back to da routine….

electriceddieit was nice to sleep in my own bed last nite. i camped out over the weekend. when i was younger i slept on the ground, that didnt bother me.  now i use an air mattress. i dont quite rough it all the way. i had a good 4th of  july getaway.

had a few things to do before i left.  i finally got both of my garden plots weeded. that was some work. i picked and fixed my first batch of tobacco. i had been watering it. i had two snapping turtles to clean. that is no real chore since i have done so many. i got these two from a tribal worker. he is  a real cowboy. he must have stored them in an oil barrel. it took me longer to clean the tubs out than to clean them shi kehs. they were real oily. they looked like exxon valdez survivors. i havent seen that much grease since my nephews went to the prom. they had their hair slicked back like 50s characters.

when i was cleaning the turtles i checked out the still beating heart of one. i remember an old injun saying that if you swallow the beating heart you will have a long life. i have done that a number of times over the years. i hadnt done that in awhile so i swallowed one of the  hearts. gotta hedge my bets.

i past thru where i went to boarding school on the way up. it no longer sends a chill thru my spine. i asked around about any body that went to school there. seemed not many lived around there anymore. one older guy knew of a few but they lived elsewhere. i talked to a lady that had a garage sale. she said she was gonna suggest a reunion. she invited me back for their pow wow.

i stopped at a mall  to eat. i walked around and noticed a massage place. the lady there was a real salesperson. i wanted a 15 minute chair massage. she said a table one was more comfortable. so i was game. she said i had tension in my shoulders so i should go for the half hour one. so i said yeah. i told her about my arthritis. she worked my body over. i about fell asleep on the table. my body felt real good. if my wife wasnt there i would have asked the lady to marry me. it was that good.

finally got to the pow wow. i never drive straight to anywhere. i like the little side trips. that is what makes traveling fun. the first night of the pow wow was a little slow. i thought it wasnt as big as what i heard. i checked out the stands. bought some injun decals for my riding mower. and bought a new hat for 5 bucks. i found some red willow bark.  i use it as a smoking mixture in my pipe. i dont like to smoke alot of tobacco in it.

i didnt pack anything to cook with, so i ate at the food stands. my arteries probably hardened up from all the fried food i had. i had a real good indian taco. then over the course of the weekend i had soup and fried bread. menudo and fried bread. a sioux dog, which is a hot dog cooked in fried bread. a spam burger, which is yeah spam with fried bread. then i had breakfast both days there at the stands. fried potatoes and eggs. it will take all week for my cholesterol to go back down. good thing i went on the 2 and a half mile walk they had. i scored a t shirt for that.

saturday the place was packed. it was a big pow wow. i taped some singing and lots of dancing. i noticed many people that reminded me of someone. may be something to that all indians  look alike saying. it was late before i headed back to the tent. i got tired of the specials. i want to see pow wow. i wish all pow wows would do away with specials. it was a real fine pow wow. people would greet us or nod. they were friendly people. i enjoyed them. it was nice to see some riding horses.

while in the dakotas i had to check out the casinos. i got 4 new players cards to add to my collection. one place gave me and my wife 20 bucks for signing up for a new card and another 20 bucks for having an email address. so we had 80 bucks worth of free play. thats righteous. we walked out of there with 150 bucks without having to spend a dime of our money. we caught the fireworks at one casino. made me reminiscent bout the good ol days when we did that.

i bought my gas at rez gas stations. it was alot cheaper. one rez gave all skins a discount. the other gave a 40% discount to their tribal members, so i had one pay for our gas. that saved me 9 bucks for a tankful. i dont know why our tribe cant do that, especially since the bulk of our business is from non tribal members. we arent suppose to question anything here. just get with the program.

when i got home i noticed my garden grew more in the few days i was gone. the beans and gourds climbed to the top of their trellises. some of my corn is tasseling. i have to pick cucumbers and zuchinni. my tomatoes have fruit. lots like a good year. even heard we had a good rain while i was away. both my rain barrels are full again. and i emptied one into anther container before i left. so i have alot of rain water to use. now back to the routine….

need some road time..

pow-wow-getupgotta dust off my pow wow outfit and hit the road. i have been busy going to ceremonies and working in my garden for the past week and a half.  having to be a good guy that long means i need a break. i aint even gambled any. so i am heading to the sisseton pow wow. that should be a big one. they got like 125 thou in prize money. that kind of money will draw good singers and dancers. i will do some taping for sure. some of our homeboys are singing with one of the host drums. some of our people are heading up that way. i have a sister in law that lives there. i probably will meet someone i know. this injun has been off the farm a few times. i will camp out since i love to camp.

