ready to garden

went to topeekie.  I bought 3  pounds of seed potatoes from a nursery i have done business with for the past  30 years or so. they are norland potatoes. one of the best gardeners around told me to grow red potatoes because they taste good no matter how you cook them. boiled or fried or as new potatoes. he gone now. I listened to him and found I get good results from growing them.

as soon as I got home I cut them up while watching the news.  after a few days they scab over or heal. then they are ready to plant. i probably have enough to fill up at least one 80 foot row. I might have to fire up my tiller. don’t know when the garden guys are gonna till. I gotta have these in the ground soon.

I bought two kinds of cabbage plants. I have 6 plants that mature in 58 days and 6 that mature in 55 days. we like to make home made cole slaw. we also like to fry cabbage.  I cut some up and put in the freezer for stews. I will plant these in my grow boxes and buy some more to plant in the potatoes.

I bought some bulk seed.  its cheaper than buying individual packages of seeds. I bought 2 scoops of radishes and one scoop of carrots. I use them  in companion planting. they help other plants grow. and I like to eat them.

the nursery didnt have onion plants yet. i will have to go back to buy some.  last year we staggered the planting of our onions. we were able to eat them all thru the growing season. we saved the last bunches and stored in our basement. we were able to eat onions we grew for about 9 months of the year.

when I go back to the nursery i may get some Yukon gold potatoes. I will buy enough of them to have another 80 foot row. i know diabetics gotta watch out eating potatoes. the starch converts to sugar. i imagine that natural grown veggies are better than refined sugars. I avoid those.

before the rain came I emptied out my rain barrels. had to clean out the dirt, leaves etc. I am glad I did that. the rain filled one barrel. the wind blew over the other barrels so the rain didnt fill them. i stood them up as it was raining and caught some rain. now i have some rain water saved up. it is too early to use in the garden.  I will use it for starting seeds. I also use it to water my chickens and my loyal dog, konugish.

we are getting pictures of Andrew and Samuel at Disney world. I like seeing the pictures. I sure miss the boys. I am glad they are having that experience of traveling and seeing other things. I imagine they will be more grown up after this.

cant help but to hear about the corona virus scare going on. lotsa misinformation out there. I read and hear about what is being said. some say to avoid large crowds. hmmm okay. and to stay home. got that covered. and to be socially isolated. well I guess I don’t have to worry about catching it. I imagine it aint that simple. I stay home a lot but still catch colds or flus occasionally.

gotta do my chores.

warming up

i took a picture of Andrew on the bridge above little soldier creek. that was last week when he rode his bike along side us as we walked. later he said that was the fastest he ever rode a bike. he picked up speed going down the long hills we walked. he had fun.

we have walked  4 times in the past week or so. I have now logged 8 miles. I hope to walk many more miles. I am more active during the spring. the question is will it make a difference when I go for my quarterly lab tests later this month. I hope so.

Andrew and Samuel are on spring break for a week. they are on the road now. they are heading to Disney world in Florida. they got excited when they heard they were going there. they will have two days to enjoy rides and check the place out. I am happy my grand kds get to do things I didn’t have a chance to do.

i watched K U’s final league game of the season yesterday. they won another close one. they are finding ways to win if their shots aren’t falling. their defense is winning games. it also wins championships. I had to listen to the previous game on the radio. I will get to watch all of their games from here on.

i went to town the other day. I am not into malls but we went to the one in topeka. on a whim I decided to get a massage. I haven’t had one in some time. the ones at the mall are deep acupressure. sometimes I end up aching from the pressure. not this time. I felt relaxed after the half hour massage.

on my way to Oklahoma the other week I got a small chip in my wind shield. a car passed me and cut right in front of me. in doing that the idiot kicked up a small pebble that hit my front window. I heard it crack as soon as it hit. it hasn’t spread. I wont replace the window yet.  I can live with one small chip.

that trip was two weeks ago. I am still coughing from breathing in the second hand smoke in the casino. I don’t smoke but still have a smokers cough. that is what makes me stay out of casinos.

forgot to tell something about playing bingo that time. I seen in the monitor that a postage stamp was a bingo. I got one and hollered bingo. the staff came over to check and made a sign it was a false bingo. it was suppose to be a double bingo. that was a bit embarrassing. I remember the comments I made in private about such situations. I used to say they ought to throw them out for that.

i contacted this one guy from northern country. I seen they are tapping maple sap now. I asked the guy if he knew of anyone that sells candies/maple sugar/maple syrup. he said yeah. he is gonna hook me up. said he had maple sugar and knows a guy who has the candies.

