walking da dog.

i took my faithful dog  ‘ko nu gish’  for a 2 mile walk today. i have heard people that have said they would start walking when it warms up. i heard others that said they would wait til it cools off.  for whatever reason they just dont walk. i dont let winter stop me from walking. last week i logged 6 miles.  i have 2 today. but the forecast says we will get an artic front coming in this week.  so i walk when i get the chance. i’m like oprah. need to drop a few pounds.

i like to go get a paper every sunday morning. sorta a ritual with me. i have the paper delivered to my mailbox the rest of the week. i noticed that the price of the sunday paper remained the same. the daily paper went up from 50 cent to 75.  Now you get less news for the increase in price. The daily paper is in two sections now. The sunday paper is also a bit thinner. even the tribal paper went from a monthly to once a quarter.

i kinda wonder  bout the mainstream media. a month or so ago they were forecasting some real dire times. something like the worst recession since 29. wouldnt say its a depression, just something bad news coming. now you dont hear much of it. so does that mean we aint having it so bad?  or they just backing off so people dont panic. i see changes happening. like the price of chicken feed went up but the weight of the bag went down. i used to buy 50  pound bags. now they are 40 pound bags. and they cost more. the cost of the paper went up and we get less news. same with other items. cost goes up and we get less. gas is creeping back up. i cut down on my powwowing the past coupla years cuz of the cost of gas. price went down when pow wow season was winding down.

just have to hold on. cuz change is coming. got a new prez and all that. least ways we told that. he got his work cut out for him. on the upside he dont have a tough act to follow. hope he gives the american people a break. big business is getting bailed out. how bout the rest of us.

i get google and yahoo alerts everyday. they key on the word ‘potawatomi’. so any news with that word in it is zapped to my email. i kinda notice that there is always news bout the other bands. but the prairie band dont get in the news often. must be the reason we rely on rumor so much. when you dont hear facts, you tend to make them up. or else we doing damn good.

i aint got no complaint bout them. i am just finishing up on my housing grant. i got a new front door, new plumbing, guttering, central air and a new 50 year roof. my floor will eat up the rest of the grant. i am getting a laminate put over the worn out vinyl. it will have a tile look to it. the cost is the same as putting new linoleum. and it will be more durable. it will stand up to the heavy traffic i get.  my humble house is looking good. i didnt get the full grant award cuz some bureaucrat decided i wouldnt. but i got lotsa bang for the dollar though. i am satisfied. i put lotsa my money into this house over the past 24 years. the flooring will cost more than what i got left in the grant so i will cover the rest. it will be worth it.

i tossed in the rest of the wood i had outside. getting ready for the cold snap coming. didnt have any back problems. thats good news. i see houses with wood stacked up neatly outside. i think that looks quaint. not practical though. i have to have the wood stacked in the basement, where i can put it into the stove. who wants to go outside to get some logs everytime the fire needs to be stoked up.

i have been sorting porcupine hair almost every day. i have piles of it every where. i can knock a roach out in three days. that is if i have all the material on hand ready to go. it takes weeks to sort hair. so when i get a bunch of it sorted i can make a number of roaches. i know this new website will keep me busy. and i can handle that.

'ko nu gish' answers commands in potawatomi
'ko nu gish' answers commands in potawatomi

Odds and ends

The background image on this website is a section of a full mural on my screened in porch I built. It is a scene of an Indian village. I was inspired by diego riveria’s murals  while in mexico city. His murals tell the story of mexico. My mural will be a history of Indians when ever it is done. In the painting are various Indians including: a cigar store indian, the cleveland indian, lone ranger and tonto, billy jack, pow wow indians, christian indians and homie indians. I am pictured with a group of native prisoners i worked with. I tried to include many different animals. I hope to have all the clans represented in the picture.

One of my porcupine hair roaches

This is one of my porcupine hair roach head dresses that I made. It is 24″  long with white deer tail trim on the inside and outside. It is made with a yarn base. I can make them any size and most of the primary colors. I can’t do neon colors like someone asked me. I don’t have those dyes.  I spend alot of  time sorting the porcupine hair. I like the porky hair to be all black with color on the tips. The deer tail trim covers the bottoms. Each roach then ends up with the color of the trim then black then the tips in solid color. I sort the hair so that it gradually flows. I like the roaches to be symmetrical. I dont have jagged lines. It should look appealing. It is an important part of a dancers outfit. I make sure that the hair bounces when the dancer moves. Movement in the roach is important. The roach shouldn’t distract from the overall appearance of the dancer. It should compliment a dancers outfit.

made for a guy in colorado
made for a guy in colorado

rez blog

electriceddieThis country injun decided to become a cyber-indian. I used to have a website that featured my roaches. The web host no longer carried my site. I had a good business with my roaches on the internet. I had more orders than I had time to make them. I still sell every one that I make, but there are times when some go unsold for awhile. You can make the best roaches around but if no one knows you have them you don’t sell them. I believe that I have elevated my craft to an art. I was extremely proud of the first roach I ever made but it doesn’t compare with the ones I make today. I have gotten better at making them after over 30 years. I like the challenge of making each roach as well as I can. I want each one to be good. There are many dancers all around the country that own one of my roaches. It is very satisfying to go to a pow wow and see one of mine. I can recognize them even from the stands. They are others that I see that I admire. My hat is off to the one that made them. I seen some though that makes me wonder what the maker was thinking when he made them. I won’t sell a bad roach. I take pride in my art.

I used to blog because I enjoyed writing. It gives me practice in writing. I am working on a book. I have been for years. I have re-written the chapters I finished many times. Every time I read them, I see wording that can be a little stronger. I have two brothers that have published books. I guess it is my turn to get a book out.

I plan to feature my art and my writing with this new site. All the artwork will be done by me. The writing will be my own original writing. My blogs will be opinionated at times. I used to have my own newspaper back when I was an idealist journalist. My favorite part was writing editorials. It was my opinion. Mainstream journalism claims to be fair and impartial. I think it is slanted at times. Many issues are ignored. I want to write about things i want to write about. And I want to have fun writing.  I hope that everyone can enjoy this new site.

We’re building a website


This is the website of Eddie Joe Mitchell, Prairie Band Potawatomi. The site is a work in progress. I am  getting familiar with the site. I am still learning how to add to it.  I had trouble trying to add more of the roaches i made to my gallery. They went to my media library but not to the page. growing pains.

My site will highlight my roach head dresses and my writing.  I enjoy doing both. I plan on opening the site with a greeting in potawatomi and have a song by my nephew. The song will be an original composition done by him. I am still learning how to add that to my site.