they will have fireworks there too. back when we were poor ass injuns we always had fireworks and eats. even when the entire tribal operations fit in a tin shed. now the tribe is worth millions and we aint got the money for such frivolous things. gotta save our money for trips. its like yeah its your money but you cant have any of it. we saving it so we can tell your grand kids they cant have any of it either.

on the way up there i will pass where i went to parochial boarding school in nebraska. shudder… i criss crossed this country many times and always avoided that place. once my mother was with me on a trip. we went to where she went to boarding school in south dakota. we headed south and she said to go see the place. i said aint no way in hell. she gave me a look that mothers have when you know you aint winning this argument. so we went. which was a good thing i suppose. i laid a few demons to rest. had to be there in a place i hated.  i seen it was just a place. i got over some things, but i will never forget how the priests and nuns beat us for nothing. ended up that i finally wrote that chapter in my book. for a long time i didnt want to relive that part of my life.

i looked the place up on the net. it has a website. it has a category for alumni. i checked it out since i havent run across very many i went to school with.  i met a few doing time while i was a spiritual advisor to several prisons. when i was on the first longest walk i heard there were a coupla there also but i didnt meet them. i heard others met  violent deaths. the website have a questionaire. one question asked if your experience was “positive, neutral or negative”. damn…..i had to write an entire chapter on my experience. wasnt just one word for it.

i am still picking vegetables. when i went after mail, i brought back an armful of cucumbers and zuchinni. will take the cukes on my trip. yesterday i pulled a few carrots. they are still young and tender. the hard work i put into that garden is paying off. the weather guy said it may rain tonite. that will make everything have a burst of growth. my rain barrels should fill up. i will water my plants with that.

tonight i am going to an auction. like i dont have enough junk. i probably need to have a garage sale to get rid of some of that stuff. then i can have room for more junk. auctions are a better deal than garage sales. you can actually get something of value at a reasonable price. might have to buy a box full of junk thought to get it. and there is a certain amount of sport in auctions. real drama in whether or not you get the bid. i cuss myself sometimes for not bidding and seeing something i wanted go real cheap. i have bought entire boxes for a buck.

gotta get busy. been jacking around on computer. things need to get done before i hit da road…..

free food…

free-foodthe stuff is just laying on and in the ground. all u gotta do is pick it. well i guess it aint that simple. first you gotta work up the ground. then plant seeds. the weed it. then hope for nature to be kind. if all the ingredients are right then you can pick  fresh vegetables. the weather has been good for some things but not so good for others. my strawberries went dormant during the heat. i had plenty of peaches and plums last year but none this year. my potatoes were late in breaking ground and i dont remember them flowering. now i have 3 rows of them that are 100 feet long. i pick fresh onions when i need them. my cabbages are just starting to ripen. my zuchinni plant is thriving, but one of my plants got zapped. the tomato plants are flowering and putting on fruit. my green beans have flowered. my beans are climbing. looks like a good year even if some things wont make it. gardening is like gambling. you never know what the payoff will be, if indeed there is one. but if you dont take the chance there wont be one.

i am still sore from this weekend. i did dance most of the night saturday. i sat down for bout an hour but enjoyed dancing most of the night. i think that is what dancing is all about–having fun. i see some dancing at pow wows that look absolutely bored. i wonder what the hell they doing out there if it aint fun. i dance for the fun of dancing.

we had an indian ball game at daybreak. for the uninitiated, our ball game is sorta like lacrosse. ‘cept lacrosse is a knock off of our game. and we dont need all that equipment they do. they play a sissy game compared to ours. i am usually the oldest man that plays. i keep saying i will retire but enjoy the game too much. that day is coming though, i can still feel the effects of the game today. i got rolled up several times. that is part of the game.

our team sorta lost. normally there is one person that oversees the game. lately we have a self appointed committee that stands on the sidelines and try to determine the outcome of a game, usually siding with their team. the game is not about winning and losing, though we compete to win. it was meant for the clans to play together. winning at all costs aint what it is all about. so when non players affect the game that kinda cheapens the game. i think if they want to affect the outcome of a game they should pick up a stick and get out there and play. take their lumps like we do. we missed a few calls. even some of the other players thought that. so i believe the score was reds one, blues one and sideline players two. some believe the outcome of the game determines how the weather will be, and how it will affect gardens. dont know how that figures when someone changes rules that affects scores. you throw spirituality out the window when you do that. we are going to play the game at the gathering i guess. i hope no one embarrasses our people by bending rules. the game should be above that. its about honor.

