wheres the beef

got the beef in the freezer. we picked it up frozen and bundled up like we wanted.  we went in half on a quarter beef with our son. we put our share in our freezer. we both have plenty of steaks, roasts, hamburger, etc.  we have other cuts like stew meat, ribs, cow tongue, oxtail, heart and liver. the meat should last us awhile.

gotta say something about my nephew and his family. they raised the beef. every year at the county fair they enter their cattle and pigs. they have won a number of times. they won enough blue ribbons that some of the others have commented on “them indians”. whatever. they are good at what they do. next fall we plan on getting one of the pigs they raised.

i havent had much of a garden this year. i did get a crop of potatoes. sunflowers came up in those two rows. i left them to grow. they must be volunteers from the sunflowers i planted in my corn field last year. i let the sunflowers grow by mowing around them. i want them so the wild birds can eat them.

my grandsons are both playing soccer this year. pictured above is samuel. we missed his last game because we had to take andrew to his game in olathe. samuel played in topeekie on the same day. we had to split up so both had a ride to their game.

we want to go see samuel play this weekend. i havent been to that soccer complex near the kansas river yet. i remember seeing signs there before it became a reality. someone had a dream about a soccer field there and made it happen.

i learned something by going to the sparks flea market yesterday.  i aint into them the way i was before. i had to sit down a few times to rest from all that walking. i passed on some stands because i know what they have. i probably wasnt gonna buy anything so i didnt go check them out. perhaps i am burning out on flea markets.

we bought a meal to go. we drive up a few miles toward white cloud. we stopped at a pull over by the missouri river. we ate our lunch while watching the river roll by. it was a good place to have our meal.

we will be heading to lawrence in a bit. we will pick up andrew at the hilltop school on campus. we will go eat then head to the football game. i have been anxiously waiting for this first game. i believe this program has a real good chance to get better.  andrew will have a good time watching the game like we will be.

i am thinking about placing an over/under bet on the KU football team. the odds are that KU will win 2.5 games this year. i will bet they will go over that mark. if they win 3 games, i will win on the bet. i have faith in our team to cover that bet.

gotta get ready for the big football game. rock chalk.

worked on a rosette

i finished tying the second row of porcupine hair for this rosette. it looks much better than with a single row of hair. i still have to attach the two circles of hair together. i am undecided as whether to use buckskin or string to use as ties. buckskin can break if it gets wet too many times. i have a mirror as the center of this one.

the hair is about five inches long. that is kinda long.  i was just trying to see how i can make this. i will make a mate to this rosette to make it a pair of armbands. i will make others with shorter hair than this for the ‘indian sunglasses’ rosettes. dont see them that much anymore.

i am getting a referral to get diabetic shoes. they are to help with the bone spur in my ankle and for the overall benefit for my feet. first i had to prove i actually live on the rez. i took my driver’s license and auto registration to prove my residence. i complied with the simple request. i aint all radical about it. what i find ironic, is i had to prove i live here to people that dont.

tomorrow i will go to the sparks flea market. it has 500 spaces for stands. it will take me about 3 or 4 hours to cover all that ground. i will wear my walking shoes. i get tired from covering all that ground and have to sit down awhile. i like to do some people watching too.

i never know what i am looking for until i find it. i have gone to enough flea markets, garage sales and auctions to know at a glance if i have any interest. i bypass stands that are all tools or jewelry etc. i look for trinkets as giveaways or items to use in my artwork.

they have food stands at sparks. i used to get smoked turkey legs at a bbq stand. they havent been selling them the past few years. thats too bad. i really like smoked turkey legs. they make a tasty meal that aint too many calories and they arent fried.

andrew decided he wanted to go to the KU football game with us. i had to buy a ticket for him. a coupla days ago the seats next to us were unsold. last night i looked again and they werent. i had to buy a seat in the row in front of us. mary said she would take that seat and andrew will sit next to me. he went with us last year and had a good time. he seen some of his classmates at the game.

today we are picking up our quarter beef. i dont think i will be whining “what, steak again?”.  we paid my nephew’s family for raising it. and we will pay the processing fee, it will come out to about $4 a pound. not bad for steaks, roasts etc. we dont buy meat from a grocery store that often. we like the meat from processing plants. it is usually home grown without all the additives. 

