all shook up..

friday night mary and  i went to a stage production at tpac. it was called all shook up. it was a production of about 25 elvis presley songs. the tickets were kinda pricey. that might be the reason for the place being half empty. overall the show was alright. i like the songs of the king. i enjoyed the night out. we had dinner at a migo place before the show. this country injun likes hot food. there are plenty of places that will take your money besides casinos. i wanted to see a live show again since i seen the beatles production in vegas and ‘wicked’ in kansas city. there is something about live entertainment.

i bought the tickets a month or so ago. i didnt factor in the k u game. so i had to dvr the game and watch it when i got home. i expected the hawks to win that game. it ended up being close.  the national media overlooks k u all the time. i did watch the texas game. i stayed home for that one. i figured we owed them one. the announcers said if texas wins they get the number one seed in the tourney. k u was in control the whole game. now the biased media will have to pick   k u as a one seed. the common criticism against k u is that they cant win the big one. maybe people forgot that k u won the national championship only 3 years ago. they are in the run for it every year. maybe it is better to be disappointed that we cant win every year than to accept we can’t compete for the championship like most teams. there are only a handful of programs that can say that.

this is per cap week. so expect to find some workers to be out on tuesday. yeah yeah some are gone all the time anyway. the amount of our per cap is always treated like a state secret but i got about 5 text messages within 5 minutes of it being announced. the news travels throughout the tribe in no time.  mine goes directly to my bank account. so i dont really make a beeline for the mall. it all spends eventually. i have some building projects i have to do this spring. probably have to draw up a materials list. costs have gone up every year.

i havent been filling up my gas tank as often. i must have my own private protest going about the cost of fuel. i just put enough in to get around. i only have to drive about 3 miles to work so half a tank will last me all week. i want to see prices drop. i think it is devious that they use any excuse to drive prices up. it is unfair business to hide behind something that happens half a world away. we create the market. we arent doing enough to explore alternatives to fossil fuels. we know they will end someday but arent getting ready for that day. we just keep milking the profit from our dependence on gasoline and the shortages we create.

i gave a tour to some visitors last friday.  no i didnt point at material things and say ‘look at what we got’. i took them around the rez to show them our gardening projects instead. these programs are still in their infancy. there is alot of potential in gardening. we just gotta develop the programs. one of the visitors was from honduras. she said they want to get into growing more of their own food. i told the lady about things our old people said. she agreed with most things and said she heard many of the same things. old cultures have many of the same beliefs. more people are realizing the importance of growing food. maybe someday the cost of food will be like the cost of a barrel of oil. people have to eat. there is less and less land to grow food on.

most of the seeds i started have sprouted. i will get some more planted now. i have the plants in the office. maybe this week i will move them out to the greenhouse. i have been a bit concerned about the night temperatures. it will start to warm up this week. my plants will have a good start. spring is always a good time of the year…..

fat tuesday…

today is the day before lent starts. it is when practicing catholics give something up for the next 40 days  to observe lent. so some would party and get their fill of what they would be doing without. thats how mardi gras and carnival got started.  i dont know about giving anything up for the season since years ago i gave up christianity. found nothing wrong with the religion. what was wrong was the way i was taught. i went to an all indian parochial boarding school back in the late 50s and early 60s. the priests and nuns were cruel to us little indian kids. to this day i dont like to set foot inside a church.

i remember once back in my alky days i went to new orlean for mardi gras. i had been wanting to catch that party for many years. i heard so much about it. i hit town and park my van at an all night parking lot. then i started to follow the parades on foot. i started drinking a local favorite called a hurricane. it was rum, watermelon juice and more rum. i seen a stand that was selling buttons. i bought one that said ‘party til you puke’. i thought that was funny til next day when i seen that my shoes were all red from all the hurricanes i had drank.

 i had bottles passed to me and had hits of the funny stuff people were smoking all night. i didnt go to mardi gras to catch a late mass. everyone was in the party mood. everywhere i went i heard some righteous jazz music.  i ran into some guys with short hair and they were wearing suits. i asked them ‘who are you guys-young republicans? they laughed and said that was about the 5th time they heard that. they were in the military and were just out for a good time. i partied with them a while before i got lost in the crowd.  i ended up in the french quarter. i just followed the flow of the crowd. some of the ladies standing on the balconies were showing their nu nus to the crowd for the strings of beads people got from the floats.  the whole place was insane.   i was all caught up in the insanity of mardis gras. talk bout straight off the rez. this injun never seen anything like that.

