stamps, frog legs, fortune cookie

mary bought me some stamps.  yeah i still use snail mail. (do they still call it that?) i was surprised to see jimi Hendrix on them. i was at a conference once and my phone rang out with purple haze. got a few looks like i was an old hippie cuz that was my ringtone.

in my high school days i passed on chances to see Hendrix and Joplin in concert. i would rather go partying then. little did i realize i was heading toward a life of alcoholism. no one tells you that. peer pressure makes you feel like it is cool. looking back i can see that i missed a lot of things because of my drinking. didn’t see it at the time though.

i went out to eat last night before the game between k u and them other guys. i seen they had peppered frog legs in the buffet line. i had to try one. i used to hunt bull frogs every spring because i liked the taste of frog legs. you don’t see them as much anymore. while eating i was taken back a few years.

they brought the bill over with a fortune cookie. i always read mine. i even saved a bunch of them. got them in a jar to read sometimes. the one i got last night said ‘you will have many friends when you need them’. i had to laugh. its usually the other way around. i usually have friends when they need me.

i got home in time to watch the basketball game. K U won again. i think our record under bill self in manhattan is 26-4. beating up on k-state aint even funny no more.

i seen that the Cleveland indians will no longer use chief wahoo on their logo. guess it was racist. well really now. so was the pepper spray, rubber bullets, attack dogs and water cannons at standing rock. i suppose progress is made in small steps.  you would think after 500 years indians would be treated better by now.

almost done with my latest roach. just have maybe an hour or so to finish it. it really looks good with that double row of hair. i will make more like that. i will start making another one when i get it done. i like to keep busy.

end of january

my son mishan was in vegas recently. i asked him to put down $20 on K U to win the ncaa tournament. i know. i bet on them to win every year. if they win at the 15 to 1 odds, i win 320 dollah. right after i put the bet down, they lose to OU. don’t matter. i still think they can do it.

when i went to the last K U game against Baylor, i had to pass thru a metal detector at the door. other than at an airport, i haven’t been thru one of those since i was working with native American prisoners.

i finished reading the book about trumps’ white house. there were so many excerpts from it in the media that you don’t really need to read it. well the book rounds it out some. i don’t know if i would recommend the book. we probably get an overload about this presidency. i find it hard to believe anything coming out of it. that’s saying something because Indians are used to being lied to.

the weather people predicting some snow this week. that will be okay with me. my garden will use the moisture. we tossed in the last of the wood we had. i think we still have some winter left. we will find out on ground hog day this week. no truth to the rumor that if the ground hog sees his shadow,  some tribal workers only have six more weeks of riding around.

i didn’t drive to Kansas city to get a new battery for my old iPhone. i wonder if its just a scam to get more money from phone owners. i haven’t noticed any slow down on my phone. i don’t surf the net that much on my phone. i use my home computer for that. i don’t get many calls. normally not many call me unless they need something. i will go with this old phone til it don’t work no mo. aint paying a thousand for a new phone.

i will finish the last roach i am working on this week. then i will start another one. i also plan to keep walking on the treadmill. once i get started, i can usually keep it up.

will see what this week brings.

working on a book

unlike our president i admit to watching t.v.  i remember an episode of cheers where norm said he was working on a book. someone asked him if he was writing one. he said no, reading one. i guess that’s me. i am still working on the book i am reading.

i have read a little over 2/3rds of fire and fury. i already said i find the writing awkward. it aint like a dan brown or john grisham book. i can read those in one sitting. i don’t stop once i pick one up. i should finish this book later today. the content keeps me reading.

seems the president can get away with saying almost anything. true or not. many still believe him. i think maybe i will borrow something from his physical exam. i am one pound short of being obese. yeah, that’s it. i am just a few pounds overweight. if i say that i can get away with having a pow wow gut.

had to go to town the other day to buy chicken feed and dog food. have no idea why chickens eat feed but dogs eat food.  i have one of those rewards cards where if you spend a lot of money you get a few bucks discount. after paying taxes (what? thought indians didn’t pay taxes) the discount was about even.

i think i have been around raising chickens most of my life. didn’t have them every year but over the years we had a lot. one time gary, larry and i got ahold of mishos cigarettes. he used to put them under his bed. we were playing like we were smoking behind the chicken house. while jacking around with the smokes we caught the grass on fire. it burned down two hay fields. we caught hell for that. we had to smoke cigarettes til we got sick of them. we never smoked again. well until we hit our teens.

gotta go help at a funeral service. after that i can finish my book. wont get to finishing that roach til i am done reading.

finishing another roach headdress

i added a second row of hair to the latest roach i am working on. it will have purple and gold colors. Haskell colors i guess. i like the looks of it. i will make more roaches with a double row of hair. i will finish tying the outer row of deer tail trim. that wont take long.

i sort the hair so that it is all solid color. it is  black with yellow tips. the deer tail trim covers any color at the bottom. the resulting look is what  i am after. that’s what i mean by spending hours sorting hair. some don’t do that.

i received the book i ordered. it is the one about the trump white house. i started reading it yesterday. it is not the kind of book that you can read continuously until you are done. i find the writing style a little awkward. i have read books that i don’t put down til i am done. this aint one of them.

