got some rain

we got some rain early this morning. now i dont have to water anything. all my plants got some rain. the rain barrels didnt fill up though. must not have been too much rain. no matter. we got rain and i am always thankful for that. this time of year we dont get much rain. we just get hot weather.

i finished tilling around my tomato plants. then i weeded and staked the plants to the stakes i set next to them. i also cut off the suckers. some say to do this, others not. i do cut the suckers off. i want tomatoes, not stalks. there will be less fruit but it is suppose to be bigger. i also tilled next to the green beans. they look good.

i ate my first cucumber. i planted them in the grow boxes in front of my tool shed. the vines have climbed up the trellises i made. i transplanted 8 plants. i may have lost a couple. the rest should give me plenty of cucumbers. i seen more are forming now.

we were given some movie passes cuz we senior citizens. we finally made it to a movie. we went to see conjuring 3. we felt special. we were the only ones in the entire theater. it was a private showing for us. the movie was okay,  i seen the first two. i may go to another movie since the theaters are empty. i dont like when someone has to be loud. there is always someone like that in the theater when i go to movies.

i jokingly told some family members that if it werent for amazon delivery people we wouldnt get any one coming to our house. it probably aint much of a joke. the delivery trucks are here several times a week. i prefer to have things delivered to the house instead of going to the store.

home delivery may be convenient. there is a side to that. i had to cut up all the boxes the stuff came in. i save some card board to use as bedding for the worms.  i filled two big, black trash bags with the card board i cut up. we finally have something for the recycle people. yay

i feel guilty when the recycle truck is here and we dont have anything in the recycle bin. sometimes i feel like asking if someone has things for us to put in it. i dont want the recycle people thinking i aint doing my part to save the planet eh.

we started to go to andrews last baseball game last night. we were grabbing a sandwich to eat on the way. after we got our order we got a text saying the game was changed to eight o clock. that is too late for us old folks. we wouldnt get home til about 11. at least we got to eat in town. country indians dont get  to do that often.

got rehab again today. i am coming along fine.

my garden is producing

i only bought a six pack of cabbage plants this year. all six plants made it.  we made cole slaw with one. i cut the other 5 up and mary put them in freezer bags. we kept some out to make some egg rolls. we fried some with brats left over from our cook out for supper last night. it really tasted good. we put the rest in the freezer for stews later this year.  i wish i had grown more.

we cant keep up with the kale we have growing. i have onions to pick. my pepper plants are growing good. i have one cucumber forming. i should be getting more of them soon. the garden is dong well.

i started to till around the tomato plants and green beans. the tiller ran out of gas before i did. it is sitting in the garden. i will get some gas on the way home from rehab today. i will need mower gas sooner or later any way. mowing wont end til later this fall. i will finish tilling after it cools down this evening.

i have been watering my plants. it hasnt been hot so the water is really helping out. i want my plants healthy before it gets hotter. it is suppose to rain maybe this week. that will refill my rain barrels. i watered my tomato plants with one rain barrel. my gravity fed irrigation system  makes watering 20 tomato plants easier.

i am getting calls, emails and texts asking me to donate blood. i am O positive and donate my red blood cells. they can use that immediately. right now they are having a shortage of O positive. i was advised not to donate blood until about 3 months after my surgery. i cant help with the present shortage but will donate later when i can.

i havent started building my new grow boxes. there is no rush. i wont plant anything in them this year. i will have them ready next year.  then i will have 18 grow boxes. i have kept adding more grow boxes since i made my first ones. i prefer growing vegetables in them. the soil in my field will pack by august. it wont in grow boxes. sometimes i  get two crops from my grow beds.

one of my sons and my grandson lit our fireworks saturday night. they put all the debris that was left in a pile. i will pick it up later. i am glad it wasnt scattered every where. it will save me some work. i will bag it up and put it in our trash cans. i thought we had a good show for the money we spent.  we all enjoyed it except the dog.

some of my indian corn is starting to tassel. another month and we will be drying it.  maybe sooner. it is shoulder high. it is growing good. no critters have bothered it this year. i am hoping we get a good crop this year. we all love our indian corn. we have no problem making the grand kids eat it. they eat it without us making them.

got chores to do before rehab.