around 4 or 5  in the morning i had a moment of clarity. i decided to call a cab. the driver asked me where to. i said i dont know, i left my van by a bank. he asked which one. i named it, so he drove to about three banks with that name til i found my van. i went to a motel and crashed for the night. i left town when i woke up. all hung over. the only thing i could eat was some gumbo. i gave those party days up. not for lent but because well they were just too crazy. sooner or later most figure out that you gotta give that stuff up.

the party in new orlean goes on without me. thats okay. i had my fill of them. the town has even changed since the hurricane. maybe someday i will catch carnival in rio……

in like a lion…

i must be ready to start gardening. at work i started over 300 plants. they will take a while to sprout. i got time. when it warms up i can transplant them outside. most of the seeds i planted are heirloom seeds. the hybrid seeds arent designed to last.  i did start some seeds that i saved from the vegetables i grew last year and kept the seeds from. i hope to reach the stage where i save most of the seeds  from things i grow. that way i wont have to buy seed every year.

 i think about what our old indians predicted about someday not even being able to buy seeds. most people wouldnt even consider that plausible. there are more seedless varieties of vegetables being grown each year. some seed is  altered so that it will only sprout one year. you cant save it and plant it the following year.

they are having the trial for that guru dude involved in the sweat lodge deaths last year. this guy was charging big bucks for people to go into sweats. the news had an interesting quote about the trial.  the defense said it was a “tragic accident, not a crime”. yeah. this is yet another example of someone out-nativeing the natives. they glom onto everything they can get  about being indian  then set themselves up as indian leaders. often they quote an unnamed elder who taught them the ‘old ways’. there are plenty of people gullible enough to believe them. they always have followers. the tragedy is that nothing will be learned from this. there will still be fakes that exploit native spirituality and others that still believe they can buy it.

i know i live out in the country. the other day our mailman honked his horn so someone would come out. then he apologized for tearing our newspaper. it was no big deal to us,but i appreciate the fact that he did that. shows how some country people are so nice.

the regular basketball season is over. all year long i have heard about how the jayhawks arent that good. they ended up with a 29-2 record. i guess that is not very good when its the jayhawks. they are expected to be perfect and beat everyone by 30 points. now all that is left is the big 12 tourney then the ncaa tourney.  my family usually fills out brackets every year. i will write the jayhawks in to go all the way as i do every year. it is great to have a team that we can think of as a contender for the national championship every year. some other colleges cant think that way.

i get calls all the time from all over.  some interesting calls. i wonder though how some people get my cell number. one time someone called my house and asked for my daughters number. i asked them ‘who are you’. they said as a parent i was right in asking. i told them to give me their number and i would forward it on but i wouldnt give them my daughters number. i think that is common courtesy. i wish some would follow that when it comes to my number. some people dont feel that others are entitled to privacy. they should at least ask before giving someones number out.

i havent had a cheap cigar in a couple of weeks. i am breathing better without them. it is hard to quit though. cigars arent as bad as cigarettes but they still have nicotine in them. i hope i dont pick the habit back up. i will be walking more now that the weather is warming up. so it is good i quit smoking. gotta do that for my health.

i didnt post a picture on this blog. i havent been taking any new ones lately. havent been carrying my camera since it was cold. i need to start taking it with me. if anyone wants to see their picture on my blog –tell me. i like to post pictures of just anyone. people are always interested in seeing pictures of other people that they might know.

cant wait to see what happens this week…..

end of february..

another month almost gone. i still kinda laugh bout what the older ones used to say about february. they said it is the month when couples dont get along. they are more apt to fight this month.  some couples it dont matter what month it is.

maybe that applies more with nations around the world than with couples. seems like a lot of turmoil going on now. kinda wonder why they are revolting after so many years of being held down. or maybe that is the answer. you can only hold people down so long. some countries are using violence against the ones that are protesting. that seems a bit much. must be some real insecure leaders that wont allow any dissent. ones that abuse power will do anything to hold on to it. in that case they should get rid of them.

