finally time to pow wow…


went over to prairie people’s park last nite. kinda like that name. it reminds me of berkeley in da sixties. ‘cept it was jimi playing last nite. it was my homeboys.  i like to hear them guys sing. they are good. i have known them most of their lives.

it was a warm up for the home folks before the pow wow starts today. they served food but our family just ate at our camp. we have 9 tents set up and a few more are coming. i like camping. it makes it more fun. we will have a cookout every day. i already had my cowboy coffee going. it tastes the best.

last nite they had the princess contest. and other contests like whooping contests for women and trilling contests for men. they also had a street clothes dance contest. i woulda joined but i didnt want anyone to be stealing my moves. everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. our people need that. gotta enjoy life.

called my bank before i got out of bed. per cap is in my account. i gotta head to town to buy some things for the pow wow. and get some cash to check out the stands. i thought someone said we had 30 stands and more wanted to get in. i gotta make sure i have everything i need or they will charge me 3 bucks everytime i drive in. wtf. oh well its per cap i will just pay them the 3 bucks if they desperate for cash. help my tribe out.

i dont know where our pow wow ranks compared to others around the country. it is my favorite pow wow though. i know so many people here. i get to visit with most of them. i continue to take pictures. i want my own scrapbook of pictures of people i know or have met. it is stored on my computer. i even backed up copies to save.

our prize money draws real good singers and dancers. i like to hear them sing and watch them dance. i tape so i can watch it again. i even got some stage time myself. i have to give the invocation tonite. im not into street theater but i think it is nice that we can show we still have our language left. it is a real beautiful language if one could understand it.

i know i will enjoy myself. i always do. gotta get ready to pow wow…..

ready to pow wow

electriceddiei took my push mower over to where i am gonna camp this pow wow.  it was mowed already but i wanted to push it back some more. it is down in the boonies. it is in a low spot. hope it dont rain anymore. seems it rains often during our pow wow.   it rained alot even when we had it over where the tribal office is. pretentious types call it the government center. i was still in my alky days when they had the pow wow over there. hung out down by the tree line where the partiers were. those days are gone.

tomorrow i will go set my tent up. and take my camping gear. dont know if they gonna have wood to cook with or not. i asked several people and just got a blank stare. i took that to mean no. others are camping in the same spot so we will get some wood somewhere. i like to have cowboy coffee going all the time. i can go back to the camp and fill up a thermos. we usually have a pot of something on the fire all the time. breakfast over campfire is always good.

they gonna have a potluck dinner tomorrow nite.  then they will the princess contest and hand drum contest. that ought to be a good opener for the pow wow. i am ready for the pow wow. we should have a good one. our prize money usually draws good singing groups and dancers. i always have a enjoyable time. i just hope we dont ruin it with too many rules or something. or rip people off. i dont know why but lotsa good pow wows kind of run their course after a while. i would like to see ours get better each year. we have a real good park for it.

i am taking my camcorder and camera. i like to take pictures. i have a coupla thousand of them in my computer. i will burn a dvd with any footage i tape. i posted a 14 second clip of  the chicken dance contest on my facebook page.  i have a dvd of just drum groups singing. and another one of various dance styles. i guess my study in college wasnt wasted.

all this rain is good for my garden. it is really growing. then during this time of year we have people praying it dont rain. kinda ironic. most people dont have gardens so they couldnt care less. at any rate i am ready to pow wow.

a nice weekend

electriceddieenjoyed the weekend as i enjoy every day of my life. even the days that arent so great.  i was talking to some  new agers recently. they were going on bout how many ancient civilizations had dec 21, 2012 as the final day. the end of the world. i say that every day is the end of the world for somebody. cant live in fear of dying. gotta enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed.

we had lotsa company over for a cookout. food was great. when you have gone hungry a few times, you learn to appreciate any food put in front of you. i fixed the hot wings. i’m not a chef but can make a few things. they had a volleyball game going as usual. i watched some good games, til it was time for my 2 mile walk. got my own exercise i have to do. i have lost 10 pounds in the last 3 months. good news for a dude my age.