i have been drinking lotsa indian tea lately. i usually drink sun tea but have changed to indian tea because of the taste. it reminds me of when i was a young boy. and it is good for the system.

i have to catch up on the things i put on hold while ceremonies were going on. gardening is never finished til fall. other things wait til i am not busy. so i have a full week ahead. as always.

some like it hot..

beans-n-squashplants that is. not many peopleoids enjoy this heat. my crooked neck squash, corn and beans are loving the heat. they need it to grow. i wonder bout people sometimes when they complain of the heat. in nature it is necessary as rain for growth in some plants. a coupla years ago my corn jumped up high in no time. then it got cloudy and rainy for an extended period of time during late summer. the plants got stunted and didnt produce well. rain is great early in spring but can cause problems late when it is time to harvest. the hot weather we have had lately is making many things in the garden grow.  and making some soft people whine. i have a zuchinni plant that is about 3 foot high and i am not exaggerating. i have picked 4 times from that one plant so far.

i have been watering some plants the past week cuz of the heat. i put the rain barrels i bought to use right now. i have watered my tobacco plants. i will water my tomatoes with the rain water. i havent put a dent in the barrels of rain water yet. it is better for the plants than the hard rural water we have.

our summer ceremony went well. not many people though. that is to be expected. most of our people got no use for ceremonies til they are in need. otherwise they aint got time for them. i remember once one of our people that lived away said her daughter “was entitled to it (our ceremonies) cuz she was enrolled”.  still think of that now and then.

we had a visitor. he said we were lucky to have what we got. i agreed. then he asked if the casino was a blessing. i replied the ones in the system benefit the most from it. but things like our ceremonies and language suffer because our people are pulled away. injun ways cant compete with money and the things it offers. he pondered that awhile. the talking heads extol the the benefits of what money does for us. we tend to ignore our social problems like alcoholism, misuse of drugs and child neglect. these problems dont fit the grander image we want to project. sweep them under the carpet and show the material things we own. perhaps they own us.

on the way home the other day i pulled over to a field. i knew that indian tea grew there. i use to pick it when i was just a young lad. i like the taste of it. we didnt get to town much. nor did we have money for pop and other sweet drinks. so i drank lotsa indian tea. i found out years later that it was a good all around tonic that was good for the whole system. i picked a bag full of tea. that should last me awhile. i may go get some more again so i can dry it for use during the coming winter.

i had my front door replaced a few months ago. i live in a government hud home. the way that worked was the contractor with the cheapest bid got to build them. so most of the time they use the cheapest materials. i had to replace lotsa things in this house. the front doors on all these houses were a problem. so i replaced it. but it had to be painted. new 50 yr shingles were put on my roof that were dark. so i figured a dark door would match the color of the roof. i thought black would look nice. so i put on the rolling stones song ‘paint it black’  on and i painted the door black. must be the old hippie in me.

my site has been flooded with spam lately. the sites are real sleazebag parasites that try to glom onto other sites by posting spam in the comments section. i had over 500 of them recently. its a good thing i have  software that stops it and i have to approve any thing before it gets printed. they are hawking all kinds of wares plus sex sites. sounds like some real crude sites. i have wondered why i dont get any real comments on my site other than spam. i talked to a few at the pow wow that read my stuff. they said it was to hard to post a comment. i dont know bout that, i havent tried. but now i understand why not many give me a holler.

got to rest some. gonna go to anutha ceremony tonite. they will dance all nite. dont know if i will but will dance alot. gotta talk. someone appreciates the language i speak. they thought of  me ahead of time. i told them i was honored they asked me. will see more of our people. will be nice to visit.

busy week..

electriceddiedid a wedding this morning. it was at nine, before it got hot. it went well.i enjoyed meeting the bride and grooms’ family. they were all good people, we had a late breakfast after the ceremony.  it was held in a natural prairie. the landowner told me it hasnt ever been plowed. it had all the native grasses and flowers. that was neat. it was located just off where the old railroad ran thru. that was before my time. someone spotted an eagle flying overhead. i missed seeing it but thats good mojo.

