got a new president

they finally finished counting the votes in pennsylvania. those 20 electoral votes are enough to make biden the next president. he also took nevada. arizona isnt done counting. biden could win that state too.  the senate race isnt over yet either.

this election had a record number of voters turn out. both parties got more votes than ever. more people wanted trump out than to keep him.  he played golf and tweeted while rome burned. biden got more votes than any president in history. protests in the streets have been replaced by celebrations.

the trump years are over. i guess that means the wall wont be built now. the budget wont get balanced. obamacare wont be replaced. maybe they will let the caged kids go home now.

question is what will trump do in the months until bidens’ swearing in. i bet he pardons his convicted friends. he will write more executive orders for big business. etc.  no doubt he will continue to file lawsuits trying to over rule vote counts. he will try to convince all that our democratic voting system is fraudulent.

i havent identified with either party. for most of my life i registered as an independent. i never voted straight party lines. i live in a red state. no matter who i vote for, this state’s electoral votes will always go to the republicans. some thought a democrat had a shot at winning a senate seat. but this is a red state and it didnt happen.

question now is what will this mean. life will go on. the people at the bottom will stay at the bottom. racism is out in the open. we are setting daily records for positive covid tests. that will have to be dealt with. many dont want to wear masks or practice social distancing. a new president wont change that.

today i will catch my hybrid chickens. i will band them so i dont mistake them for the rhode island reds i have. after that is done i will let the reds and barred rocks out into the yard with the rest of the chickens. they will be on the same layer feed from now on.

we will start cleaning chickens when our new ones lay eggs. the old hybrids arent laying that much. bout an egg or two a day. they arent earning their keep. they will make nice soup though. we have fed them a few months.

today i got my leslie west cd in the mail. it is ‘the great fatsby’. i have to have it to reload his version of ‘house of the rising sun’. it has a great horn section on it. it is my favorite version of that song. it is in my top ten on my play list.

i have to add a new layer to my worm composting system. i will use shredded cardboard as bedding. i have plenty of boxes i get from things i order off amazon. i have a shredder that will take care of the card board.

yep life goes on.

election is over but the counting aint

we had another red sunset last night. i took several pictures with my cell phone.  it is without any filters or special effects. just the way the phone took it.

the election is over. we dont know who won yet. they are still counting the record number of mail in ballots. it will take time to count all of them. there will be lawsuits filed over the counting. we have to wait to see how all of this plays out.

life goes on no matter who wins. we will continue to live with the covid pandemic. it will take time to recover from that and the effects it has caused. the rich profited off the pandemic while many are faced with being evicted from their homes. the economy suffered because of our denial of covids potential to disrupt our lives.

we have to live with the fact that racism is out in the open. there is no longer a need to hide it. and no, people that perpetuate systemic racism dont get to decide if there is such a thing. this is considered a christian nation but some wont accept that all are created equal.

we have been the greatest country on the planet. but should we legally shoot down our own citizens, cage little kids and tear gas peaceful protesters. have we lost our humanity. we fight for our country but not its people.

we now  accept our government openly lying to us. we acknowledge our government will use everything in its power to protect its power. right or wrong. we see that lobbyists no longer need to influence law makers. they are now law makers.

democracy is based on government by majority. in reality it is government by a few. congress, the courts and the presidency can become mere tools of the rich. everyone is guaranteed a vote by our constitution, which had to be amended to reflect that. we force democracy on countries around the world. then we suppress voting of specific target groups.

we are being convinced there is such a thing as climate change. we are willing to kill the planet that gives us life. we dont have a back up planet to live on. we now believe politicians over scientists.

we are asked to make america great again. we have been great. we had a dominating influence on the world. other countries look to america for leadership. now some laugh at us. others believe they can challenge us. we broke alliances with other countries. it will take a world effort to make the world a better place.

how will our country respond to this election. no one knows. we will wait to see what happens.

election day finally

there is an old saying ‘never discuss politics or religion’. i mostly agree with that but i do talk about both at times. most people do. i imagine its better to say dont argue about politics or religion with others that have different beliefs than you. you will never win.

i know on face book i will snooze some one if they bombard my page with their  beliefs. i have my own. i really dont need some one trying to tell me how to think. i dont care for one of the candidates but i am not gonna flood my page with it. nor will i try to convince others to believe what i believe in.