seems in this country someone is taking advantage of the conditions around the world to drive up the price of gasoline. they will use any excuse to get more profit from us, like the bailouts werent enough. when gas gets too high i will just cut back on my use of it. i wont travel as much. it is impossible to not buy gas though. we are too dependent on it. i remember speeches 30 and 40 years ago about how we should wean ourselves off the dependence on foreign oil. didnt happen. we knew what was coming but still havent prepared for it. every election some talking head will repeat that message to a round of applause. then forget all about it.

it is getting to be my favorite time of year. tournament time. i still like our jayhawks chances. it bugs me though to turn on the basketball game only to see that the tv idiots have some other game  on instead. the last two times i had to watch some teams i cared little about play a dull game. seems the sports people would understand the concept of local interest. around here it is all about ku. we dont give a damn about over rated teams from back east. it seems like the game announcers always knock ku by predicting an upset.  then they have to cover themselves in the end by saying ku took care of business. too bad they cant do the same.

went to language class tonite. it is fun to hear others use the language.  for the past few weeks as a project we had to cook something while doing the instructions in indian. then we taped it with a camcorder. our group made pancakes from scratch. we even ate them after they were done. tonight we watched the videos we made. ours needed some editing done on it. it didnt turn out too bad. i have been encoding my materials into a database so it is easier to access. i really need to study my language more. i have to laugh when i read some of the material i have gathered over the years. i can remember the context in which i heard the phrase. my mother would joke often in the language. so some of the material i have is kinda funny. eventually i will record all my materials. i will leave it behind for my off spring to study.

the weatherman said all the snow we have had should be melted away this week. i am anxious to start walking again. i may have to get some leashes for my pups. i want to take them on walks everytime i go. konugish is probably ready to walk too. i havent had a cheap cigar in about two weeks now.  so i am ready to get healthier. wont be long before it is time to plant a garden……

been sick..

havent been on in awhile since i got sick. i hear  people  that say they are sick alot. i have been lucky. well until last week. i came down with whatever was going around. couldnt dodge it forever i guess. my step count has gone down since i stayed in bed alot over the past week. i went home early one day and called in sick the next day. i was feeling weak. even stayed in bed during the holiday that we were off.

i must be a true jayhawk fan though. even while i was sick i had to go to saturdays game. my sixth game i went to this season.  i had already bought the tickets. i sat near the student section again so i had to stand the whole game. i seen some indian in the stands so i thought i would sit next to him. turned out we had to stand all during playing time. just got to sit during time outs and halftime. 

after the game i was walking back up the hill toward the dorms and i had to stop since i got winded. it was from standing all game and the cold walk. it made me tired. i knew part of the reason was the cheap cigars i smoke too. the good news about being sick is that i havent smoked any black and milds for the past week. i know i have to give them up. i havent been able to start walking because of the cigars. i am taking away that excuse. so something good can come out of having the flu or whatever it is that i had. i probably will save a few bucks too by tossing the cigar habit.

i seen a few ads about the cobell case on tv. it goes on about a 3.4 billion dollar settlement. gotta be a landowner, an iim account holder etc. to qualify. i can hear it now…where do i sign up for some of that there indian money. alot of people wouldnt be caught dead being indian. but if there is a few bucks in it, hell yeah….you should have seen my grandmothers cheek bones. seems the ones that were always ashamed of it now want the money to soothe the pain. the settlement wont even stratch the surface of what is owed to indians. the ones that were cheated the most arent around to collect a dime.

i am buying 20 ounces of porcupine hair. i have placed ads in various places over the years. they pay off now and then. i get return business from the ones i buy hair from. the one selling me this hair sold me some a few years back. i am waiting on a few trappers to get all their trapping in for the season. they are saving their hair for me. its real hard to find good hair. gotta buy it when it is on the table. as soon as the season is over, i wont be able to buy anymore til next fall. i am stockpiling hair in case i have to rely solely on my roach business someday.