i met the couple that i will perform a wedding for later this month. they were nice people. seems more people want something other than a preacher or justice of the peace. this couple are non native but want me to do their ceremony. i said i would. i liked it that they came in person, didnt call on the phone. conducting business by phone is not the way to do it. we had a good visit.

i got a call asking me to give the invocation friday nite at da pow wow. now i feel honored. our language deserves that kind of respect. they thought of me ahead of time. i remember what this old guy that spoke potawatomi said about being asked at the last minute. he said ‘they must really be hard up to have to ask me, musta not be able to get any one else.’  even with the armies of people saving the language, we dont have more than a handful that can pray in our language. it has been said about me that all i know is how to pray in the language. though i dont considered that an insult, i do know alot more than that. i just dont have to prove it.  i get a coupla free passes for doing the prayer.

we had rain twice this weekend. my garden will benefit from that. i had to mulch some of my plants. that is for later in the summer when it is really dry. it will be necessary to conserve what rainfall we get. i will get a coupla rain barrels to store the rainfall in. i will need to cut the new downspouts of my gutters so the rain will fill the barrels. rainwater is better for gardens than the hard city water we get. i heard it only took a quarter inch of rain to fill a 55 gallon barrel.

per cap getting so close these njuns starting to look at the sales inserts in the sunday paper. the tribe gonna kick them loose early. in time for pow wow. thats good. we had some stand owners that never came back. we charge alot for not having  anyone buying. i will have to go over the grounds this week to mow my campsite. its not mowed in that part. really in the boondocks. i asked these tribal guys that were out riding around who took care of that. they said other programs. hell with them. i will do it. aint no big thing.

i was concerned about the amuk i seen earlier. i didnt see it for 3 days. i thought some numbnut shot it, but it resurfaced the other day. i was glad. i hoped it wasnt gone. i like seeing animals. we suppose to share this planet. it is big enough for all of us.

its really full….


…..not even one more bag. its really full. get it. some people just dont get it. or i got some real inconsiderate neighbors. i have to walk past this dumpster during my walk. it gets to be an eyesore at times. people dont understand that when it is full not to put any more trash there. nor do they understand the trash pickup service only picks up what is in the dumpster. anything on the side or ground stays there. we used to have someone kind enough to pick it up. they must have gotten tired of doing that cuz no more. or maybe that is part of the budget cuts thing. anytime someone dont wanna do something they cite budget cuts.

the truck liner has been there for two weeks. the barrels for the past week. the trash service used to stop twice a week to empty this dumpster. they havent for the past week. did some of my neighbors ruin a good thing. it is real convenient to take our trash to this dumpster. dont know what will happen to it if we lose this service. it costs nothing. usually anytime something is free there is always someone to take as much as they can get. you see some with a truck full of trash. some with trailers. then since it costs nothing they dont appreciate it. the idiots dont comprehend that if it is full, they can wait a few days til it is emptied.

there used to be a commercial with an njun named iron eyes cody. he would sadly look at all the trash in the world. then some one would throw a bag of trash at his feet. the camera would pan in to show a tear rolling down his face. he would bawl his head off looking at our dumpster site. there are many around the rez. all one would have to do it drive a few miles to an empty one if necessary, as i did last nite. some of my neighbors dont give a damn. this is our neighborhood. if we trash it, thats our fault. the idiots make us all look bad. this site is an embarassment.

i gotta dig out my laker hat. i am back on the l.a. laker band wagon. they were my favorite team when they won their many championships. even back to magics day. i have a coupla kobe jerseys with his old number. maybe per cap i will score one with his new number. he is my favorite player.

my son said he was watching a late nite talk show. the dude on there used a potawatomi word to emphasize a point he was making. thing is the guy pronounced the word wrong. couldnt even say potawatomi right. therein lies the problem with the language today. some are using english phonetics to pronounce the sounds. they come out wrong some times. you gotta hear the language to know the correct way of saying something. so some of the language spoken today is getting corrupted. there was a guy here that didnt care how he pronounced the words. guess he figured not many others knew the correct way.

