garden tilled

yesterday i got a call from the land department.  they were coming over to till my garden. i dont think i hollered ‘alright’ into the phone. i told the caller i would be here. a tribal worker came over with the garden tractor. i showed him the spot where my garden will be.

i also asked him if he could break the ground in last years garden. i alternate my gardening between these two fields. i said i was gonna plant clover there as a cover crop.  the clover will put minerals back into the soil and enrich it for next years garden.

the top photo shows the field where i will plant this year. the guy went over it a coupla times. he said there were a few spots where the ground was packed so he tilled that part real good. the ground looks good. it has that good earthy smell that gardeners like.

my garden will be just over 5100 square feet. not as big as last years garden. but hey this old man gotta take it easy sometime. my sons and grandson will help me plant our indian corn. later i will plant indian beans and squash in this field.

i will put an solar powered electric fence around this field. i will also put irish spring soap, human hair, wolf urine and a solar powered ultrasonic repellant and motion detector around it. i will add a solar powered radio too. the radio worked until a rainstorm soaked it and it wouldnt play.

i am hoping all of this and my dogs keep the deer and raccoons away. better to do something than do nothing and let them eat the corn and squash up. and it would be to easier to say i wont plant anything because they will eat it up anyway. i gotta try. not planting guarantees i will get nothing. i will gamble i get a good crop.

the field in the bottom photo will lay fallow. i do however have two rows of potatoes in this field. i will add green beans to the potato rows. they will be planted in between the potato plants. i will plant about 20 tomato plants in this field too. i had that many last year and i got enough to can. i will water them from the rain barrels.

i heard the weather man say it might rain last night. i got out the red and white clover seed i bought. i hand sowed it thru out this field. it didnt rain but at least i got it planted. it is suppose to rain today. i want the clover to be a cover crop in this field. it will be tilled under next spring.

today the sparks flea market opens. i got up this morning intending to go. i felt better but realized that the all day walk would tire me out. i decided to just stay home. the big flea market in brownsville is next month. i will get my treasure hunting in then.

my potatoes broke ground

the only thing i have planted so far are potatoes. they have broke ground.  i havent gone skunk. i will have potatoes. yeah yeah i know diabetics aint ‘pose to eat potatoes. i can almost hear it ‘he was doing alright until his potatoes came in’. i will have them in moderation. it would be ironic that my drinking, drugging and violence didnt do me in but to get done in by fried potatoes eh.

my yard looks pretty good. i fired up my new to me john deere riding mower. some of the grass was getting tall. not anymore. i gave the lawn its first mowing of the year. there will be many more times to mow in the coming months.

i was pleased with the way my john deere ran. i have been wanting one. now i have one. question is do i pimp it out with indian decals? i do that because i will spend the next 4 or 5 months on it mowing the yard. that machine has to look nice if i am on it that long.

i had many things to pick up. there were lotsa broken limbs caused by the  strong winds we had lately. and i have part of my wood pile left. i will have to hook up my garden cart to my riding mower. i can then move the wood pile so i wont have to mow around it.  i aint carrying that wood across the yard a piece at a time.

that mower will help me in my work around the yard. i will use it to move things. i might have enough wood left to have one good sweat. gotta fix my lodge up first. that will happen soon, i notice the willows are starting to green up.

yesterday i headed to the timber with one of my sons and his lady friend. we had to check out if there were any mushrooms. or at the least to see if conditions are right for them. it looks dry in the timber. after a good rain i will head back out. i am sure the mushrooms will be up then. cant wait until i have a platter full of fried ‘shrooms.

i stopped and rested a few times while mushroom hunting. other than that i handled the walk pretty good. i walked almost two miles according to my fit bit. i will get in more walking on the coming mushroom hunting outings.

the dogs followed us to the timber. i am glad the pups stayed close by me. they would run off now and then but always came back to be near me. that is what i expect out of them. i was surprised that konugish stayed out the whole time. he walked real slow but followed us. he has been such a loyal dog.

i am starting to get anxious to check out the sparks flea market this thursday. it will be a most of the day trip. i will walk a few miles checking out the 500 stands. i know i cant come home without buying something.

got chores to do.