i sold one small roach i had. eventually i sell every roach i make. thats why i am in no big hurry to sell them cheap. i just gotta wait. sooner or later someone will buy my art. i dont want to just give it away, especially if someone is trying to run one down on me. that turns me off. i dont like dealing with people that want to take advantage of me being indian. i meet good people that appreciate my art. thats who i like to do business with.

i have to go to two language classes this week. gotta have a makeup date since we were snowed out over the winter. i have just started going. i know i can learn more. everyone can learn more. i think the problem some have in learning is they know too much. now and then someone will talk to me online, or on the phone or in person.  they act like they are teaching me something. going on about animate or inanimate. i dont know what the hell they talking about. my mother who i learned alot from never went on like that. she just taught me. i learned the language as she spoke it. not from the grammatically correct usage. she nor many of the older indians i knew spoke perfect grammar. but they were fluent.  the ones i get a kick out of go into detail and i know they arent fluent. i doubt that they understand i could teach them a few things too if they would listen instead of taking down to me. i am not fluent but i do know a little bit. that should merit some kind of respect.

this will be a short week because of the holiday we had monday. i can live with that….

mid breeding month

it is nice to hear the turkeys near my house. they keep getting closer every day. not close enough for a shot though. they still number over 50. i see quite a few that have a beard on them. i know a roachmaker in oklahoma that uses the beards to make roaches with. i havent tried to make one with turkey beard. i have maybe 4 or 5 beards. a couple rez boys suppose to save me the ones they get.

i went to the k u basketball game yesterday. i was lucky to get a chance to buy some more tickets.  i have bought tickets in the past so when they have some up for sale i get an email.  normally i hate being on a mailing list. not this time. thing is it was near the student section so i had to stand the whole game. every time out i sat down. my lower back hurt from standing on concrete. my arthritis acted up. watching the game was worth it. i didnt go high five the players cuz i did that 3 times already this year. i couldnt tape the rock chalk chant either since we had a power outage and i couldnt charge the camcorder battery. maybe next game i will.

i seen on the news yemen is protesting to get their leader out. probably spurred on by seeing tunsia asnd egypt sucessfully remove theirs.  going back through out history most struggles are about the ones in power ignoring the needs of the ones not in power. it normally revolves around a class struggle. the rich against the poor. some older lady at the casino said ‘we ought to try that here’. kinda made me laugh. we arent unified here. we keep ourselves divided. its more about personalities than politics. for that same reason no one can keep a regime. eventually everyone gets voted out.

indians i meet are talking about the cobell settlement. some say a payday is coming. i tell them the government moves slow. sad thing is that the ones that got ripped off-our ancestors- wont get a dime. no way that they could be compensated. the best thing to hope for is that they quit ripping off indians.

will see what this week brings……

still cold

the heavy snow may have passed us but the cold didnt. at night the temperatures are in the single digits. then they factor in wind chill to say its even colder. other parts of the country have been hit harder than we have. they have some unbelieveable amounts of snow and cold. we are lucky i guess. at least we dont have roofs collapsing or have motorists stranded on the road side. winter will be over soon enough.

i got an email yesterday from one of the trappers i know. he has some porky hair for me. i told him i would buy it.  i heard from some lady in montana about her wanting to sell some hair. i emailed her and sent my info but havent heard back from her. she was gonna send me some pictures of the hair. i said i would just buy it. i am still waiting to hear from some other hair suppliers i know. maybe they are just waiting for the season to end and will send it all to me. hope so. i dont even bother with the supply houses. over the years i have learned i pay them too much for not enough. same with ebay. i wonder if the other buyers know they are paying too much for that hair.

i have had my pedometer on everyday for this step challenge. one thing it has taught me is that i am not walking enough. i read on the internet that an average man will walk around 7900 steps a day. thats about 4 miles. i am under that total. when the weather warms up i probably will start walking on the road near my house. i usually walk 2 miles every time out.  i havent done that in a while. mary is walking at her work place. some work places make arrangements for that. i guess the thing is a healthy employee is more productive. it would also save on health costs. some places dont allow exercise on the job because they fear abuse of the privilege. well yeah a small percentage might but the overall benefits would offset that. some studies say that over 50% of this country is overweight. then indian communities have double the rate of diabetes that the country has. something has to be done.  if it was easy we would all be buffed up, but we arent.  since i am older it is tougher to lose weight.  in the end it is my responsibility to take care of my own health. so i am trying.