I have asked others over the years. more often than not, I don’t get hooked up. maybe this time I will score some. I love the maple candies. I used to buy them and give them to these old men around here. they always enjoyed them.  I do too. I am waiting to hear back from the guy when they are available.

starting spring chores

we finally got the fallen elm tree cut up. my nephew loaned us a chainsaw. my son cut the branches up. we wasnt gonna do it during the cold of winter. it wasn’t going anywhere. it was on my grand fathers allotment. part of the tree fell over during the last ice storm and some broke off during wind storms.

I cut a little. I wanted to because I have cut wood many times. i like the earthy smell of fresh saw dust. I used to cut all the wood we burned in our house for over 20 years. i also used to cut the wood for many of the ceremonies i helped at.

many times I did it all by myself. later my boys helped me.  they would load the wood while i cut it with the chainsaw. when they first started they were just little guys but they got bigger as they aged.

I quit when I got older and my sons went their own way. i dont have a truck or chainsaw now. thats why i have the tribe cut my house wood. I don’t like depending on others. some times I get good wood, other times only green wood or card boardy kind. that’s why I don’t like having someone else do it.

if i could do it i would it myself. i can but my arthritis acts up and i hurt for a while. no old man with arthritis should have to do that. a nurse once told me that no one should have to live in pain. that’s why this misho retired.

it didnt take long to get the elm cut up. now we have a good pile of it. i will stack it when i fire up my riding mower with its pull behind cart. that saves me from carrying it. we value elm wood because we use it for ceremonies. I never know when I will have to do one. now I will have the wood for it.

i enjoyed cutting wood again. it is always nice to be outside. we have been walking on the paved road by our house. so far we have walked 3 times this past week. we logged 6 miles. not bad but not good. it is a nice start though.

i got the new heating pad for seed starting yesterday. it came with a thermostat to regulate the heat. too much or not enough will kill the seedlings. i will start some seeds this week. I don’t want to buy plants if I can start my own.

i have been wondering if this is the year when I start fishing. I wanted to last year but never got out there. my grandson wants to go. I imagine he will keep at misho until we do go. there are plenty of places to fish at around here. we have rivers, cricks, ponds and reservoirs.

tonight we are going to one of my grand daughters’ basketball game. first we have to stop to pick up our tax papers. we don’t have to pay anything this year. that may rile up the bigots that rag on Indians. little do they realize I pay taxes on everything I buy.

gotta check for eggs again. and get ready for the game.

easing into spring

it is getting closer to spring. indian new year. I have noticed more skunks on the road. their early  appearance means it is nearing spring. we will have only one night below freezing in the next 10 days. this coming week end the temps will be in the 70s. I can handle that.

i have to start logging more miles in my walking. from now on I will be able to walk on the road. i wont let the big tracks i seen on the road side scare me off. walking on the treadmill is a chore. I would rather be enjoying nature. walking outside in the fresh air is peaceful.

the warm weather is helping the chickens lay more eggs. I have a few dozen of them piling up. my relatives usually buy my extras but they haven’t been lately. thats why I have a surplus now. I don’t know why more people don’t like fresh eggs. they sure taste better.

i am ready to garden. veggies grow better from transplanted plants rather than planting seeds in the ground. I buy started plants from nurseries. sometimes I start my own seeds that I save. it is cheaper to start seeds instead of buying plants.

I ordered a heating pad to start seeds. it is placed under the seed flats to raise the temps. the heat generated inceases the rate of germination. actually it is necessary. the size of it can get 144 plants started.  I will stagger start times of different seeds. I will do cool weather plants like cabbages first.

i noticed a few boards on my grow boxes have come loose. I will use wood screws to reattach them. I will make some new grow boxes.  I started out with four raised beds. now I have 3 rows of them. my veggies do a lot better in them. my ground usually packs hard by summer time. raised beds don’t do that. that’s why I get more veggies.

spring means spring cleaning.  I always have to do that. it seems that things accumulate in no time.  I gotta clean my work benches in my carport. gotta be able to use that as a work space and not a catch all for junk I buy at garage sales, auctions, flea markets etc. I also have to clean out my work shed.

spring would also mean it is time to go camping. I like to camp out. nothing like making cowboy coffee over a fire and having breakfast outdoors. I will make time to soak in a Colorado hot springs. my newer rav4 don’t have the storage my old one did but it will still carry all my camping equipment.