fireworks tonight

tonite we gonna light our fireworks. well the big variety packs we bought anyway. andrew lit some last night. he lit the smoke bombs and ones that spin around with sparks. he also lit whole packs of fire crackers. the racket scared the dog off. he usually disappears when the noise starts.

we werent gonna light the small ones but we had smores last night. while the boys were making smores andrew lit some. tonight we will light the ones that light up the sky. i dont like sounding old but i remember when it didnt cost much for fireworks. now you gotta buy up to have 4th of july.

a few of the surrounding towns are also doing their fireworks display tonight. there is a big one at lake shawnee tomorrow. we probably wont go to any of them. we will be content to light up some at home. i remember the traffic coming out of lake shawnee one year. it took us an hour and a half to get home. this was after fireworks ended past 10.

we were gonna cook out tomorrow. gonna fire up the grill tonight instead since we are lighting fireworks.  i like grilled jalapenos stuffed with cheese and wrapped with bacon. i will fix them. it is one of my few grilling specialties.

i am glad i mowed the yard the other day. it will look nice while we are cooking out and lighting fire works. the grand kids like to play in the yard too. andrew usually wants to have batting practice. the girls just like being outside.

i bought some wood screws to assemble my grow boxes with. i will use them instead of nails. nails tend to come loose. i want the grow boxes to last as long as they can. i know eventually they will have to be replaced. thats okay too.  i dont take the doomsday attitude. i can grew vegetables while they last then i will make new ones. this indian got some building skills.

i went out this morning to water my grow boxes. everything is looking good. i seen the cabbages are ready to be picked. we already ate one in cole slaw. after i picked them i could smell that fresh cabbage smell. we will cut them up and put them in freezer bags. we will make stew with them later. maybe fry some. we are also gonna try to make egg rolls.

in the space left after i pulled the cabbages i planted some onion bulbs. i had them left over. i didnt want to waste them. one year we ate onions we grew for 8 months out of the year. i have some more that are ready to be picked. i like to cure them before we use them.

i will have to till next to my tomato plants and green beans. the weeds popped up there. i will get rid of them in a hurry. it wont take long to do that. i will wait until it cools off in the evening before i attempt that.

gotta run to town for last minute cook out items.

beginning of july

we have been enjoying the grand daughters sleeping over with us. we are getting more quality bonding time with them. we fill up our new air mattress we bought. they sleep on it in the living room.

i will have to mow the yard today. seems the lawn grows faster than the garden does. it will take me about an hour to mow the yard. it isnt too tall but the rains have made it necessary to mow before it gets out of hand. i would have done it yesterday but the grass was still wet. i dont like to over work my mower.

i picked some onions yesterday. i braided them and hung them in the car port. they will cure out a few days. any time we need one, all we have to do is cut one off. i planted some bulbs a while back. they are coming up now for a later crop. we used onions, garlic, bell peppers, green chiles and hot peppers as seasonings when we cook.

i weeded my sema patch. that took almost all day.  i usually give away my extra plants. i dont like to waste them. i was waiting for them to be picked up. that took awhile. the weeds really grew during that time.

i used the garden cart i bought. i can scoot along in between the rows as i weed. it saves me from doing all that bending and stretching. tobacco takes a lot out of the soil. i will add worm castings and azomite. that will replenish the ground.

i will have to till around my tomatoes and green beans. the weeds by them have grown. i will till them under. my baby lima beans didnt do well at all. i have maybe 4 or 5 plants in the whole row. none of the flowers i planted came either. i wanted them to draw bees. i do get plenty of honeybees and bumble bees in the yard. i need them as pollinators.

my dog chewed on the faucet on the bottom of one of my rain barrels. that ruined the gasket. the bottom leaks. i put a plug on it so it will hold rain. i cant attach a garden hose to the barrel though. i can use the other three rain barrels to irrigate with.

i only use the plugged barrel to water the chickens and dog. sometimes i dip a watering can into it to water plants. i am shopping for a solar powered pump to use the rain from this barrel. if nothing else i can pump the rain water into the other barrel that has a working faucet. then i can use it to irrigate also.

i havent had time to build my grow boxes yet. i have plenty of chores to keep my busy. i will get to them though. i started out with just a few grow boxes. i kept adding new ones each year. now i have 13 grow boxes. the new boxes i build will fill out the rows i have. i will have 3 complete rows of grow boxes.