gotta do chores.

got my hat fixed up

i bought a derby hat last year. i havent worn it yet. first i wanted it beaded. a niece of mine beaded the brim for me. i was given a hat band a few years ago. i wanted the brim of this hat to kinda match it. i will wear them together. all it needs is a feather. i will fix that up later. then this indian can wear it on special occasins.

i was in town the other day. we stopped at a sandwich place to get something to eat. i sat by the window.  as i was eating my sandwich i noticed a guy panhandling on the corner. no one was stopping to give the guy any money. i imagine it aint easy standing on the street in hot weather for hours.

some people wonder why dont he just get a job like me. they dont understand there are a lot of people that simply cant hold down jobs for many reasons.

we left after i ate. i had to pass the corner where this dude was standing. i had a coupla bucks ready for the guy. i think it is good mojo to help out street people. we rolled down the window and mary gave it to him. the guy said “God bless”. he was giving thanks he finally got something. but still, it was nice that he said that. the people that looked down on him didnt tell him that.

i called the amish country store where we go to stock up. i asked if they could get me 10 crooked neck squash. they did that a few years ago. they were nice 20 pound squash that i dried. the owner said he would call me when he had them ready. i will have to drive over there to pick them up. i will dry them. i love dried squash.

the meat processing place called about our quarter beef. i told them how we wanted it cut up. they will call when it is time to pick the beef up. it will be in packages like we ordered. its a good thing we had the freezer defrosted and ready to store all that meat.

while it was cool i mowed the yard. i am glad i got that done. i had to pick things up. we had some willow branches laying around in the back yard. they were left from when we put up our sweat lodge. i had to cut a few low hanging branches from the trees in the yard.

our dogs passed a test of sorts today. the door to the chicken house was open. one hen was out. the dogs didnt bother the chickens at all. that is good. we got the dogs to protect the chickens. we dont need dogs that kill the chickens like the first pups we got. these ones will be alright now.

today we are taking andrew to his soccer game in olathe. samuel has one in topeekie. cant be in two places at once so we splitting up. we probably will eat in town.

started a porcupine hair rosette

i tied the porcupine hair for my first rosette. well, it is not really my first one. i made a pair of them before. a dancer from canada got both of them from my stand when the gathering was here. that was a few years ago. this is the first one since i made those two.

i tied this rosette a little different. the first ones i tied with a single string. i tied this one with two rows of string like i tie my roaches. the hair is spread out better than the first rosettes i made. i will continue to make them like this one.

i am wondering if i need to tie a second row of hair.  roaches look better with two rows of hair because they are fuller. i will make another rosette just like this and see what they look like together. if two rows of hair looks better i will make them like that.

once porcupine hair rosettes were common. they were even used as arm bands. now you dont see them hardly at all. making rosettes will give me a use for the shorter porcupine hair. i have so much hair that is too short to use on the tail pieces of the roaches i make. now none of it will go to waste.

i recently passed a milestone. i have been sober for 27 years. i am glad i was able to get out of that lifestyle. i burned down many golden opportunities because of my drinking and drugging. i got into way too many fights while i was using. i am lucky i am still alive. i lost some real down bros that lifestyle did in.

that chapter of my life is the hardest to finish writing about. i had much of it done then lost the pages. i will have to start over. it is what is holding up my book. it aint easy reliving those days. my brother larry wrote because he said that is part of letting it go. once i get past that i can go on to the other chapters.

next week is the sparks flea market. i didnt go to it or the one in brownsville this past spring. maybe i will go check this one out. like i really need more junk. i have quit buying many things like tools. i have what i need. i like looking for that one thing that catches my eye. the walk will do me good. it will take a coupla hours to cover all the stands.

it is time to mow the yard again. temps are up but it aint that hot. not like it was a few times this summer. i probably dont have to mow that much longer. soon the grass will die and i wont have to deal with it until next year. i am glad i got that john deere mower from my son. i like it.

i finished my chores. now i might get back to that rosette.

what was that?