seen that kung fu guy was found dead. he was naked with a rope around his neck, wrists and genitals. he was looking to heighten a sexual climax. hmmmm i can think of other ways.   he often said he was on a spiritual journey. he got famous for that tv series. the part was originally written for bruce lee. but in those days america wasnt having any chinese guy playing a chinese guy. so the part was written for a half breed which was even more acceptable. now bruce lee is still a legend. they shoulda went with him.

gotta get ready for a cookout. having friends and family over for my sons birthday. we not big into birthdays but like get togethers. happy birthday joe.

campsite staked….

i got a coupla calls asking me if i staked out my campsite for the pow wow. i wondered why. it seems that people are staking out their sites evn though pow wow is next weekend. so i went and put up a marker where i will camp. it is in the same spot i usually camp. the grounds are so big and not many really camp. so i didnt know what the big deal was. the place where i camp is in the bottom. so if it rains the water runs down there. otherwise it is a great place to camp, it is close to everything.  i think camping out is a great experience.

when i camp i gotta make sure i dont leave too often. they will charge 3 bucks everytime you enter the grounds.  and there is no weekend pass. wtf.  thats a silly ass rule. kinda discourages campers. like we gonna make you pay for camping. or for leaving. why? it aint like anyone raises money. they just go ask the tribe for it. or get sponsors like this year.

we usually have a good pow wow. the prize money is alright. the drum contest brings in some good singing groups. i will take my camcorder and tape. i have hours of pow wow tape. i burned a coupla dvds from my tapes. i have one dvd that is just dancing, another one that is just singing groups. i watch them now and then.

i hope they dont ask me at the last minute to give an invocation at the pow wow. it would be an honor if they would ask ahead of time. but when they do it 5 minutes before grand entry, it feels like they aint got no one else. there is no honor in that. or even say here is a free button to get in. all the head staff is taken care of. but we dont think too much of people that speak our language. it is the one thing that makes us uniquely potawatomi. we dont borrow that from anyone.

i sent an email to our tribal website. i said i requested a link to my site several months ago. they still havent link to my site. other tribal members have a link to their sites. i know in the past that the tribe blocked access to blog sites, but the tribal treasurer has his blog linked on there. i said they used over a hundred of my pictures on their site. they say no one can use them without their permission. they are my pictures and i didnt get a dime for their use. i said if they dont want to link to my site, then quit using my pictures. i probably wont hear from them.

gotta head to town tomorrow. dont get off the rez much anymore. except road trips. been too busy in the garden and yard. and sorting more porky hair. that is an endless job. i have to go buy some things for a cookout this saturday. it is for my son joe. that is his birthday. we not real big on birthdays, but we do like to have get togethers. will have to mow the yard again before then. the last rain should make it pop up by then. we had 2” of rain. i am watching my garden this week. the places where i reseeded should sprout anytime.

got anutha doctor appointment coming up and  lab work. they just keep rescheduling me every 3 months. its no real hassle. i would rather know if something was wrong with me. preventative measures. i think i lost about 5 pounds since last appt. not much but is a start. i just have to watch my diet and keep exercising. i stay active doing all kinds of things. seems i am always busy. that makes me feel young.

grateful for the rain…

e-sho-bukwe had a good rain last night. for that i am grateful. when you live with nature, you take what you get. got no control over it. we had alot of rain this early spring. so much that it was difficult to get a garden in, the ground just wouldnt dry out. it was cool also. then it warmed up real quick. we were gettin 90 degree weather. it went from cool to hot.  some of the young plants burned up from the quick change and lack of recent rain. the ground was cracking and getting packed. then we got this rain. my garden wasnt critical but it could  use the moisture to help develop the young plants. i reseeded the bare spots in my garden last week. i reseeded the corn, squash, beans and gourds. they should take off this week.

i hoed up the ground to cover over my potatoes. they are looking real good. same with the onions. i pick them as i need them. my cabbages are growing real good. nothing beats home made cole slaw. it goes with fresh caught fish. and i use my cabbages in vegetable soup. this injun loves that.

my diet includes what i grow or pick. and i love fresh game and fish. if i am to realize my dream of being a cranky old man i gotta take care of myself. i didnt think i would live this long. i remember one of these old indians saying the many sicknesses we have today came when our diet changed. we went from fresh foods to processed foods. i can buy that. so i try to eat a natural diet. and exercise.