gotta get well soon

i havent been this sick in a long time. i dont know what i got but it aint fun. i have been sick for the past two weeks. it aint time to clean chickens though. i will get thru this.

i havent done any of my gardening yet because i havent been up to it. i didnt go to the farmers market to buy plants yesterday as i planned. i will do that another time. they usually have heirloom plants which i prefer.

i havent done any walking either. i am trynna rest. i feel weak sometimes. i have to conserve my energy to fight this off.  the yard has to be mowed. i will get to it when i am better. this cold or whatever cant last forever.

i dont believe its covid. i took two at home tests about 4 days apart. both were negative. i did have a lingering cough for bout a month or two from the mild case of covid i had. the nurse at our clinic said others had the same thing.

i guess this is a cold. it started out with a sore throat. i cant quit coughing. i wake up in the middle of the night coughing. it affects my sleep. i kinda wheeze when i sleep. my throat has hurt off and on for the past two weeks.

i smoked pipe at our ceremonies. i know in the past it always takes me a few weeks for my lungs to clear out. i dont think it helps the coughing i am going thru. it may be a combination of all three things. i even lost my voice a few days recently. it hurt to talk and my voice was faint.

sometimes i start sweating like a politician up for reelection. other times i have to cover with a blanket because i am cold. i havent shown any signs that i am contagious. i have been staying home anyway. just dont feel like going anywhere.  well i got out yesterday. i was home alone and got hungry. they had food trucks at the casino.

i headed over to get something to eat. i was told one truck had catfish and gumbo. sick or not, i had to have my gumbo. i parked and stood in line. the half an hour to get my food plus the 20 minute round trip made my lunch almost an hour late. it was worth waiting on.

it rained just a little yesterday. normally i‘m out the door looking for morel mushrooms. this time i didnt go. there will be some left when i get well. i usually go out a few times. i get my walking in and i get my fill of mushrooms. 

i am hoping i am better by thursday. the sparks flea market starts then. i wanna go check out other peoples junk. i will see if i can add some of it to mine. it is a day trip. i spend several hours browsing thru all the stands. i need to get out. sure hope i am up for it by thursday.

still got a cold


i am still getting over my cold.  it just wont go away, sorta like a bad politician. if my sweat lodge was fixed up it would help me with my breathing and get rid of this congestion. i will redo my lodge when the willows green up and are bendable.

getting old makes life tough enough, dont need to be sick on top of that. the only fun thing about being sick is being able to drink nyquil. i havent been able to do yard work this week. i know the work will wait for me.

i have lotsa spring cleaning to do. my garage port is semi clean. i need to clean out my tool shed. i will park my john deere riding mower in the shed. my old mower is in there. it will be moved to the over hang of the tool shed. it will be out of the weather underneath that roof.

you cant believe half of what you hear on the rez. but i heard they gonna start tilling gardens next week. that is okay by me. my garden will be ready for corn planting. i usually dont plant until the first week of May. if they get to my place before then, i will be able to plant corn this year.

i want to plant about 20 tomato plants before then. i bought more rain barrels this spring.  now i have 7 of them. and my sister-in-law is giving me a big water tank. last year i watered my tomatoes from the rain barrels.  i will have plenty of rainwater for irrigation. deer and raccoons must not like tomatoes like they do corn and squash. last year i had enough tomatoes to make salsa, hot sauce and canned tomatoes.

this coming weekend i will check out the farmers market in topeekie. i will be looking for tomato plants. i will see what else they have too. i would buy leeks, hot peppers and green peppers. i wont know what they have until i show up. if they aint got what i am looking for, i can dash to lawrence to see if they got what i want. if necessary i will head on to the K.C. farmers market to buy plants.

i havent done any walking in awhile. i had a sore ankle that wouldnt heal. i think i can walk a mile or two on it now. mary and i will walk on the paved road near our house today.  local traffic hasnt seen us on the road since last fall. sometimes people stop and talk to us. others will wave. funny that people wave at pedestrians but not at others in cars.

still thinking about copping some road time. dont know where but that dont matter. the trip would be the thing. i stayed home during covid days. now i wanna go somewhere and camp out along the way. you can travel this country for a lifetime and still not see all of it.

gotta get busy.