i went to town afterward and bought two 55 gallon barrels to catch rain water in. i have been wanting to do that for awhile. i put one in the back seat and one semi fit in the trunk. had to tie the trunk down cuz it wouldnt shut all the way. i hoped no cop would be sweating me over that. made it home without any hassle. i had to cut the gutter downspout with a hacksaw. then fixed it so runoff will fill the barrel. i am ready for the next rain. that may be awhile.

i noticed the temperature gauge on my dashboard read 102 degrees in the afternoon. it is not totally accurate but close. the tv dude said it was over 100 today. gonna be hot like that for awhile. i am making sure my chickens and dogs have plenty of water. they have shade to hang out in.

i waited til almost sundown to walk. it was still in the high 80s but i walked anyway. cant make excuses. i walked 6 miles so far this week. i check on the beavers under the bridge where i walk. they usually are in the water chewing on small branches. i can hear them chewing. its kinda neat to watch them. tonight there was a young buck  there also. it stood and watched me for awhile before it darted off.

i cleaned a turtle when i got home. i have eaten them most of my life. i like the taste of them. someone will bring them to me cuz they know i will clean them. i will take a big one i had in the freezer to a ceremony tomorrow night. a coupla of the older guys sure like them too. i promised them i would bring one.

got ceremonies for the next 5 days. that should keep me  busy. at least i get to visit with the homefolks during breaks. will catch up on whats happening around the rez.

the heat is on..

eddiejoeand thats just the way i like it. well not really but aint no sense in whining bout it. weatherman said it will be in the nineties for the next 8 days and possibly for two weeks. then the heat index will be even higher. hol=lee

i mulched my crooked neck squash today with straw. and did the same thing with my tomato plants, cucumbers and tomatillos. i figure if its gonna be that hot i better conserve what moisture is in the ground. i still gotta score me some barrels to catch rain with. some dude in the nearby redneck town has some for 15 bucks a barrel. might go see him. we can eye each other with disdain but still come out ahead. business is business. then i have to rig up something on my gutter spouts. sure would like to find a cart to pull behind my rider mower. that would be real convenient for watering my plants during the hot,dry season.

i used the straw bales the tribe gave away last fall. someone called me and asked how many i wanted. i said i will take all i can get. they replied i could only have 6. one of them threw caution to the wind and brought me an extra one. i was concerned one of the zealots at the general council would point out i got an extra bale and they didnt.  that didnt happen, musta had a more serious crusade to lead. i used the straw bales over the winter as a well insulated dog house. my mutts enjoyed that.  i knew i would use the straw during gardening season. today i used most of them. still got some to mulch other plants with. gotta do that in the mornings while it is relatively cool. i used the wire that held the bales together on my homemade trellise for my beans to climb on.

got a wedding to do tomorrow. it is out in the boondocks. should be fun. will be busy this whole week. got 7 ceremonies in 8 days. i still have things i have to do while all this is going on. just gotta make time. i will still log my miles walking. and i got that book i was gonna read. it should be entertaining. and sometime i have to mow the yard again. it never ends.

what a drag it is getting old…

electriceddiethose words come from an old rolling stones hit. they are older than i am. i agree with them. it is a drag some times. i was hurting all last nite. i have been working in the garden the past week. i musta overdone it yesterday tho. i couldnt sleep. just too much pain in my back and leg. the meds didnt help at all. that pinched nerve makes my leg tingle and hurt. i knew i was hurting but i had to get my garden weeded. that is quite a chore. some of my pole beans are starting to climb. thing is they had nothing to climb on. so i rigged up a place for them to climb. had to do this before the rain hit. and it did hit last nite. grateful for that.

my garden is doing real good. i picked my first zuchinni. i am taking that to one of our ceremonies. that is what you are suppose to do. take your first picking and offering it to the ones that gave it to you in the first place. so i will. then i will have plenty more. old injun way.

i went to an auction last nite. needed a diversion after all that gardening. i was the high bid on a coupla items. i won the bid on hunting knives for 5 bucks. so i took 3 of them. i always need a knife. i also was the high bid on a broad axe. got it for 16 dolla. it needs a handle but i can fix that. i have needed something like that in a few things i did. now i have one. i have seen them back east in my travels going for a hundred bucks.

my lab results came back. my cholesterol is a little high. not as high as it was tho. it is coming down from previous highs. i have lost about 10 pounds. all my walking and working in the garden is doing some good. i kinda blame it on them indians i hang around with. they eat alot of fried foods. i am making a conscious effort to cut down on that.