i missed the language class the other night. i spaced it out. i thought it was supposed to be on wednesday when it was actually on monday. i am still encoding my material into my computer. i am finding that by doing so i am familiarizing myself with much of the material i have. i laugh at some of the things i wrote down. my mother had a sense of humor. she would say some crazy things and i would write it down. she once asked me ‘why did you write that down’.  i told her that is the way you talk. gotta use the language as it is spoken. nowadays some are so hung up on perfect grammar. but then they dont use perfect grammar in english. i am working on the language i want. imperfections and all.

i bought some more ku basketball tickets. i went to the website as soon as i got the email. this will be my  5th game this year. i scored free tickets to two games and bought the other 3 tickets. i will take my cam corder and tape the  rock chalk jayhawk chant to post on my facebook. i had to pay 50 bucks for general admission tickets. i remember going when they only cost 20 bucks. the price is worth it. there are no bad seats in allen fieldhouse. the atmosphere is the thing. i will enjoy the game….

another horse..

last year some time a horse was wandering thru our hayfield. i dont know horses but it looked like a quarter horse,  a fine looking animal. my dog chased it once. i was worried the horse would kick him.  it came back a couple of times so we call the tribal animal control guy. he came over and captured the horse and took him to a neighboring farmers place to keep til they found the owner. the owner claimed it later.

the past week we seen a shetland running around in our hayfield twice. it was coming up to the house so i went to take a picture of it but my dog konugish chased him off. havent seen the pony since. if i do i will call the animal control guy again. the shetland looks well fed and has a thick winter coat on so it is doing alright. i hope the owners have found him by now.

i wonder about animals during the cold of winter. i am feeding the wild birds near our house. i fill up their feeders. some eat with my chickens.  it is in their nature to survive though. i have noticed a bunch of wild turkeys for the past month or so. they number over 50 at times. i wondered what a bunch of them were called so i looked it up on the internet. it said they are called a ‘rafter’ of turkey. people including me called them a gaggle, which applies to geese.

the super bowl is on today. if i only catch one game a year that is the one i watch. i dont have a preference for either team. i used to be a packer fan way back. i quit following them. i became a part time chief fan. i would watch every game then get disappointed to see the chiefs bow out in the playoffs. they were always a few players short of being at the top. i went to a few of their  games over the years. i did watch the steelers too back in the day. i heard that one of the players on a team that beat ol mayetta high 88-0 went on to play for the steelers. not bad for a kansas kid that played 8 man football.  i played on that mayetta team. the mayetta indians were a dominant team for years, we only lost one game in three years or so.  this was before playoffs. so other teams took it out on us when our talent level dropped. we went 0-8 my senior year. that was a bit humbling.

since i dont have a favorite in the super bowl i guess i will be pulling for the ribs we gonna put on. food is a big part of super bowl. i am really trying to lose a few pounds. i joined the step challenge we are sponsoring. my walking has decreased since late fall and winter set in. i am logging some steps. i know when gardening season comes i will burn off some pounds. last year i lost 15 pounds working in the garden. now that i am older it is hard to lose weight. i keep trying tho.

it is getting to the best time to watch  the jayhawks play. we reached the halfway point of the season. the team is looking good. had a few injuries, game suspensions and some adversity. the team came out of all this stronger it looks like. they are starting to come together. they havent played their best ball yet. that will come at the right time–tourney time. i wished i could get some more tickets to watch them. not to be had tho.

i gotta do some encoding before the game starts…..

gwuk ttish gish uk…

the big storm that they predicted would bring a foot of snow has come and gone. just from my sarah palin view of looking out the window it dont look all that bad. there is ice on the trees in my yard but at least it is not drifted over as bad as they said. but then i havent been any where for the past 3 days. i dont know what it is like out there. the road grader came thru yesterday about 4 in the afternoon but we stayed in. our drive usually drifts every time we have snow and wind so we may be drifted in from last nights snow. i dont know. kinda waiting to see if the mailman comes thru. he has been bringing the newspaper and mail the past few days.