i am glad this election will soon be over. it may take days to count the mail in ballots. we wont know the results tonight. it may take days to count all ballots. one thing is certain. because of the covid, there were record breaking numbers that voted early or requested mail in ballots.

our voting process isnt full of fraud.  it has worked for centuries. that isnt to say that foreign influences won’t interfere in our elections when they can.  we need to worry about domestic interference too. some local or state entities closed all but a few places to vote. there shouldnt be long lines of voters waiting hours and hours to vote. it is wrong to attempt to prevent  people from voting.  our democracy is based on the right of all to vote.

i already voted. i went to early voting at our bingo hall. i heard it suggested that mail in ballots not be counted. i didnt want to take that chance.  i cancelled my request and went to early voting so my vote would be in. i dont trust our government. basically they can do anything they want. they can get us into wars we dont want. they can pass tax breaks for the rich. they can tear gas and rubber bullet peaceful, american protesters who ask for justice, etc.

it will be nice not to hear any more of the political ads on tv. each party accuses the other of being crooked. i dont trust politicians. i imagine many have lost faith in our tribal, local, state and national governments. our systems arent corrupt. there are some opportunists that try to get into government to corrupt the system for their own benefit.

politicians created most of the messes our country faces. i paraphrase a larger reagan quote that said ‘government is not the solution, government is the problem’.  he meant “in this crisis” but it can be applied in a broader sense. i bet most of the country would love the health care, tax breaks and retirement benefits that our politicians get.

i dont think this pandemic will end any time soon no matter who is elected. the president hasnt done anything to stop it, that wont change if he is re-elected. if biden wins, there will be many who wont follow anything he does to stop it. some openly mock him.

we can see that already many wont follow safety measures such as wearing masks or practice social distancing. some will never care about their fellow man. leaders wont get us out of this. all of us together is what will be needed. we can be divided, question is can we be united.

i hope that more of the 100 million people who dont vote get out and vote. some already have. the numbers already show this.

another month

i am always looking for a picture when i go by the buffalo pen. i seen a young calf feeding. the calves have that brighter orange looking color for a while. it is easy to spot a calf.  as they get older their color turns to a darker brown like the rest of the herd.

the nba play offs are over. so is the world series. i was kinda having some sports jones. that made me tune in the K U football game yesterday. our team is one of the youngest in the nation. we have started 17 freshman at different times. while we havent been competitive the players are gaining experience.  K U lost but i was cheering for them.

last night was  halloween. we hardly ever get anyone coming here. it takes too much time to drive around the whole rez. most just go to town or the cluster sites.  a niece and a coupla nephews stopped here last night. i scared one but i was just trying to tease them.

the grandsons went to hummer park for the drive thru trunk or treat. tonight they will go to peoples park. it too will be a drive thru. we didnt want them going door to door. and we dont want them to have too much candy.

i didnt go trick or treating when i was young. i was at boarding school.  we didnt get candy and pop. i grew up poor. it was in my later years that i started taking in sweets. our bodies are meant for all that refined sugar. it is ironic that i became diabetic in my late 50s. i probably would have been one earlier if i had candy and pop, etc at an earlier age.  now i worry about our kids. they grow up with too many sweets.

some one emailed me awhile back. they asked if i was interested in buying porcupine quills. i replied that i would be. i got back a picture of quills. the quills look like african porcupine quills. the big ones. i told them i wasnt interested in those. i wanted north american quills. plenty of time this season to still find some.

its been 4 weeks and i havent received my new glasses. i called about them and was told the lenses were on back order. thus the hold up. i still have a pair of older glasses i wear. i mainly wear them while i am reading or on the computer. otherwise i go without wearing them.

andrew’s team did get into the flag football championship game. i stayed home instead of going to the game. i want to watch the kansas city chiefs play.  i might put on my chiefs jersey to watch the game.

i will be glad this national election will be over this week. i made a donation to a candidates fund. now i am getting text messages and emails every day, all week long. they trying to recruit me to make another donation or volunteer to make calls or texts to voters. no but thanks.

almost halloween

the past few days my grand daughter cece has been with us because her school is closed. i am enjoying the time with her. she likes to tease ol misho. or i tease her. we have fun bonding together. we usually pick her up from her school every day. she stays here until one of her parents pick her up after work.