when i was walking yesterday i seen a snapping turtle under the bridge. it was in the water that backed up from the beaver dam. then i heard a splash and seen two raccoons. beavers are amazing animals. they create an eco system that other animals benefit from. it would be a real shame if one of these  hunters killed those fine animals. most hunters have some sense, but some are real knuckleheads. they kill for the sake of killing. dumbasses. i like to see the wildlife that is out when i walk. i seen lotsa different animals. i enjoy seeing them. you can connect with nature that way.

i heard thru the grapevine that we had a record month of april, and may was good also. so these injuns should be smiling come per cap. i dont see why the tribe cant release the checks before pow wow. why call our selves sovereign if we cant exercise our sovereignty. the 15th is just an arbitrary date. the bureau of you cant do that said we had to have a set date. so we said yes sir, we will most certainly do as we are told.  we could make it say on the 12th so our tribesmen could come home for their own pow wow. but then the powers that be  love the power to say yea or nay. its like someone just enjoys messing with the little injuns. keep them in line.

today is charlie watts’ birthday. who? the drummer for the rolling stones. he is 68 years old today. how old does that make me. i gotta play some tunes from the stones today. i liked the early stuff. before mick got all sissy. i liked the music when it still had an edge to it. so got to listen to the stones and get busy…..


amukhope the language police dont correct me on spelling. i go for  2 miles each time i walk. its amazing the different kinds of wildlife i see while out walking. i noticed the water was backing up under the bridge near my house. i thought it was a beaver dam. so i was looking out for signs everytime i passed after that. the other day i noticed a beaver in the water. i had to stop walking to watch the critter. from the top of the bridge i could see it swim underwater.  it came up on the other side. there was a smaller one on the other side.

yesterday i went for a walk again but decided to take my camera. good thing i did too. i was able to take several pictures of the larger beaver feeding on small brush on the bank of the crick. even got a picture of it swimming underwater. the smaller one was in the water on the other side of the bridge. i got a coupla pictures of it too. i continued on with my walk.

i took my dog for a rabies shot yesterday and he got a flea and tick dip. the animal control unit sponsored the event. i thought it was alright. there were a number of people there with their dogs. i usually miss the event. i never hear about it til its over. i lucked out this year.  there was a lady there from the humane society. she offered to spay my dog. i gave her my number and said i would think about it. i didnt tell the dog about that tho. it would mellow him out some, he acted vicious to all the other dogs. good thing i had him on a leash. he aint a mean dog, just dont know how to act. i know people like that. all bark and no bite. let them believe they are mean, its good for their ego.

i had to send some background info to the place i am heading to in september. i am gonna be the honored indian. they have over 15,000 people go thru there on a weekend. i get to take some of my roaches and drums there. might even have a chance to sell some. the economy has people backing off on buying at the moment. i make good art and it is priced reasonable but some think indians have to sell cheap. my art aint cheap nor will i sell it cheap. indians been ripped off enough.

i kind of had to laugh in filling out my background. i didnt claim any of my grandfathers are chiefs. you see that all the time when people fill out ancestry. there werent any common indians in the old days. they were all chiefs. kinda like today. nowadays you see people claim a chief as their great grandfather even when it isnt so. some just dont know their history. or prefer to write their own. i think it is better to live on your own merit rather that glom on to the fame of an ancestor. or as we are told ‘you gotta make your own road’.

i am almost caught up in my garden now.i have put so many hours in it. it is growing good. just gotta accept what nature brings now. now i gotta get back to my roach business. and may sneak in a few road trips.

mucho megwett..

bucklethere is no such phrase. its just a corruption of language meant to humorously say much thanks. i was sent this beaded belt buckle as a late birthday present. the picture is a bit fuzzy but i kinda like it that way. thats how i feel before my  first cup of coffee. the thing with indians though is how do you wear a cool belt buckle if no one can see it.  a pow wow gut would cover it. i have put much effort into walking this past 6 years or so. this year i have logged 168 miles so far. so this belt buckle will be visible soon when i wear it.