everyone has heard of someone killing indians for their natural resources. we think that only happened in the 1800s. well some of that is still going on. today.  in the amazon. the indians there are trying to keep their land. the end result is that government people are sending in troops with helicopters and machine guns to remove the indians.. i remember back during the first longest walk. they were discussing prophecies. one was that north and south american people were not two but one people. they just like us.  gotta remember them in our prayers. they our kin.

got our summer ceremonies coming up. so that will keep me busy this week. it is always something to keep me going.

now that the powwow is over…


at the pow wow saturday some people were whining bout the rain or what they paid to get in. if they had looked up, they woulda seen this pretty rainbow. we have several words for rainbow. one means ‘it stops the rain’. sure enough the rain stopped after it came out.

some may not have cared for the rain but my garden benefitted from it. it is really growing. i probably will pick some zuchinni this week. some of the things i replanted have sprouted. thats good. my lawn really grew. i had to mow it today. i would have gotten to it earlier but it was damp from a few drizzles we had. and the new meds i got sure knock me out.

i missed the golf thing they had monday. i was tired from the weekend and still in some pain. guess they had notay begay there. he will help in the design of the course. i bet we will have a nice golf course. i dont play the game. i always remember what my uncle bud said about golf. he said it was a silly game. ‘you knock the ball way the hell over there then chase it down, then you do it again’. that old guy taught me many things. he’s the reason i always tease the hell out of my nieces and nephews. golf is picking up around here. many of our people tee up now. my brothers play, but i dont.

i loaded a coupla clips of my pow wow footage on my facebook. i dont get on there much, kinda dont care for it. i only load about 15 second clips. i am one of the under-privileged who still use dial up. it takes forever to upload something. and i have some good footage that lasts about that length of time. i burned me a dvd of my pow wow footage. i watched it on my new per cap plasma tv. damn this injun didnt know what he was missing. thats big time.

i ordered a used book from amazon. com.  it is a book a friend of mine told me about at the pow wow. its call american indian mafia. the review on it says it is “an fbi agents true story about wounded knee, leonard peltier and the american indian movement”. hmmm. i wonder. i keep an open mind. i will read it. my friend is mentioned in there, though they used an alias. probably know some others too.

i will be  busy this week in my garden. as soon as i got home from the pow wow i looked at the garden. i could see the weeds in it. i will run my tiller down it and take care of the weeds in the middle of the rows. after that i will have to get the hoe out and go at it. if anyone calls and asks me what i am doing i will tell them ‘ i’m hoeing around’.  so i gotta get a good nights sleep so i can hoe around tomorrow.

was a good pow wow, as pow wows go

one of my roaches at pow wow
one of my roaches at pow wow

it was a nice pow wow that the prairie band put on.we always draw good singers and dancers. our prize money makes it worth coming here.  i enjoyed every minute i spent there. i camped out so i was there most of the weekend. we had 12 tents set up in our area. mainly all family members. we cooked most of our meals on the fire. we had to bring our own wood since there wasnt any. hope the potawatomi gathering aint that way. what are we without a fire going. but we got by. the food tasted great over an open fire. so was the cowboy  coffee. many visitors came to our camp and ate or drank coffee. thats what njun camping is all about. we keep an open camp. even fed a coupla workers that were picking up trash. we gave a bottle of water to anutha worker. he was delivering johnie on the jobs. so we convinced him to drop one off at our campsite. he was nice enough to do to it. so we had one conveniently located by the camp. it didnt get gross like some of the others.

i taped singing and dancing. plus i just taped people talking. some were getting down bout the parking fee and other issues that bugged them. for the most part people seemed to enjoy themselves. i had a few that said it was their favorite pow wow. i will mix this all together and burn me a dvd. one of my homeboys asked me how much for a dvd. i said for 20 bucks i would burn him a real good one. i have footage from pow wows all over the country for the past several years. i have most of the top singing groups around the country. i have gone to most of the big ones.

i kind of got bored with too many specials. i know they are meant to honor people and all that but i want to see pow wow. for the money people deserve a good show. sometimes they drag on forever. i headed back to camp a few times while all that was going on. or i just walked around and visited with people i know.

i caught a ride on the golf carts a few times. they are there to help out elders i guess. since i am getting up there they gave me a coupla rides. i told them i wasnt going anywhere i just wanted a ride. plus i was taping the grounds with my camcorder. i got many people to wave at me.

