grown at home tastes so much better than what you can buy in a store.

i wonder what the rest of the week will provide. time will tell.

high winds, mhs reunion

i went to the mayetta high school reunion last night. it was the first time i went to one of them. a few years ago our class had a reunion. i enjoyed the evening. we had a social hour before and  after dinner. i talked to many that graduated from mayetta high. i found that most have lived in the area all these years.

the class i graduated with was one of the honored classes. its been 40 years since we graduated. there were four of us from our class present. we were given a coffee cup with a picture of the old high school on it. i was also given another one for being the youngest grad there. they introduced each class and everyone was given an opportunity to address all present. i wore my t shirt with the mayetta high logo on it. our class reprinted them for our reunion. the mayetta alumni association liked the shirt and decided they will sell them as a fund raiser. i was the first to sign up for a new shirt. i also ordered a history of mayetta high from them. it has all the graduating classes and many old pictures in it. i wanted one as soon as i heard they would be available. it is history.

i went outside with the smokers for a break. the topic turned to politics. the discussion became quite lively. they were a wide range of opinions. it seems many in this country are fed up with how the politicians are doing things. lot of discontent. i wonder if washington is aware of this. i doubt it. they keep themselves insulated from the people.

before i went to the reunion i took my dog to get a rabies shot and a flea/tick dip. while there they warned that a storm was coming with high winds. i didnt think anything of it since this is kansas. me and mary were smoking outside when the winds came. dont know how fast they were but they snapped some limbs off the trees in the yard. the trees were bent in about a 45 degree angle from the winds. it was the kind of storm that makes you put your sema down. not much else you can do.

i got home before dark and was sitting outside. i noticed lightning bugs in our hay field. they were hundreds and hundreds of them everywhere. i just watched them. that was the most i seen at one time. it was neat to watch them. i remember as a kid catching them and putting them in a jar. they would end up dying. kids dont know any better.

it rained again last night. the gardens i put in will really grow now. they will make me look like i know what i am doing. good weather makes good gardeners. the rain will also bring the weeds up. i just finished weeding the garden. will have to start over again….

hell yeah lakers

i about forgot about this. last weekend when i was going to the pow wow i seen this buffalo. looked like he was having trouble so i backed up. seen the critter was caught up in the fence. so i called someone who called someone else that called someone else so someone would go get the buffalo untangled.  i later drove by to see if it was still stuck but it was gone. so in a round about way i helped the buffalo out.

saturday i take my dog over to get a rabies and distemper shot. they will have a flea and tick dip too. i think that is a great service they provide. i took konugish last year. usually i never hear bout things til they are over. i have a tribal email now so i hear some things.

i was driving home today and seen one of my neighbors walking. i stopped and asked him if he needed a ride. he jumped in and said yeah. his pickup ran out of gas at the notorious n road dumpster. i took him home to get his gas can. he filled his pickup with a coupla gallons of gas and primed the carbuerator. it still didnt start. another native stopped and checked it out. three of us indians looking at the motor didnt make it start. so i took the guy home. he was gonna call somebody. it was too hot for the old boy to be out there walking. later the truck was gone so he musta got it home.

i ordered a new computer from a friend. it will be faster, have more ram, at least twice as much memory, be able to burn dvds and will have windows 7. i will use it to teach my kids more language. they are getting good at it. i have a good speaker system on my old computer i will recycle. gotta have my jams. this ol rez injun gotta have that new technology.

after i ordered my computer i went over to get some eats for the game. got a full rack of ribs, fries and seafood gumbo. been eating healthy so i deserved a treat. only thing that tasted better than that was another laker championship. that was good after the jayhawks didnt win this year.

one more day of work this week. need a weekend for a change….