last night mary and I went to a movie. we seen ‘call of the wild’. at first we were the only ones in the theater then another couple came in. the movie was for us 4. we didn’t go to the new theaters where most likely there were more people.

i thought the movie was good. I liked the part when the dog didn’t want Harrison Ford’s character to drink alcohol. where can we get some dogs like that. I have relatives that need one. they don’t understand they only get in trouble when they booze or dope. they wouldn’t listen to me but maybe they would listen to a dog.

gotta do my chores then sort more porcupine hair.

wha the?

we went walking on the road yesterday since it was a nice day. I like being out in nature and observing everything I see. I noticed deer tracks as I usually do. I also seen these other tracks that seem to follow the deer tracks.

I didn’t know what they were. I could see that they were big tracks though. there were at least a dozen of them made in the dried mud just off the pavement. that is marys gloved hand for a reference as to the size of the track.

i wondered what could have made these tracks. a big dog like perhaps a Rottweiler? a big cat like a mountain lion? a Chupacabra? I didn’t know. I am curious because it is in my neighborhood. I do walk on the road. I also go squirrel hunting or looking for mushrooms in the timber along the creek.

the tracks went for about a quarter of a mile. at the top of the hill I noticed some similar tracks in the dried mud. they were about a quarter of the size of the big ones. that is what festus haggen on gunsmoke would call a ‘puzzlement’.

andrew has been bugging us to go with us on our walk. we say no because we didnt know if a two mile walk was too much for him. we let him go this time. he rode his new bike he got for his birthday. he would ride until it was a hill. then he would push it.  I helped him on a coupla hills. he coasted down the long hills. he had an adventure.

some people I know ask me where I am going next. now I got a coupla destinations. mary and I are gonna met our daughter in New York City at the end of april. we will take a train to Connecticut where she is going to a conference. then we heading back to NYC to do the tourist trip. maybe lasagna in little Italy. I had some there when I was on a march for peltier.

then in may we are going to her house in southern California. we gonna celebrate our birthdays together. I wanted to take a train but may end up driving instead. I wanna soak in a hot springs along the way.

recently i was driving around the rez. I seen an old rez guy I know working outside by his house. I stopped to talk to him. we go back over 50 years. we always got along. we had a good visit.

I told him I don’t go around much  because I never know who aint talking to me. I dont know who is mad at me, my family or my dog. I told him I knew he would talk to me. he laughed. he knew what I meant. we aint new wave to this rez.

last night I went to town with my daughter. she was gonna spring for a tattoo for me. I was gonna get one of my indian name. it was gonna be in the old style of potawatomi writing that consisted of dots and symbols. no one has used that writing for over half a century. the place was booked so no tats. I went this long without a tattoo. I can go a little longer.

i watched the KU-k state basketball game yesterday. our jayhawks won. it was close awhile. we had a coupla injuries. injuries are the only thing that will beat us. k state had hope but ended up with another loss. rock chalk.

leap year

there will be an extra day this year because it is leap year. don’t know what I will do with another day. every day is another day. I have been sorting porcupine hair. maybe I will do that. it is a never ending job. I have pounds of hair to do yet. I put in a few hours working on that whenever I can.

i dont stay glued to the tv set. I have been doing some binge watching while I sort porcupine hair though. I like the idea of watching the entire series at once. well more like over a few days. watching every week for a few months aint all that great. especially if I have something else to do on a given night. I never know when I am called on to do something.

leap year may be good news for Jayhawk fans like me. we have won national championships on leap years. well this is a leap year. and we have a good team. I hope for a championship every year. we don’t get it but at least we have a program that competes for one every year.

tomorrow the hawks play k-state. no doubt there will be talk of the brawl last game. i still say desousa took a lot. they kept pushing him until they knocked him to the ground. then he came up swinging.  I know a lot of people who would do the same. they over reacted on his punishment. like they haven’t done enough to the kid.

some cant let talk of the ‘brawl’ go. guess they need talking points. it wont be much of a game. ku has been undefeated since that game and has become the top ranked team in the country. k-states season has ended since then.  they prefer the NIT because it is easier to spell than NCAA.

k u will beat them easily. our bench should get some playing time. that will give our starters some rest. our team is peaking about the right time. hopefully we dont get any more injuries.