gotta get busy.

finally gonna add more grow boxes

mary went to an estate sale last week end. she sent me a picture of a pile of used lumber they were selling for 10 bucks. i said ask if they had a plug in so i could use my skilsaw. i could only load up the lumber if it was cut to a size that would fit in the back of my rav4. they said yeah so i told mary to buy it.

she got up to pay for it and some old guy about 80 years old was ahead of her in line.  mary asked if he had bought the lumber. he said yeah but he would sell it to her for 12 bucks. still a good deal so she bought it.

after she got back home i loaded up my skilsaw, extension cord, tape measure and square. i went to the estate sale. i told the lady i was there to pick up the boards. she let me run the extension cord to the lumber.

most of the lumber were 2 inch by 6 inch boards that were 12 foot long. i cut them into 6 foot boards. that fit into my car with the back seats laying down. most of my grow boxes are 3 foot by 3 foot. thats because i used recycled pallet boards that were that size.

i will cut the boards in half and i can make all the grow boxes the same size as the ones i already have.  now i have enough lumber to build at least five more grow boxes. these will be sturdy. i am glad because the price of new lumber has gone up. i have been waiting for a good deal on used boards.

i already have some bags of top soil and burr compost. i got them from the day care give away. i will buy more bags of composted manure and top soil to fill the boxes when i am done. i may have time to put in a fall garden. if not i will have them ready next spring.

i am continuing to work harder at rehab. i am still doing intervals on the treadmill. they increased the incline on my faster pace. that makes it harder. i also used a heavier weight for the weight exercises. and i do the bike exercise with more resistance.

i think i am getting stronger. i know i am definitely stronger than the few weeks right after my surgery. i am catching up on my spring cleaning and doing my chores. i have 4 bags of chicken feed to unload.

last night was suppose to be andrews last baseball game of the season. we planned on going but they cancelled late after noon. we went to town anyway. we bought a big combo pack of fireworks. it was advertised as the best value pack. we added two big show stoppers to top that off.

after that we went to the steak house. this indian hasnt been off the rez much other than rehab. i enjoyed a nice filet mignon. now it is time to work. gotta get busy.

went to another auction

i jumped in with my son yesterday to go to an auction. there was a zero turn mower he was interested in. i seen a few things i was kinda interested in. i am usually game for an auction.

we got there when they were auctioning off the guns. the guns were going high. that probably set the tone for the rest of the auction.  i waited to see what the things i wanted went for. the price went up quickly. i didnt even bid on anything. my son had a limit he would bid on the mower. it went for almost the price of a new one.

there was a bronze buffalo statue i wanted. it went for 3 times what i wanted to pay. i go to auctions looking for a bargain. i’m not willing to pay too much for items. the estates are basically getting rid of stuff. its that or throw it away.

there was a black bear skin made into a rug. the fur was coming off of it. i was semi interested. i seen the hide as a rug wasnt any good but it had a full set of claws. a set of claws would sell for 2 to 3 hundred bucks. some lady jumped out there with a large bid so i didnt bother to try to bid. it went for more than i was willing to pay.

the irony is some things i didnt want went cheap. i didnt bid on any of those things either. i dont need more junk. i didnt quite go skunk, there was a buffalo head piece i kinda wanted.  they put it together with boxes of other stuff. i didnt want all that junk so i didnt bid. my son went over to the guy who won the bid and asked if he would take 10 bucks for it. he said yeah so i did get that piece.

the rain we got is helping my garden. my cabbages are ready to pick. we ate one already in some cole slaw. i cant keep up with the kale. i gave my sister some twice now. we have a big pan of kale chips. i eat them but there is still a big pile of them.

i have picked my cilantro a coupla times. it is growing good now. my row of green beans is doing good. my baby lima beans didnt fare well. i only have about 5 plants in the whole row. the tomatoes i planted in my grow boxes are big compared to the ones in the field. i had some tomatoes forming but the hail damaged them. i picked them and tossed them. more fruit will grow.

there is an old saying about corn. knee high by the fourth of july. mine is about waist high. we are still a week away from the 4th. last year at this time, the deer had eaten about a third of the corn stalks. not this year though. i am glad about that. i am still hoping for a good crop.