i have to clean my stove pipes. i can smell smoke, that means gotta clean them to be safe. these are the same stove pipes i used last winter. eventually i will go buy new ones. i seen the price of them have gone up to 10 bucks a section. last year it was like 8 bucks. i kinda notice that many things  have gone up in price because of the covid. some will profit off anything.

i have been uploading tunes off my cds.  all the songs on my itunes got zapped several months back. i havent had time to do that yet. i am replacing the songs i want on my playlists. i dont need every song off the cds. this is taking time. no quick way to do it. i do have to have my music. i only have one playlist to listen to while i am working or driving.

i used to like to read the comments at the end of news stories. the comments were better than the news story. they quit doing that. probably because some got out of hand with their opinions. some made a lot of sense, others were way out there.

on my short trip last week end i noticed the trains. that made me think back to my hitch hiking days. i used to bum around all over the country. once i was in portland, oregon in the wino district. now it is a revived yuppie boutique area. anyway i met some indians that i partied with for a night.

next day they said lets go to san francisco. i agreed. they said they were gonna hop a freight. i had never done that before. i said i would rather hitch. i met them in san francisco two days later. we both had a quick trip down the coast. we partied some more. i hitch hiked back up the coast. i still havent hopped a freight. now i probably never will.

i didnt mention a drive i had on the rez one day. as we were passing by the buffalo pen i noticed a buck running along parallel to our car. it kept pace ahead of us. we got to the gate and it jumped thru the fence. i dont know how the rack didnt catch on the barbed wire. it got thru and crossed the road just in front of us. it kinda slid because the pavement was slicker than running on the ground. it straightened up and took off thru the field. it was neat watching the deer run. i didnt think quick enough to get any video.

halloween is almost here. i dont dress up in a costume. if i did i  would probably go as a “liberal”. according to the political ads in kansas nothing is as scary as a ‘liberal’.  i can hear it now. ‘they coming to take our guns away’.

this old diabetic gotta be careful not eat trick or treat candy.

football weather

we went to andrews last flag football game on sunday. well maybe the last one. there is a chance they might get in the championship game. he likes it when we go to his games. we show him our support. it was a bit cool sunday. we had on sweaters, face masks, stocking caps and covered our legs with blankets.

the temperatures have dropped. i started a fire in our wood stove. i like the smell of the wood stove going. i add flat cedar to the top of the stove. it gives off a good aroma when it burns and its good mojo. i get my walk up and down the stairs to stoke up the fire. it was nice to wake up with a warm floor this morning. i had some wood left over from last year. it was green when it was delivered but is dry now.

it is a little brisk when i have to go feed my animals. i have two groups of chickens. i keep the chicks i bought this spring separate. they are big enough now i think to let them join the rest of the chickens. i didnt want them all pecked up. i was gonna clean some of the hybrids i bought. i havent gotten to that yet. i will though. i want some tortilla soup and/or chicken with rice.

we will take the boys to the drive thru trunk or treat this sunday at peoples park. i like that they dont have to get out of the car. we are still trying to be safe. that may be the only place we take them to. i dont see a need for them to have too much candy.

not to get ahead of the holidays but we ordered a ham and smoked turkey for next month. they wont be delivered until next week. i prefer the taste of meat from the meat processing place instead of grocery stores. we had a smoked turkey one year and i want another.  i dont care for the spiral hams. i would rather have a nice big ham.

i have been drinking indian prairie tea. besides that i am also drinking cedar tea. it is for my blood sugar. i have two flat cedar trees in my yard. i transplanted them several years back. a friend in michigan gave them to me. they are about 7 or 8 feet high now. i can use cedar off them when ever i need.

seen on the news that the largest voting block are the ones that dont vote. over 100 million out of 230 million eligible voters didnt vote in 2016. its kinda the same way in tribal elections. only about a third of our eligible voters actually vote. i dont know why that is.

seen where one of our government officials said we wont control the corona virus. well if you dont do much to stop the spread i can believe that. we are the most powerful and one of the richest nations in the world. yet smaller countries have better prevention measures than we do. there is no excuse for that.

i will keep the fire going.

took a road trip

got back from short road trip last night. i went to ark city near the kansas-oklahoma border on friday. i drove down the turn pike to el dorado. i took hwy 77 south from there. i had to get a room because the tour was saturday at 10. i didnt want to get up early, drive down then turn around and drive back. that would have been a 6 hour drive.