i am drinking more water. it is suppose to flush your system. I keep track of my water intake daily. sometimes I drink green tea with fresh lemon juice squeezed into it. my supply of indian tea is dwindling. I will have to pick more this spring. I mean a years supply of it. I know many places where it grows.

the temperatures are gonna warm up this weekend. it might even reach 70 degrees on sunday. mary and I plan to go walk on the road. gonna log some miles. i kinda slacked up some. when I let the wood stove go out,  I don’t go to the basement as much. that shouldn’t be an excuse. I just need to get back to walking again.

a nephew loaned us his chainsaw. we are gonna cut up the elm tree that fell in our yard. the ice storm caused it to fall. we will save the wood for ceremonial use. it is a big tree. probably a pickup load of it.

got to do my chores.

getting closer to spring

I haven’t read my last book I bought. it is about the petroglyphs in Kansas. I did a fast leaf thru it. seen a few pictures. I will make the time to read it eventually. I want to know about everything in the book. if I ever get a  chance to go see any of these petroglyphs I will. I wasn’t aware that our state had any until I seen this book.

we have some rocks on the rez that have carvings on them. they are called the hay rocks. I guess cuz men working on haying crews would carve dates or symbols into the rock while on break. luckily there is no graffiti scratched into them like some that are in the book and at other places that have petroglyphs.

I knew this one dude who was an archeologist. I took him to our rocks. he said I wonder where these workers got their inspiration for their carving. he meant that they must have seen older carvings somewhere else. I wonder bout that too.

I remember an old man here on the rez. we were driving on the road. he pointed at a hill. he said when the potawatomis came here they carved a marker on a rock over the top of the hill. it was on the rez boundary. the land is owned by a farmer or rancher. I always wonder what the rock looks like. or if it is even still there.

I half watched the democratic presidential candidates debate last night. my impression is I hope they don’t blow this next election. they are doing a good job of eliminating each other. I wish they would unite behind one candidate and try to defeat the guy we are stuck with.

I am reminded of some of our tribal elections when I watch the debates. it seems like attacking your opponent is the way to campaign. we see that some times in indian country.  a few cant run on their own merit. instead they cut down others (even if they have to make up lies) and hope people believe them. then we wonder how we got some of the elected officials we had.

I got a fit bit as a present. it took some time to get used to wearing it. I never wear any jewelry or watches. I wanted to keep track of how much walking I am doing. ironically I am doing less walking since I got the fit bit. I am drinking more water. I  keep track of it on the fit bit.

the fit bit locked up on me for a few days. then all of a sudden it started to work again. I put it back on. I keep track of how much sleep I am getting too. when the weather warms up I will start walking on the road again. that may be soon.

the jayhawks play k state next. I am tired of hearing about the ‘brawl’. I think de sousa held back and wasn’t trying to fight. he finally did after he was knocked down. our program isn’t about brawling. the news people have that wrong. we have a class program. we beat them on the court.  rock chalk.

took a short road trip

I hit the road for the first time in my newer rav4. the boys went home early this weekend. it was Andrews birthday. his grandmother from the south west came to see him.

he was with us on thursday and friday because they didnt have school. we went out to eat at a migo place. he asked when are they gonna sing. they came out and sang happy birthday to him. he had to  wear a sombrero. he wasnt too embarrassed by it.

Saturday we headed down to Oklahoma. I haven’t gambled in a long time. I wanted to play bingo.  i like the place in newkirk. it is about a 3 and a half hour drive from here. the bingo hall was packed. we found a coupla empty seats in the glassed off non smoking section.

we asked the lady sitting at that table if the seats were taken. she didn’t answer. she only moved her things to the side. we sat down. the lady tried acting all hard. as grumpy as she was, it wasn’t a surprise she sat alone. the bingo place gave away drawing tickets. we gave her ours. we said we were from out of town and wouldn’t be there.

we kept talking to the lady. by the time bingo was over, we were alright. she said she wasnt a good person to sit by at bingo. we had no choice. the place was full. we didnt mind trying to be nice to her. all the people around us eventually were talking to us. it was a mixture of different races. people are people. if you are good to them, they will be good to you I think.

being nice to that lady musta been good mojo. we felt lucky. we didn’t win at the bingo hall. we went to the casinos at the state line. mary hit a few jack pots. it was enough to pay for our trip. so basically we played for nothing. our getaway cost us nothing. that was worth it.

my car gives us the gas mileage average. at one point it said I was getting 27 miles a gallon. that aint real good but I will take it. we seen an eagle going down to Oklahoma and I seen one another on the way back home. good mojo.