and i gotta thank someone for finally sending a comment. i dont get many of them. i welcome comments. it says someone is reading me. the numbers tell me that bout 700 a day read my off the wall stuff.not many will comment tho. n i seen a site that linked to  my site when i was surfing. then i spaced out what page it was. i shoulda wrote it down. i would have added the link to my site.

tomorrow i am talking deh ish over to the tribal po leece station. the animal control unit is having their annual rabies clinic. i usually dont hear about it til after its over. this year i can line up with the fort njuns for the first time. i will be able to take ‘ko nu gish’ to get a free rabies shot and he will get a flea n tick dip. i gotta go interpret for that dog  cuz he only obeys my command in  potawatomi. he one of them backward rez dogs.

i was asked to do a wedding again. but i had to hold off. it is at the time i may be out of town. may have a gig up north.  i got friends there and it will be anutha road trip. i am waiting to hear. i gotta take gigs when i get them.

lately i have talked to a coupla people that went to boarding schools. we compared notes on the abuse we experienced. still some survivors left. glad to hear that. i havent seen many of the ones i went to school with, just a few that were doing some hard time. others met  violent deaths.  some went back to native religions. i still dont like to go into a church today.

i was talking to another guy i know recently. i only have to half listen to him, cuz he will tell me the same story at least ten times. he forgets he told me, but i remember each detail vividly. i nod and act entertained. indians are too nice to interrupt. or roll their eyes. so we hear things over and over.

i visited the no news tribal website. lo and behold i did learn something new. they gonna have an art contest at the gathering. thing is i dont see where my art fits in. its not  paintings, pottery, jewelry, leather or beadwork. it is an art though. maybe i will enter a piece if i can find a category for my art. seems i never fit the neat little cubbyholes.

gotta gear up for our pow wow. its coming soon. two weeks matter of fact. i wanta do some taping and take some pictures.  too bad it will  miss per cap.  i once asked about that and was told if we waited til per cap it would rain. wtf. how does the weather know when we get our per caps. we charge a hellva lot for stands and our people dont spend as much as they would with extra cash in their pockets. some have said they would come home for the pow wow if they had their per cap. it aint like we gotta accomodate our own people. we cant question the powers that be.

it may rain again this weekend. so i gotta mow the yard….

tis da season…

rows-of-tatersin da spring when things are ready to pick and be put away you have to do it. cant wait til a better time. before i left on my last road trip i picked a buncha nenwezhek. the rains we had made it grow early. so i had to pick them. i put away 9 gallons. i picked almost that much last year and it didnt last.  so i picked more this year.

then i got back and noticed the gooseberries were ready to pick. actually they looked like they were ready earlier. i just missed them. so i went out and picked enough to put away a gallon and a half. i froze some and canned some. i plan to do more canning this year cuz of the ice storm we had the other year. i lost alot of what i put away because the electricity was off. i tried to keep it froze but it thawed. what i had dried was saved, but i lost what was in the freezer. not wanting to go thru that again, i thought it would be better to can. lesson learned. now i gotta score more canning jars.

my potatoes are looking good. my rows are about a hundred feet long. i plant my onions in the spaces between the plants.  they grow together. it saves space too. i have already eaten spinach, lettuce, strawberries and radishes from my garden. my cabbages are growing fast. my carrots are coming up. my corn, beans and squash have sprouted. i reseeded those rows where i had some blank spaces. this rain should sprout them.

i ran my tiller between the rows to get rid of the weeds. they werent too bad. i pulled alot of weeds by hand in the rows. so my garden is looking good. only problem is where i had new ground broken. the tomato plants i put in there got zapped. except the heirloom plants, they are thriving. so i have to replant tomatoes again. guess i will replant them with heirloom plants. my habenero peppers look good. same with my green beans.  the new ground should produce well.

spring is such a busy time. we usually have alot of ceremonies too. lotsa work  has to be done. gardens dont plant themselves. the things from nature dont pick themselves either. the lawn will have to be mowed til fall. good thing i got my rider mower. after awhile i can kick back when things are caught up. not quite at that stage yet. will be happy then.

back from road trip..