i had my quarterly doctors appointment yesterday. i was driving home and seen something move on the side of the road. i looked and seen a brown animal that was turning. i only seen part of it. it was the color of a deer but was smaller than a deer. it looked muscular. it was bigger than a tame cat or dog.

i passed by and didnt get another look.  some say they have seen mountain lions in that area. it was about that size.  i only seen what musta have been its’ front shoulder. and no i wasnt smoking any of that funny stuff.

i will always wonder what was it that i saw. was it a mountain lion? mary and i have walked on that road many times. we have heard movement in the timber next to the road more than a few times. we just keep walking.

we thawed out our freezer to get ready for the quarter of beef we have coming. i found a coupla squirrels in it. i took them to our family dinner. there was some left that no one wanted. i took some. it was squirrel soup with corn meal mush in it. i ate that growing up. i really enjoyed eating that soup. it reminded me of when i used to go hunting for squirrels when i was young.

we had guests from another tribe at our dinner. they said they really liked the squirrel soup. i am glad that they tried it. some of our younger people didnt even want to try it. they arent used to eating it. i grew up eating squirrel. i gotta have that taste if i hadnt had any in a while.

the meat processing place called me about that quarter beef. they havent gotten to it yet. when they do, they will call me to see how we want it cut. we will have to pay them for the processing fee as well as my nephew for the beef. my son is going in half on that quarter beef.

today i am going over to get my tribal license plate renewed. based on my last name, i have to do that at the end of august every year. i will have to present my insurance card and pay for the renewal.

a coupla my nieces like my tattoo. it is my indian name written in an old potawatomi way of writing that is no longer used. they want to get their indian names in that script as tattoos also. i said i would write their name out for them.

i cant wait til next weekend. i have tickets to KU’s first football game. it used to be wait for basketball season to start. i have gone to plenty of KU football games over the years. i am hoping this coaching staff is the one that will turn things around for our program. i bought tickets to two games so far this year. i support our team.

gott do my chores.

nice to have family get togethers

i havent posted a picture of the two round, red roaches i made. i got done with the second one. here they are. i turned them upside down so the hair would splay out. it shows the roundness better that way.

here is a picture of my nieces’ grandson milan too. he is my neighbor on our mishos’ allotment. at a family get together i  was holding babies like a politician. i am the oldest in my immediate family now. my nieces and nephews want me to see and/or hold their babies. i usually do.

i have been around kids all of my life. i had 11 siblings and about 30 nieces and nephews. the nieces and nephews have offspring. now their offspring are having kids. there are 4 generations of our family.

milan is getting used to me. i usually tease him as i do all of my nieces and nephews. he smiles so i know i aint really bugging him. he knows i am playing with him. hes a good kid. my brother gary would be proud of the little guy. milan is carrying the indian name of my misho.

once my mother wondered if our family would get along after she was gone. many of our family were at this family gathering. we worked together and had fun visiting with each other. we shared a lot of laughs. that had to make my mother happy.

i must be getting older. while working, a coupla my nieces asked me if i was alright. they were concerned cuz i was doing things that younger men should be doing.  i see some of our indian men that never help out. thats why i do it. i wont be like them.  i told my nieces i may be getting older but i will work until i cant anymore.

mary and wabeno went to the crow fair this past weekend. i enjoyed seeing their pictures. i didnt go because i promised to take care of something here. when i say something, i have to honor my word. i was at the crow fair once before.  i remember being at the rodeo and horse relay races there. i also bet on the horse races. maybe i will make it back there some other time.

since i was busy i havent started on the porcupine hair rosettes. i will get back to them this week. i never know when something will come up. sometimes my time isnt my time, i have to do things when it is necessary. i try to help when i am able.

school is starting again. i will see less of the grand kids during the week. maybe we will head to colorado to soak in the hot springs. things are cheaper during the week.  maybe even head over to the hot vapor cave. i liked being in the steam of that cave. it reminded me of a good sweat lodge. i have a sweat i can go into now. thanks to my sons.

gotta get busy with chores i had to let go.

went to kansas history museum

yesterday i went to the kansas history museum in topeekie. they will undergo a major renovation on september 4th. it will be closed for almost two years while that is being done. before it closes, admission is free until sept. 3rd.