chicks are growing

my rhode island red chicks are growing bigger. the picture shows how much they have changed since i got them. i picked them up 2 and a 1/2 weeks ago. they have developed feathers on their wings. i have to refill their waterer and feeder often. they are still small enough to keep in the big box i put them in.

i probably will fix them a space in the basement to give them more room. i will keep the lamp on so they will be warm. i lost one chick. it got trampled by them huddling together before i put in the lamp. chicks need to have a heat source for about 6 weeks. i need to watch out for them another 3 weeks or so before i can move them outside. by then it will be warm.

i looked for a bigger feeder yesterday at the feed store. they were out of them.  they had plenty of waterers though. they were out of chicks too. not that i was looking for any. i have enough to last me. i will look for bigger feeders next time i go to town.

i finished hanging the door to my chicken house yesterday the wind blew the other one off. i had to replace the board the door was attached to because it was rotting out. thats why the wood screws didnt hold. while in town i bought a door latch and door handle to put on the new door.

i had to rest after fixing the chicken house door. this cold is still bothering me.  and i have a lingering cough from that mild case of covid. i needed the door done so i can go inside to collect the eggs every day. it was a hassle tacking the door in place to keep the chickens inside.

i am hoping i get over this cold so i can catch up on my spring chores. i didnt feel like building my grow boxes after fixing the chicken house door. i know it wont take long to do them.  i will get to them when i feel better.

someone sent me pictures of morel mushrooms that were found in kansas. that makes me anxious. i go out several times a year to look for them. last year i didnt go hunt for mushrooms because i was recovering from my heart surgery. i was fortunate that my son, his wife and my grand daughters brought me some fresh mushrooms. i ate them up.

i probably will go look for morels after the expected rains we will get in the next few days. i dont know how my pups will keep up with me. konugish is too old to follow me. he would always be at my side when he was able. i like to hike in the timber. i find it relaxing even if i dont find any mushrooms. i usually can find some though. i have done it enough times over the years that i know when and where to look.

there is always work to be done.

got a new riding mower

my son brought over my new mower. well, its new to me. it is two years old and only has 40 some hours on it. he bought a zero turn machine and didnt need this john deere no mo. i was happy to take it off his hands. we both upgraded.  this mower should last me a number of years. i always wanted a john deere but they were out of my price range.

i got this one used and at a good price. it has a 25 horse power motor and a 48 inch cut. my old one was 19 hp with a 46 inch cut. i will be done slightly faster. but then mowing is no big deal. i can have the entire yard done in less than an hour. my yard grew to about an acre when i bought a riding mower, i put on my headphones and jam out while mowing.

i have been using craftsman riding mowers. mainly because when there was a sears store here it would deliver the machine to my house. i had good luck with them. i still have one that is probably good for a few more years. the one i had previous to that one lasted me bout 8 years. i might use the craftsman to pull my garden cart around and haul things with it.

i have been sick a coupla days. otherwise i would have hopped on the mower and made my first cutting of the lawn. it looks like it needs it. i should be better in a few days. i will mow then. my appetitie is back and i have been doing my chores.

i think i caught a cold. it started out with a sore throat. i coughed and coughed. i stayed in bed a day or two resting. i used one of those free test at home covid tests. i wanted to be sure i didnt have the covid. my tests  turned out negative. that was good news.

i didnt get any planting done other than two rows of potatoes. nor did i build any grow boxes. the cold i had put me out of commission a few days. i probably needed the rest, i have been on the go the past week or so. i will get my gardening done. i have for many years. it will keep me busy.

i need to fix up a place for the rhode island red chicks i got. they have developed feathers on their wings. they are getting bigger. it will be cold a few nights yet this week. that is why i havent moved them outside. there is plenty of time for that.

we are having corn soup for supper. mary cooked it with buffalo. i sure love my corn soup. i take some of what i grow to ceremonies. i like to eat it at home too. thats why i plant a field of corn. i am hoping i have good luck growing it this year. i gotta figure out a way to stop the deer and raccoons from eating it. they do leave me some.

gonna be busy this week catching up on my work.

now its spring

i took a picture with garys’ great grandson when i was at the baby shower.  i told people i had to hold and kiss babies in case i decide to run for office. i was only joking. it is an election year though. some people will be nice to everyone during these next few months eh.