what will this week bring?

had a hail of a time

early thursday morning i was awaken by a loud, constant thumping on the roof. it was about 6 a.m.  i got up and walked to the living room. i knew then it was hail. it was real loud. i looked out the window and seen big pieces of hail landing everywhere. it covered the ground. i heard the metallic sound of it hitting the cars.

it didnt last long. i went out and picked up a coupla pieces. it was melting already but was a good size. i was worried about our cars. after it got lighter outside i went to look at them. they didnt have any visible damage. no cracked windows. later we seen some pings on marys car. i had a few on the roof of the rav4.

i was especially worried about my garden. we didnt want to lose any of it. we try to save as much as we can by canning, freezing or drying it.   after checking  i seen most of my crops seemed to have survived. some leaves in my grow box vegetables were bent over.  the same with my corn.  the stalks are still standing but some are leaning a little. they will come back strong.

the hail knocked many of the leaves off of the trees.  our lawn is covered with leaves. i imagine the wind will blow them away. or they will add organic matter to the lawn.

the rain on thursday and what we got last night will really helped our crops. our plants were somewhat wilted from the heat we had. the rain perked them up. it also filled up my rain barrels. we have more heat coming. i will be able to water from my rain barrels.

we were given some catfish that some of our relatives caught. we had it for supper last night. i picked one of my cabbages. mary made some cole slaw with it. it tasted good. we also had some steamed rice.

we are making a conscious effort to improve our diet. i gave up many of the sweets i used to like. havent had but one pop in the past 5 months. i dont use salt or sugar. i know it is in much of the processed foods already.  we try to eat more natural foods.

i am getting a good work out at cardiac rehab. i do intervals on the tread mill. i walk at a slower pace for 3 minutes, then faster for 3 minutes then back to slower. i alternate the speeds for 21 minutes. i was told i get more of a work out that way instead of just one pace through out.

i ride the bicycle machine for 20 minutes with resistance. after that i do the arm machine and do 10 sets with weights. i can feel i am getting some tone in my arms. i will keep working to get stronger. i want to live more years.

i better get back to making roaches. i tried a few weeks ago but i couldnt do the reaching. now i can do the monotonous chores it takes to make roaches. i am anxious to get back to my art work.

days of summer

i woke up the other day and opened the drapes in the bedroom. i noticed a red glow in the sun rise. i am no real photographer, just a guy with a camera that is quick to take a picture. thats why i have thousands of pictures.  i went outside and snapped a picture of this sunrise. when i edited it, i increased the vibrance. that made the picture look good to me.

i have been out and about more often lately. i have actually stayed home during this covid thing.  i am seeing more people i know. i am glad to visit with them.  it makes me feel good that they show their concern for me. i was taught if you treat people good they will treat you good. their love and respect for me is genuine. i feel the same toward them.

i have been doing spring cleaning in my garage. i use it more as a work shop than to park a car in. i have my work benches and tools there. i cleaned a lot of junk out of there. some progress was made.  i can at least walk thru there. i am no hoarder even though my kids think i am. i wont make that hoarder show but i do have a lot of junk.

speaking of junk. the tribe has a program that lets members use this big dumpster. that service is free to seniors. we are on the list to get it in a week or two. we will have it for a week. then they will haul it off to the dump. i will get rid of stuff. once i make room i can get more junk at garage sales, auctions and flea markets eh.

my  indian corn is still doing good. so far no deer have been bothering it. harvest time is about a month and a half away. i am hoping it will make it. last year at this time i lost lotsa corn stalks. i am lucky i can still grow corn. well lucky my sons did all the planting this year. they worked in the garden as soon as they were big enough to help out. it is nice they learned how to do all that.

the weather people are predicting rain the next few days. i am happy to hear that. my crops could use a good soaking.  they are a little wilted from the heat but will perk up with any rain. my rain barrels need to be refilled. i will use that to water my plants later. i am making sure my animals have water.

i will have to weed my sema patch. a few people told me they would come after my surplus plants. they havent. i can wait too much longer. i have to clear the weeds out. in that process i will probably eliminate some plants. it has to be done so my main crop makes it. i cant afford to lose my crop because i am waiting on others.

gotta take care of things.