i have gone there a few times already but i have been wanting to go again. it aint that i cant afford to pay the admission fee. i save money whenever i can. that is what allows me to do things that i really wanna do like planning a trip to china.

i went to museums while bumming around the country. when i went to another city i would check out their museums or libraries. it would be a place to get off the street. while there i would tour the exhibits or read.  i would hang out until it was time to go party at nighttime. i mighta been a bum but i was always learning something new.

i would also check out museums wherever i traveled.  i really liked the national museum of anthropology in mexico city. i became interested in the ancient civilizations of that country and would study them. i also went to a museum in cuzco, lima and guatamala as well as other places i traveled to.

i will never forget going to the louvre museum in paris. it held some of the world’s great art. there was so much art that it became overwhelming. i couldnt see all of it in the one day i was there. i became content to just walk down the halls among some of the world’s great art. i would stop at some that caught my attention. i seen the mona lisa and the venus de milo.

i went thru the museum in the vatican while in rome. i was there to see the sistine chapel. there was so much art everywhere. and gold. i couldnt understand how a church could have so much wealth when there was so much poverty in the world.

in the kansas history museum they had a potawatomi display. one picture showed potawatomis dressed up in ‘non-native clothing’. it said the ‘catholic boarding school at st. marys did not allow students to practice tribal ways’. hmm. there were also pictures of shanesi,  kack kack and others.

after i toured the museum i took this picture of the school where they sent potawatomis. the actual name was ‘potawatomie baptist manual labor training school’. here they taught potawatomis how to be good indians or something.

i liked my tour of the museum.  i spent over an hour there. i looked at most of the exhibits. it is a good history of kansas. when the renovations are done, i will go back and toured the new exhibits. i will gladly pay the admittance fee.

today is my mothers birthday. she would be 94 years old. i think of her often. i learned so much from her.  i wonder how much more i could have learned if we had these past 20 years she has been gone. happy birthday mom.

gonna work on my porcupine hair rosette.


we built a new sweat lodge

yesterday my sons and i cut willow poles for a new sweat lodge while it was cool. temps were in the 70s. thats better than working in 100 degree heat. after we loaded the poles up, we hauled them to my backyard in joes pickup. we put the frame up.  the rain we had made the ground workable.

we missed putting up a new lodge last year. it got too late and the poles woulda broke. a coupla of these poles snapped but no others did.  the willows woulda been too dry if we waited any longer. my mother used to say it’s no good to say ‘pama’.

i tried stripping the bark to use as natural ties but it wouldnt come off in long strips. we used string instead. good thing the culture police werent around to tell us we aint doing it right.

i am glad we got the frame done. no maybes, mights, gonnas. it is done and we will be able to have a sweat whenever we want. we didnt have one last year. i could have used one when i caught a mild case of the covid. i had a lingering cough. a good, hot sweat would have fixed me up.

we didnt cover the lodge yet.  i will do that later. i bought some new canvas tarps. the old ones kinda had it from being out in the weather.  i just wanted to get the frame put up before it was too late. i bought a buffalo hide at an auction for a door. it has some holes in it but i will patch it with another hide i had with holes in it.

my sons coulda built the lodge by themselves. they helped me do that many times over the years. but i like to help out while i still can. i may be getting older but i wont allow myself to act old. i work when i can. i wont stop working until i cant anymore.

i like to go into sweats during the winter. my skin gets real dry. it gets so dry sometimes that it itches. no lotion helps. a good hot sweat opens my pores. it toughens me against the weather too.

people used to come to me and say they needed to have a sweat. it was only at their convenience. i would accommodate them. i did most of the work. they would say call me anytime you have one. i would but they would be too busy doing other things. some were just taking advantage of my nature. i kinda burned out on that after a while.

i will get back to making a porcupine hair rosette today. i have most of the hair sorted for it. i want to try to make it a double row of hair. i think it will look better that way. if i like it i will make the rest of them the same way. i have only made two of these. i plan to make a lot of them for my future pow wow stand.

i gotta call the meat locker to tell them how we want our beef quarter cut.

had my quarterly lab done

i had my quarterly lab this morning. i asked the pharmacy lady if i could get my A1C results. she said yeah, it would take her a few minutes to do it. i waited.  she came out and told me it was 7.14.  i said i will take that. it came down some more.