we met at the land rush museum south of where chilocco was. we watched a film to give us a historical background. we traveled in our own cars to the different areas of the tour. i took a picture with a wooden indian at the musuem. the picture on the top right is a valley where the etzanoa did their trading. they traded with tribes as far away as the pueblos.

the bottom left picture is where the chief had his house.  it was on the highest bluff and had a 360 degree view. the picture on the bottom right is called production mounds. for instance if they processed just buffalo at a mound they would bury the refuse and cover it. they would continue using the same mound for this and keep adding to it. this took place from the 1400s to the 1700s. that is why the mounds grew so big in size.

basically all we did was tour where the big settlement used to be. the settlement has been gone a long time.  people have been finding artifacts such as arrow heads, scrapers and pottery in this area since the 1800s. they knew a large indian population have lived here. there are two golf courses built on the land today. the rest is privately owned by the affluent of ark city.

the story of etzanoa is interesting enough that i wanted to go see it. a conquistador named juan de onate came up it back in the year 1601 in his search for the gold of the ‘seven cities of cibola’. the spanish captured the chief. the rest of the village fled. this allowed the spanish to inspect the town. they left soon after because they thought the indians would bring back reinforcements.

they found large circular houses made of cedar posts and tall prairie grass. each house would hold between 8 and 10 people. they counted 2000 houses and estimated 20 thousand lived in the settlement. they said it would take 2 days to walk the entire village.

the settlement was estimated to stretch 5 miles along both sides of the walnut river where it met the arkansas river. today scholars believe the town was actually larger than than and extended further. the bluffs had springs to provide water. there was fertile bottom land to grow corn, beans, squash and pumpkins. they also hunted. this enable them to live in the same land for such a long time.

the indians that lived in etzanoa were the ancestors of the wichita people. it would have been one of the largest cities in north america. perhaps the biggest. it wasnt too many years after the spanish came thru that the wichita tribe numbered around 500.

i want to go back when they are doing a dig.

i voted early

i went to early voting at our old bingo hall yesterday. i previously sent for an advance ballot. i had that cancelled after i heard that maybe they wouldnt count mail in ballots. i dont trust our government. i didnt want to take any chances. dont know if my vote will make a difference but i still want my vote counted.

there wouldnt have been much of a crowd if i voted in mayetta though. i  just prefer to vote on our rez. i would know people i seen at our old bingo hall. i said hello or nodded to most. i didnt get in much visiting because voting was taking place. i got to keep the pen i used to mark my ballot. thats better than a ‘i voted’ sticker.

i will be glad when this election is over. some people only use politics to separate themselves from others. they can use any excuse to do that. i think for many politics is only an outlet to vent their frustrations. pretty much the way sports is.

i bought a new chiefs jersey. it is an Edwards-Helaire jersey. i got it at a flea market. i seen it the last time i was there. it was selling for $45. i was interested in buying it then. it would cost 3 times that at arrow head.  last game edwards-helaire ran for 161 yards. i knew i had to have his jersey. now we just acquired a former all pro running back in le’von bell. we will be loaded at running back.

the world series has started. i got in a series pool for the first game. i won $20. i ran pools for 20 to 30 years. i rarely won any of them. then i hit this one. i let my money ride. i got into another pool for $20 a spot on the total runs of the whole series. winner walks away with 200. i only watched part of last nights game. it aint much fun when i aint got money on it.

i havent missed an opening K U basketball exhibition game in about 20 years. i probably will this year cuz of the covid. i wont get to buy a new jersey either. i should have a bunch of ku jerseys but i think my sons glommed onto them.

the bed company passed our house on their way to marties today. gps takes delivery people down there all the time. they turned around and came back. it didnt take them long to set up our new bed.  they told us to try it out. we did. i already knew i  liked it. we will sleep on the new bed tonight.

as they were leaving one of the guys asked if he could have a coupla of the habanero peppers in my grow boxes. i said yeah, after the coming freeze they will die anyway. he and the lady who drove picked some. i told them to take as many as they wanted. i have a years supply put away. they also took some anaheims. glad they could use them. i dont like to see any go to waste.

gotta start moving things back into our bedroom.

got off the rez again

wabenokwe was home for several board meetings. i havent seen her in eight months. we had good visits with her.  we went to the demo derby on saturday. we sat with her, some of her brothers and some of the grandkids. she had a home cooked breakfast at our house on sunday and later some squirrel soup with wild rice.