went to an auction

i bought a garden cart from on-line. i had to assemble it. i only cussed a few times before i got it completed. it is basically 4 wheels with a tractor seat. i already used it once in my gardening. i scooted aliong on it as i transplanted my anaheim peppers. i will use it for weeding. i wont tire out as much since i dont have to stand and bend over to pull weeds.

spent most of yesterday at an auction. it was on the rez.  not surprising there were lotsa indians there. i knew all of them. we got there early and sat our chairs in the shade. most of the indians joined us. i also met some guys i went to high school with and another guy married to a lady that went to mayetta high. we got in a good visit.

i was looking for some boards to make more grow boxes. i found they were out of my price range. they were walnut and oak. a trailer full of them. i was after cheap lumber not furniture lumber. i didnt even bid on it. it went for way more than i was willing to spend. i go to auctions looking for a bargain.

i did find me some art pieces. they will be added to my indian art collection. i am no serious collector. i buy what i like and dont spend alot of money on the art. my living room and bedroom walls are covered with indian art that i bought at auctions or flea markets. it looks good to me.

i also won the bid on a black stone buffalo sculpture. it is heavy. i like the looks of it. it will make a nice display piece. it will sit next to the bronze buffalo i got for being employee of the quarter.  i am always taking pictures of our buffalo.

the tanned hide we ordered was delivered. it has a few holes in it but the price was too good to pass up. it is hard to come by indian tan hides. i let mary buy me out of my share. i have a hide i was saving. i traded a roach for it. i will use that hide for my moccasins. mary will use the one we bought for hers.

we got a little shower this morning. i am glad my corn got some rain. the corn field is too big to water.  sometimes i am asked how i water my corn. i say that them old indians didnt have faucets to turn on to water their corn. i go with what rain i get. it usually works. my corn is waist high now. beats knee high by fourth of july.

my sister said she wants to start gardening. she wanted to buy a tiller. i asked how much she was gonna spend. she said bout $500. i told her i had an extra tiller. i sold her the one i bought off craigslist for the $200 i paid for it. she liked that deal. it saved her money.

it is supposed to rain again. i hope it does. my rain barrels with fill up.

dealing with the heat

i weeded  the raised beds last night. i also watered them. we had 100 degree heat yesterday and will again today. the water will give them a boost. this morning i hooked up my rain barrel to the soaker hose by my row of tomatoes. i also watered my sema plants and the raised beds where my cucumbers are growing.

the heat has been hard on plants. thats why i watered my plants. we only have a slight chance of rain for the next few days. there is a 3% chance of rain tonight. and 10% chance tomorrow night. not much hope of rain. i will water my plants to protect them from the heat. we cant complain here. the people out west are in a severe drought.

i pulled all the radishes that went to seed. that left two empty grow boxes. i went to town and bought some anaheim pepper plants. anaheims need about 80 days to mature. i think they might ripen before the first frost. it is worth a gamble anyway. i like diced green chiles to cook with.

the tanned deer hide we bought has shipped. we  should get it today or tomorrow. that is good. a lady that is good at making moccasins said she will make me a pair. i am third in line to get mine done. i told her i want beaded, black velvet where the pucker part is. i havent seen any like that in awhile. i am looking forward to wearing these moccasins when they are done.

i sent off some forms to the fish and wild life department a few years ago. i ordered 10 loose eagle feathers. i finally got an answer. i need to fill out another form and send it back.  i will get the feathers at the end of july. i only waited 3 or 4 years.

i was gonna clean some chickens but changed my mind. we were getting too many eggs. we had a surplus of eggs. we eat about a dozen or two a week. then mary asked around and sold 10 dozen. the ones that bought them want more. now we have a market for our eggs. no need to clean chickens. well i will still clean that rooster and maybe two older hens. i still gotta have home made chicken soup.

i filled up my hummingbird feeders again. i bought these ant moat things. the feeders hang from them. they are filled with water and keep the ants out of the sugar water. its amazing how the ants can get to them. the moats keep them out until the water dries up. i like to watch the humming birds.

i have rehab again today. i will finish my second week today. i am coming along fine. they are working me more. i have been active before i started rehab. i worked in my garden and was walking some. that is why i am doing okay in rehab. i may even finish early because of my progress.

i am glad i got my chores early before the heat sets in.