i can plant now because our spring ceremonies opened it up. but my garden aint been tilled yet.  i gotta fix my raised beds instead. i have plants that are ready to be transplanted. i will put a fence around the grow boxes to keep out the rambunctious pups. they broke off boards from a number of grow boxes.

after the raised beds are fixed i have to plant carrots, peas, radishes and spinach. these are cool weather plants. i will pull them after they mature and plant a second crop in the raised beds. i saved other seeds like cucumbers, squash etc that i will plant later.

i bought new strawberry plants. i stored them in the refrigerator until i get them transplanted. these are everbearing. the ones i had were junebearing. i get one good crop out of them. i want to pick strawberries all year long. i was told by the nursery lady to pinch the flowers off these until fall. then i can eat some. my junebearing plants should still give me berries.

i also have onion plants in the refrigerator. i will plant them in the grow boxes with other plants. they are companion plants to keep bugs from bothering strawberries, cabbages etc. i plant lotsa onions because we use alot of them in cooking.

i will go to the farmers market tomorrow. they usually have many plants to choose from. i will check out what i can put in. who knows maybe i will gamble on putting in a few warm weather crops. some take longer to grow.

i did get two 80 foot rows of potatoes in the ground. i will have red and yukon gold. i had to till the ground up first. i hilled up the loose dirt and planted the potatoes. i had them cut up already. they were growing shoots. they should come up next week or so. after they come up i will plant green beans in between the plants. they are companion plants.

the door on chicken house got blew off by strong winds. i was fixing that yesterday. the chickens got out but the good news is my dogs didnt mess with them. the other pups i had killed all my chickens but one. needless to say i got rid of them. the new pups didnt bother them though.

i was almost done when one of the door hinge pins broke. it was rusty from being in the weather. i had to get replacement hinges. i replaced both so they would match. no one checks out my chicken house but i didnt want it looking all rez. i will finish hanging that door today.

gotta get busy.

i wanna go somewhere, anywhere

i stayed home during the covid days. i didnt even go to a KU basketball game. i wanted to play my part in not spreading covid. i wore a mask, got the vaccines and booster. didnt matter i caught a mild case of covid anyway. i still have a slight cough every morning. a nurse at our clinic told me others also have a lingering cough.

now that covid isnt the threat it was, i wanna go somewhere. as a reward for at least trying to help out my fellow man. it dont matter where i go. just pack the tent and get in the car and drive. it would be road trip to somewhere, anywhere. i hear the road calling my name. i like to see ancient ruins or petroglyph art.  maybe somewhere like that.

i like to camp. when i wake up i like to have cowboy coffee and breakfast cooked over a fire. it always tastes good. we like to cook supper over a fire now and then too. we like to sit in our lawn chairs around a campfire. it is so peaceful. better than watching tv.

i am still saving for my bucket list trip. i wont say how much i have put away. dont want any relatives giving me a sad story tryna scam on what i got put away. i wanna go tour angkor wat in cambodia and if possible on the same trip to go see china. i wanna walk on the great wall. i gotta save more for that trip.

last night i went to a baby shower. it was my nieces grand son’s party. i went because my brother gary aint here to hold his great grandson. so i went to hold the boy for him. i enjoyed the migo food they had. i even took home some of the hot sauce, even if i make my own.  

i have been taking care of the cabbage and kale plants i bought earlier. it has been a test keeping them alive. the dogs knocked them down once. i picked them up and nursed them back. then the wind blew them over. they fell onto the ground. i had to nurse them back again. i like to grow cabbage and kale.

yesterday mary got a few more cabbage plants. the daycare had some left over. they did a garden supplies giveaway to the kids and their families last year too. my hat is off to them. i dont know why other programs dont give back to the community like that. some have money left over that they dont spend.

i got a notice from the internet people. they are offering faster packages. i will get faster service for the same money i am paying now. the lady suggested i try that first before deciding to move up to a higher priced package. i will follow her advice. i wont get a tv package though. i get streaming. that is enough for me. i dont like paying for cable and there is nothing interesting on to watch.

gotta do chores.

finally gonna get to garden

i will begin planting my garden this week. i have been waiting anxiously. i couldnt start until our spring ceremonies give me permission. its officially spring when that happens. i will be busy for the next few months taking care of my garden.