we stopped at sharps indian store. mary needed some beading needles. I didn’t see anything that I had to have. we also ate at the drive in diner i like. they make good cheese burgers. I usually stop there to get one. mine was good.

we got home early sunday afternoon. we watched the K U game against number one team in the country that we recorded. we knew the jayhawks won. we got to watch the last minute of the game Saturday when we checked into the motel. we watched the whole game to see how they won. they were good.

we went to my sons house for supper. it was marys birthday. she wanted to play pitch. we haven’t played cards in awhile. we enjoyed our family get together.

i will watch the number one jayhawks play tonight. I think this team can win the national championship. gotta see how this season plays out. rock chalk.

gonna read some

I ordered a book off amazon. it is about the petroglyphs of Kansas. I have seen petroglyphs in  chaco canyon, mesa verde and canyon de chelly. i also seen them on a beach in wrangell Alaska and in a lava field in hawaii. I took pictures of many of them.

i havent seen any in Kansas though. I wasn’t aware of them until I seen this book being advertised. I read that some are on private land. might not get to see these so I bought the book. the author of this book is speaking in hays about the book. I probably wont  make it to hear him speak about kansas’ petroglyphs.

they give tours of the Kansas petroglyphs now and then. I will look for them. I do want to go check them out myself. I think some of these are in the flint hills. i have to read the book to know where the rest are located and what they look like.

today is the big game between number 1 baylor and our number 3 jayhawks. las vegas posted the odds. they have baylor as a two point favorite. i would take that bet. I think the jayhawks will win. we are playing better than we were in the first game. I have faith in k u. the tv announcers always act like the other team will upset ku. bet they don’t say that about us winning. it wont be an upset though.

we took the boys to the topeka zoo. I was surprised at the cost to get into the ‘world famous’ zoo. half the animals weren’t out. we didnt get to see elephants or lions. we didn’t get a discount either. the boys had fun so I guess it was alright. even if all the animals were out, the zoo isnt that big. don’t know what makes it famous.

my chickens are laying 8 to 11 eggs a day. I am glad my relatives are buying the extras. now and then mary takes them to see if anyone wants to buy them. I dont know why anyone would pass. I gotta have fresh eggs. they taste the best. that’s why I raise chickens.

gotta get my chores done.

gonna get colder a few nights

it isnt unusual to see eagles on the rez. I have seen them over the years. some say it is more common in the winter. I have seen them at other times too. I even seen young golden eagles. I could tell by their black and white tails. so I imaging maybe they breed here too.

i let my wood stove go out a few days. I started a fire in it last night. temps are going to be in the low 20s the next few  nights. I didn’t want to wake up to a cold floor. yesterday I threw some more wood into the basement. I wanted enough to keep a fire going thru the cooler temps we gonna have.

i lost interest in listening to the news. I have no faith in our government. they can do anything they want. money buys our politicians. it has always been that way. they are more open about it now.

i sold my old rav4. it gave out on us a few months ago. we were driving and it wouldn’t go into gear. i assumed it was the transmission. I aint a mechanic. I am not like one of those guys  on tv. they open the hood, adjust something near the carburetor and say ‘now try it’. and it works great. back when others were working on cars I was partying.

i thought if it was the tranny it would cost enough to make a down payment on another car. I drove that old rav4 for 7 years. I put 160 thousand miles on it. after fixing it probably got another 100 thou on it. I didn’t want to mess with it though. I was ready for a new (to me) rav4. I want a car I can take as many road trips in as my old one gave me.

anyway I  sold the old one to a relative who needed some wheels right now. I told her whats wrong with it. she was willing to work on it. I think it will be a good car once it is one the road. I didn’t ask much for it.

now i got some coin that hit the bottom of my pocket. I kinda wanna go to a big bingo hall down south. they pay more for less buy in there. I haven’t gambled very much at all these past few years. maybe bingo  3 times, slots once or twice. I deserve a night out and I need to take my new car on the road.

i will go to this drive in hamburger joint I like down there. I don’t eat burgers that often. these ones are worth eating. maybe I will check out that indian store down there too. I look for what is on sale.

the boys don’t have school this Thursday and Friday. not it aint a tribal school. we pick them up tonight. they will be with us a few days. it is Andrews birthday tomorrow. I know he will expect a birthday gift. I admit we spoil our grand kids. but i also make them mind. they listen to misho.

gotta do my chores.