injun-monumenthad a good road trip over the memorial day week end. traffic wasnt all that bad since i took the two lanes across the middle of nowhere. you see more of america that way. i like to stop to see the little tourist attractions. like this one up the road. i have passed it many times but never stopped to see it. it is supposed to be a monument to indians. this artist has many of them across the country. it is probably the biggest indian i have ever seen. he had that wooden look that some bureaucrats have if you ever have to ask them for something. i know council people and program directors  like that. you just want to see ‘hey we just alike’ but you see this look and know it would mean nothing.

i was motoring down the road and passed a catfish buffet sign. i normally dont double back on my tracks, but i turned around to eat there. it was just a little roadside diner. the food was great. i ate two catfish and had shrimp. i cleaned them carcasses better than a cat. i plan to stop there again.

i stopped in hannibal to walk along the mississippi river. sitting in a car makes my back hurt, so i gotta stretch. there is a little shop along the river front that sells ice cream cones. at two bucks a dip, its a bit pricey but worth it. i have stopped there a few times now. i was leery of stopping there the first time. i read twain and remember he used terms such as nigger jim and injun joe. musta been just the vernacular of the day. the people there are friendly. but then tourist traps have to be, if they want business.

i made it to quincy not long after that. had to stop at a garage sale. all my stops added two hours to the trip. i never go straight to anywhere. i stayed at the home of the archaeologist that sponsored the bus tour i was to go on. the tour was nice. i had a seat reserved in the front of the bus, didnt have to sit in the back. come along way. we stopped at about 20 mounds. they are located on a bluff overlooking the mississippi river. quite a view for the living. most of them were overgrown with trees now though. back then it would have been an unobstructed view. it is still a beautiful place tho.

there were hundreds buried there. back in 1929 they dug up 69 natives. no one knows where their remains are today, probably on a shelf. the artifacts have disappeared also, probably in the hands of collectors. the first stop we made was to a present day cemetary. it is located on the mounds indians built a thousand years ago. it wasnt explained what happened to the natives buried there. the last three mounds are located on a tract that a developer is trying to sell for 25 thou. it is one acre. he is aware of the history of the place and said it didnt matter. when told indians held the place sacred he again replied he didnt care. there will be an effort to reclaim that acre.

there were two other skinjuns on the tour. we stopped at the temple mound. i told them i wasnt into street theater or putting on a show but i wanted to smoke my pipe with the old ancestors. their spirits had been disrespected so many times. they agreed. so we went to the top and smoked. we became bros after that.

we had to walk down a path to see some of the mounds. there were really overgrown with vegetation. if we didnt have the archaeologists along to point out where the mounds were, we would have missed them. there will be an effort to clear the mounds of all that, and restore them back to what they looked liked before. and it will be possible to view  the river as they did when the mounds were built.

 most of the people on this first tour were people that want to protect the sites. many of them had never seen an indian before. some young boy wanted to have his picture taken with me. but he was afraid to ask. the hostess i stayed with said just go ask him. so he did. and i told him sure. i posed with the kid and put my hand on his shoulder. gotta have good public relations. these are people that want to help. i remember in the past that some indians burned down the people that were trying to help them. better to educate than hate.

that night one of the other indians had a sweat at his house. he invited us over, so we went.  i told my host that i didnt think i would be going to a sweat in quincy. i thought i would be drinking lattes and eating croissants. it was nice. we had buffalo stew afterward. i see our herd of buffalo here but rarely get to eat any. i gave the bro living there a gift, and he gave me a gift. i didnt have anything to give the other bro, but my friendship. i made two new friends.

i was in quincy last fall on the retracing of the trail of death.  back in 1838  potawatomis were marched thru there at gun point. they were kept isolated from the local populace because they didnt want any liquor to reach them. they ferried them across the mississippi. at that point many knew they wouldnt see their homeland again.

the other archaeologist of the tour gave me his card. i gave him mine. he has a friend on the illinois river. the guy owns the land that senajwin is buried on, he was a headman of the potawatomi. i told the archaeologist i want to go see that mound where our ancestor is buried. he said he would arrange it with the landowner. that is a future road trip.

now i have chores to catch up with……