we took her to the airport yesterday to catch her flight to her other home in california. there were no lapses in the conversation. after we dropped her off we stopped at a cajun restaurant. we had to wear masks until we were seated. there werent many in the place at mid afternoon. i ate blackened catfish on dirty rice. i also had a cup of gumbo, new potatoes and succatosh with sweet tea.

we were watching the chiefs play while we were eating. we listened to the game on the radio when we were driving home on the turnpike. we got home just as the 4th quarter started. the game was still on the line. we got to see the chiefs win at crunch time.

i got a call this morning. the bed company scheduled delivery of our new bed on thursday. they will set up it up that day sometime between 10 and noon. i cant wait to get moved back in our bedroom.

tomorrow i am going to early voting.   it will be held at our old bingo hall. i have voted since i was 18. maybe i missed an election or two back in my bumming around days. i havent missed any for the past 30 or 40 years. i will be glad when this election is over.  hopefully the worthless ones will get voted out. maybe thats a bit vague. hope the worst ones get voted out then.

i seen they gonna make a cartoon based on the freak brothers. flash back time. i used to read the freak brothers comics back in the day. i still have a collection of those old dope or underground comics. i have about 60 of them. for the hell of it i looked up the value of some. the prices varied from a few bucks each to over 30 or 40 dollah. righteous bucks but i will hold onto my set.

i noticed about 10 games were added to my computer. i know it had to be andrew that did put them on here. since he was little he always thought that what ever misho had was his too. he dont get on here that often though so its no big deal. i didnt delete them.

leaves are starting to fall. i am thinking about making a wire enclosure to hold leaves. it will make leaf mold. i can add that to my grow boxes next spring. the 40 trees i have in the yard can help me grow food. the only cost i will have is a little labor.

the rhode island reds and barred rock chicks i bought this spring are  bigger. they are almost the size of the hybird hens i bought. i am thinking of turning the chicks loose in the chicken house  and yard. i need to mark them. i seen some use zip ties as bands. i have plenty of them. that way i will be able to tell which are reds and which are hybrids. well the color is a giveaway but i want to be sure.

gotta see what will happen this week

long day

we had a long day yesterday. we were gone all day. first we had to go to lawrence for andrews last soccer game. it was held outdoors. most wore face masks. andrew had a good game. he scored 3 goals and just missed two others. no one keeps score but we did. andrews team won.

all week we had planned to go to the demo derby in horton after the soccer game. the game was at 11:30. we had plenty of time when the game was over. we drove south of town to a look out tower on top of a hill. the boys havent been there. i used to go there long ago. we climbed the 3 stories to the top. we could see k u off in the distance. we didnt stay long.

we stopped to get lunch and drove up the back roads to horton. it was a nice drive thru farm land. most of the corn fields have been harvested. there were still some soybeans standing in the fields.

we got to the demo derby around 3:30. it had a start time of 4. we bought a pit pass once we got there. we had time to go see all the cars. i heard there were gonna be a few cars owned and driven by indians. we stopped and visited with them. we got to look at their cars so we would know which ones to cheer for. i seen a coupla friends i used to work with. we visited awhile.

most of the bleachers were already full. some had been there since noon. we brought our lawn chairs. we set them up by a corner of the bleachers. it afforded us a view of the track. it looked like the indian section. lotsa indians sitting in that area. thats probably why we were able to find a space so close to start time.

we filled our own little section of the indian section with our family. joe and family showed up. mary and wabeno met us.  a friend of wabenos showed up with her family. we all sat together. the kids all played together while the adults visited.

once the show got started we all got into it. the kids got off on seeing the cars crashing into each other. well the adults liked the show too. we were on the look out for the indian cars. we cheered them on. during the breaks the kids played football. andrew brought his football. of course misho had to walk to the car to get it so they could play. every one had a good time.

we left early so we wouldnt have to deal with the traffic. we got out with out sitting in a jam. we got home before 10. samuel fell asleep on the way home. he was played out from the long day.

this morning we had breakfast with wabeno. on the way over to pick her up i seen a bald eagle. it was picking at a raccoon carcass on the road by the buffalo pen. it flew off as i approached. after i picked wabeno up we went by there. i seen the eagle sitting in a big cottonwood tree off the road. i drove into the field and wabeno got some pictures. i tried to but didnt get any good ones.

it was a good weekend surrounded by family and friends.