i bought an air brushed  t-shirt with a design on it. it was done by a tribal member. he does real good work. i have bought several t shirts from him in the past. he usually sets up at our pow wow. and may be at the gathering. i also bought a dvd from irene bedard’s stand. i havent had time to watch it yet. i wanted to buy more but i also wanted a new 42″ plasma tv. i borrowed a truck today to pick it up. wish i had that for the lakers game last night. i told them i wouldnt pick it up til after the pow wow.

my boys helped work at the gates as part of their internship. some of the gate workers  caught hell from lots of people. they didnt make the decision to charge 3 bucks everytime you came into the park. but they heard about it. some just drove right past. others driving expensive suvs complained about the 3 bucks. one about spit on the workers. guess they didnt have enough sense to take their complaints to higher authorities. and leave the workers alone, they were just doing their job. at the gathering of nations pow wow they charge 10 bucks to get in every time. no one complains. they just pay and go in. but when indians are working they catch hell for it. sad to say but some complainers were tribal members that had their per cap in their pockets. 3 bucks isnt really all that much after you think about it.

i dont understand that at all. we open our home up to anyone that wants to see a fine pow wow. we put up real good prize money. we have one of the best pow wow parks around. and some people, but not all, complain about a simple fee like 3 bucks for parking or 10 bucks for a weekend pass. that is cheap compared to other powwows. some people just threw their trash where ever they pleased. i seen lots in the morning, it looked disgusting. luckily we had workers that pick it up. some were just people that didnt want to see our home all trashed up. i would hope that none of our people would do that in those other peoples homes. unless you are a real idiot, you would understand that it takes money to put on a good pow wow. and you have to have some kind of order. i didnt agree with the 3 dollar parking fee either at first. but i camped so i didnt leave. and you could see that it was more orderly with less cars driving thru the grounds constantly. it was much safer for the  pedestrians and many small children that frequented the stands. it made sense to me, even though i didnt agree with it at first.

all in all i thought we had a real good pow wow. i had to leave early sunday morning. i broke camp and went home. i wasnt feeling well. musta been too much fried foods. that is not good for our people, even though we love it. i had an upset stomach and some intense pain in my leg.

i went to the doc today for my regularly schedule appointment. i had lab work done. and seen the doc. i told him of the new pain i had. he said it was a pinched sciatica nerve. thats why i had pain all down my leg. it is not usual to get this when you have arthritis. they gave me meds. i may have to get cortisone shots if that dont work. i asked if i would have to take meds the rest of my life. the doc told me the meds wont cure the arthritis. they just make it a little more bearable. i agreed. any relief even temporary was good enough. now i got a big screen tv to watch whenever i am in pain. and i can watch my pow wow dvds on it.

finally time to pow wow…


went over to prairie people’s park last nite. kinda like that name. it reminds me of berkeley in da sixties. ‘cept it was jimi playing last nite. it was my homeboys.  i like to hear them guys sing. they are good. i have known them most of their lives.

it was a warm up for the home folks before the pow wow starts today. they served food but our family just ate at our camp. we have 9 tents set up and a few more are coming. i like camping. it makes it more fun. we will have a cookout every day. i already had my cowboy coffee going. it tastes the best.

last nite they had the princess contest. and other contests like whooping contests for women and trilling contests for men. they also had a street clothes dance contest. i woulda joined but i didnt want anyone to be stealing my moves. everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. our people need that. gotta enjoy life.

called my bank before i got out of bed. per cap is in my account. i gotta head to town to buy some things for the pow wow. and get some cash to check out the stands. i thought someone said we had 30 stands and more wanted to get in. i gotta make sure i have everything i need or they will charge me 3 bucks everytime i drive in. wtf. oh well its per cap i will just pay them the 3 bucks if they desperate for cash. help my tribe out.

i dont know where our pow wow ranks compared to others around the country. it is my favorite pow wow though. i know so many people here. i get to visit with most of them. i continue to take pictures. i want my own scrapbook of pictures of people i know or have met. it is stored on my computer. i even backed up copies to save.

our prize money draws real good singers and dancers. i like to hear them sing and watch them dance. i tape so i can watch it again. i even got some stage time myself. i have to give the invocation tonite. im not into street theater but i think it is nice that we can show we still have our language left. it is a real beautiful language if one could understand it.

i know i will enjoy myself. i always do. gotta get ready to pow wow…..