i love to have a big garden. not just a coupla tomato plants.  i have been gardening for a lifetime. i aint totally self-reliant but i can eat something i grew or picked all year long. i get much satisfaction from knowing i had a part in producing some of the food on my table or that i take to ceremonies.

this week i will be putting in my cool weather crops. i will plant potatoes, onions, peas, leeks, cabbage, carrots, lettuce and radishes. i may be jumping ahead of myself. my garden hasnt been tilled yet. i dont know when the tribe will get around to that. they kinda pokttet sometimes. i know from experience that half the ones that want gardens tilled wont plant a thing. 

i plant mainly warm weather crops in the field garden. but i also plant a row or two of potatoes there as well. the rest i plant in my grow boxes. my warm weather crops like tomatoes, peppers, sweet potatoes, cucumbers,  indian corn, squash and indian beans wont be planted until next month.

i still have to finish repairing my grow boxes. the dogs broke off a few of the boards on some grow boxes. i will fix them up and use them again. this time i will put up a fence around the raised beds.  i will build some new ones. that wont take long. i am not the greatest carpenter but i get by. i learned to build it myself instead of trynna get someone else to do it.

i will probably end up planting more veggies than the ones i mentioned. once i get started i keep adding more. many years i have over a dozen  vegetables planted. once i had different 17 veggies planted. some times after i start planting i find that  i have room left.  i add more plants to fill in the empty space.

i was talking to a guy that used a solar powered electric fence in his corn field. he said it didnt have enough juice to keep the deer out. they knocked it down. i got no choice but to make do with what i got. i will use the electric fence, irish spring soap, human hair, wolf urine, deer repellant, a radio and an electric beeper. whether they work or not i have to do something. if i dont critters will definitely eat up my crops.

i have gone outside a few times at night and my new dogs started barking at me. i hear them barking at night quite often. maybe they keep deer and raccoons away.  konugish did before he got too old.  i got them to be guard dogs.  they better earn their keep. i had a pair of supposed guard dogs and they killed my chickens. i got rid of them.

gotta get busy.

almost a year later

it’s been almost a year now since i had my open-heart surgery. my surgery was successful.  i am able to do more things now. i didnt know i had a problem with my heart.

the previous year to my surgery i had to take breaks while planting corn. after every 4 rows i would get short of breath. it was like that when i had to throw wood into the basement too. i thought i was just getting old.

the doctor sent me to a heart specialist for a stress test. the heart guy suggested a ct scan instead. thats when they discovered blockage. otherwise i never would have known that. it was possible that i eventually woulda had a heart attack.

the heart guy suggested surgery. i went to see the heart surgeon on a friday. she said i could have surgery done in a week or two, if i needed to get things in order. she was only available on tuesdays and thursdays. i said how bout on tuesday. she asked if i was sure. i said yeah. i figured the earlier i got it done, the earlier i would be recovered.

i was lucky there was a break in covid cases. there was room in the hospital. i went in and they put me under and did a double bypass surgery. i dont remember a thing until i woke up in ICU. i stayed there for awhile. i had to have help to just sit up. i had to walk several times a day. i was healing fast. the doctors told me i was further along than most that underwent the same procedure.

eventually they sent me home. i still couldnt get up from bed by myself, mary had to help me. i continued walking. before i went to surgery i planted things in my box gardens.  i didnt think i would be able to after surgery. i got to tend to those crops. my sons planted my corn field for me. for the first time in years i wasnt able to help.

after i got stronger i went to cardiac rehab for 3 months. the nurses had me working out 3 times a week. i walked on the treadmill, rode a stationary bicycle, used a machine that worked my arms and i had to lift dumbbells. they kept pushing me until i got stronger.

besides the exercise the nurses had teaching sessions with me. i had to have surgery because of a number of factors. part of it was genetics–my mother and father both had heart problems. and i was a former smoker. my cholesterol was high too. all these things added up.

the amazing thing was before my surgery my heart was creating new veins to compensate for the blockage. i guess my body was doing what it could to survive.

a year later i feel like a new man. i no longer get short of breath. i will be able to plant my garden this year. i am lucky to be alive. i may not be rich but i got a good life. for that i am grateful.