on the news this morning they said the ground hog didnt see his shadow.  so it will be an early spring. i dont need a ground hog to tell me that. spring always follows winter. rumor had it that if the ground hog had seen his shadow then the tribe was gonna be off for the next six weeks.

we havent been experiencing any cabin fever from staying home for the past few days. we didnt have to stock up like some because we always keep our pantry full.  i remember when i was young we didnt go to town all that much anyway. we stayed home until it was our turn to go to town. those were the days when us rez injuns would run around the side of the house when someone came. we were backward injuns.

i have been working on my language materials. i needed to update my book for the longest time. i had it all printed up long time ago. but i kept adding hand written notes in it as i gained new material. it had to be encoded and then printed out. i couldnt find a program that did what i wanted. i still havent got it but i can print it all out. my sons have been working with my stuff. they are picking it up since they are speakers in some of our ceremonies. i want to leave all my language materials with them when it is time for me to leave this earth. meanwhile i am helping them when i can.

someone sent me an article about some california tribe kicking some of its members off the roll. these members were on the roll since the the early 1900s. now that the tribe has per cap it was time to get rid of some people. they said enrollment was a tribal matter. so they ran to the department of the interior to get their blessing. the department said they could do it so the tribe kicked them off. sovereignty means you have  a pat on the head from the dept. of the interior.

i have been following the protest thing going on in egypt. some of the news people said half of the country lives in or near poverty. i guess the protestors are saying the power mongers are ignoring poor people.  now where have i heard that before. this dude they want to get rid of has been in power for 30 years. dont know if he was okay for the first 29 years or what but now they want him out. kinda like some indian tribes. they keep electing the same kind of politicians then eventually get tired of them. the guy just wants to ‘hang on to power’. think i heard that before too. hope they get straighten out over there cuz one of my bucket list items is to see the pyramids there. some of the protesters destroyed some mummies. that aint cool.

the snow has quit for now but we gotta deal with the cold. supposed to be below zero the next few days. will keep the fire going…..

nesh na geh e pok

they predicting more snow, maybe 12 inches. well it is winter. we have had more snow last winter and this winter than we have had in the past quarter century. we are off today because of the ice.  i seen our mailman bring our mail. so i thought alright i can read the morning paper. so i walked to the mailbox. i was only part way there when i slipped on the ice and landed flat on my back. it didnt seem that bad but was enough to cause a fall. luckily i wasnt hurt. but i can see why they would err on the side of caution. i imagine older people would have a problem with ice.  well anyone can fall on ice.

i texted mary who had to go to work. her work place goes to the other extreme. they dont believe in taking off at all. i told mary i slipped. she asked if i was hurt. i said no. more embarassed than anything. after i got up i looked to see if anyone seen me. i live out in the boondocks, no one possibly would have seen me.

that fall reminded me of back when i played fast pitch softball one year. i was at bat and got hit right in the jaw with a pitch. some of my team mates asked me if i was alright. i said ‘yeah, i took bar room punches harder than that’. hell yeah it hurt but you gotta be cool bout things. speaking of playing softball…i played for a rez team that year. we used to run alot. i was pretty fast in those days. i had to steal bases everytime i got on. we were playing a game once and one of the spectators hollered ‘watch those indians, they sure like to steal’. a few indians in the crowd turned around and looked at the one that said that. that one got real embarassed. probably thought those indians were gonna do something.

one good thing about snow is we will have plenty of moisture in the ground for gardening this year. i remember a few years of drought when my garden didnt do that well. but in gardening you can never tell. plenty of rain early in the year is good but a late drought can negate all that. gardening is all about gambling. you just never know. thats why i like to garden.

i havent been rabbit hunting at all this winter. maybe because you just dont see them that much anymore. they used to be so plentiful on the rez many years back. after the snow fell it was time to hunt rabbits. not so much anymore. we would walk all day to hunt. now many hunters just road hunt from their vehicles. not the same thing. back in those days we didnt have alot of money for ammo. so if you took out 4 shells,  you were expected to get 4 of whatever you were hunting. there was not wasting ammo. didnt even take practice shots. if the gun was off you learned to allow for that. now i hear hunters in the timber now and then and it sounds like a war going on. shots everywhere.

with the snow coming maybe tomorrow is off too…who knows. gotta wait til tomorrow.