i was ready to leave the clinic but the rain was coming down in waves. i sat in the waiting room until it let up. i still got damp but not wet. i am glad we got this rain. we had some rain last night too. tomorrow we are cutting willow poles for our sweat lodge. the ground will be workable to set them in place.

i hope i had enough tarps and blankets to cover the lodge. the old ones pretty well rotted out from the weathering. i will have to replace all of them. i bought some new tarps a coupla years ago. i use blankets to make sure the steam dont get behind the canvas. i dont know if i have any old blankets i can use.

i went to town yesterday to get chicken feed and dog food. on the way home, i seen an animal cross the road by the casino. i slowed down as i got closer. i seen it in the ditch. i told mary ‘look its a badger’. it was looking right at us. we could clearly see the white stripes on its face. a truck was coming and scared it into the corn field so we didnt get a picture of it.

i already had tickets to KU’s opening football game. i decided i wanna go to more games than that. I bought tickets to the Duke game. no, not basketball. the football game. i think KU can win both games i have tickets for. i went to the opening game they won last year. KU might have to consider giving me tickets since i could be their good luck charm.

i am going make some porcupine hair rosettes next. you dont see them much anymore. i made a couple of them a few years back. i had them at my stand during the gathering held here. some guy from canada bought both of them eh. i seen some made arm bands with porcupine hair too. maybe i will try to make a pair of them too.

i have sorted more hair. i will be able to start tieing the hair for the rosettes i am making. i gotta figure out how i am gonna finish them. i googled porky hair rosettes but couldnt find any info on them. i will see what i can do as i go. i remember my uncle bud saying if i can see it, i can figure out how it is made.

the cable guy is here. we decided to get hooked back up for football and basketball season. i get tired of searching and searching for something to watch on streaming channels. i dont know what is on until i do a search. sometimes it takes longer to find a movie that it is to actually watch it.

got get to work on that roach.

finishing up second roach

we went to the farmers market in Kansas City yesterday. it was the first time we have been to this market this season. it took us a little over an hour to get there on the turnpike. we had to pay $5 for parking. the parking attendant asked if we were natives. i said yeah. he said he was too. a registered cherokee.

the farmers market had a wide selection of fresh, home-grown vegetables. we ended up buying over $120 worth of veggies.  gotta eat healthy. we had to carry a load back to the car.  we bought up roasting ears, leeks, onions, new potaotes, tomatoes, green peppers and peaches.

they have two sections at the market. one section is for home grown things. the other section is for things shipped in. we went back to buy a watermelon and cantaloupe.  i bought ginger root, lettuce, kale, carrots, apples. cauliflower and brussel sprouts for juicing.  i bought bananas and lemons from the shipped in section. we also bought spices and dry rubs for seasoning while we cook.

we loaded up and headed out. we drove part of the way home on the turnpike. we got off in lawrence and drove on hwy 24.  when we got to topeekie we drove up old hwy 75. i prefer the laid-back pace of two lane highways. not many speed, tailgate or pass you like they gotta get some where a few seconds ahead of you.

i didnt finish the second roach i was working on. it wont take me but about an hour or so to finish the outer row of deer tail. i started that this morning. i checked out the other round roach i had wrapped. it shaped up real good. i will ship them wrapped up. the porcupine hair wont get all bent out of shape that way.

its a good thing i have a coupla bins of deer tails that i already dyed. i have several deer tails dyed red. that is what i am using to finish this round roach. i have a coupla boxes of white deer tails. i will dye some more of them for later projects. i like to have things done before i need them.

by now we would have had our indian corn dried and put away. that is if it had come up. my corn didnt grow for me this year. this is one of the few times i havent had indian corn in the past 37 years i lived here. i got something to look forward to next year. it is probably good both fields laid fallow this year.

i didnt grow any crooked neck squash either. i will have to buy some to dry. i called the amish store a few years ago. they saved me 10 big crooked neck squashes. each one weighed about 20 pounds. i dried them and had a good supply of dried squash. i will call them again to have them put some away for me to dry.

gotta do my chores and finish that roach.