i am bummed out that k u lost last night. i was up for a win. i went to a meat locker and bought thin sliced corned beef, baby swiss cheese and home made sauerkraut. i made reuben sandwiches for supper while watching the game. they were good. we also had nacho cheese , chips and diced jalapeno peppers. a great game atmosphere. only downer was we lost the game.

i know that we will lose several games a year. every team does. i don’t give up on the jayhawks over a few losses. they provide me with a years worth of good basketball.

today i get on the treadmill again. i am trying hard to keep walking. i am not overdoing it like the last time when my knee started hurting. the doc told me to find a happy medium where i can walk without pain. i think i have. i am walking less miles but am still exercising. i realize i am an old guy with arthritis and diabetes. i don’t need to train for a marathon. just gotta walk for my health.

i am still getting eggs during this winter. i get one to four eggs a day. one or more of the chickens are eating eggs. i go out several times a day to get the eggs before they do. i need the exercise and being outdoors.

decision time. do i read my book or finish my roach? probably do a little of both.

shut down

the expansion plan passed. i don’t think it will make us any money if we continue to run our casino the same way.  i hope i am proved wrong. if not we will squander away our grand children’s inheritance.

i went to the k u game Saturday afternoon. it is only the second game i went to this year.  the most i ever attended was six games. i probably wont go to anymore this year because tickets are sold out. i wont pay the ticket scalpers. this game got too close at the end for me. our team found a way to win.

i still think this team is better than most critics will admit. any team coached by bill self will win a lot of games. any players we recruit must be good if they are at K U.  i have no doubts this team will have a good season. we have more to cheer for than most college basketball teams. most would give anything to have what we have.

the government did shut down.  don’t know how long the shut down will last. they suppose to vote on a stop gap measure today.  i hope they quit playing politics and take care of business. its just grandstanding politics by both parties. its too bad they don’t work for all of the American people.

mary went in today but is coming home. she will be retiring next month. hope everything is taken care of before that date. i plan on going to her retirement dinner. they renting a hall in Horton for that.

i walked on the treadmill three times last week. i will try to match that this week. i also worked out on the weight machine. i wont ever be buffed up. i use weights to burn more calories and to get the blood pumping. took years to get out of shape. cant undo that overnight. i remember recently trying to walk 10 miles a week. that was too much, too soon. the arthritis in my knee caused me to stop walking. now i am slowly easing into it.

i will tie the second row of porky hair on my latest roach. normally i don’t double row it but that is what some want. i will make roaches with single or double rows of hair. i have been sorting hair off and on all fall and winter. i got a lot done. later i will make other crafts as well.

i am suppose to get the book i ordered off the internet. if i do i might just kick back and read it instead of working. i can finish it in a day or two tops. i have read books most of my life. i have been surrounded by books in most every place i have lived.

will see what this week brings.

shutdowns all around

i plan on heading over to the ‘give us all yo’ money’ meeting. if enough prairie band fall for that pitch we will hand over what we have for yet another casino expansion. but wait, this one is gonna make us more money. our per caps are guaranteed to go up.

i am sure someone will be eyeing the ones that vote no, even though it is their right to vote anyway they want.

i have tickets to KU’s basketball game. i will ease out in time to make it to the game. don’t know if they will vote by then. i find it odd that no handouts on the proposal has been given to our members to look at. we are expected to vote on the expansion without time to study it. you gotta wonder about anything they wont show you. i can hear a pitchman saying ‘if you vote now, we will include a set of ginsu steak  knives. but wait, if you vote before midnite tonight we will include two sets of ginsu knives.

i don’t get into politics but trump has only been president one year and he has already shut down the government. he says he aint a racist but insists on having a wall to keep Mexicans out. he also wants to keep out anyone from a s#&^hole country and muslims countries. don’t know why he is worried about them, they wont be at the golf courses he spends all his time at instead of acting like the leader of the most powerful country in the world.

even though there will be a shut down some essential jobs will continue to work. without pay of course while congress will still get paid. seems like congress wouldn’t be essential. all they do is the bidding of special interests groups that own them. they don’t work for us.  the only major legislation they passed was a huge tax break for the rich.

seen a high school classmate at the local gaming establishment. she asked if my hair was gray yet. i took my hat off to show her yes, indeed i am aging too. kinda don’t want to admit but our 50 year class reunion coming up. naw. can’t be that old.


heat wave coming

this is an old picture of a indian potato i had potted up. i do that now and then to replant. they have to grow near a water source.  i lost a few in my flower bed before i realized that fact. i have them in a few places now. i will see how that works out.

i also transplanted gooseberry bushes and wild onions to my back yard. i have scattered nenwezhek seeds along the ditch near my house. it is all part of my put our native foods where i can pick them. i will have access to them when i am older.

temps will be in the 40s today. they will hit the 50s on Friday and Saturday.  shirt sleeve weather. i will clean the stove pipes again. when the stove is going, it smells like smoke again. it will be a good time to toss the rest of the wood into the basement. there is still plenty of winter left.

probably still too early to work in the garden. spring isn’t all that far off now. when it gets closer i will build a few more grow boxes. i will have 3 full rows of them alongside the front of my house. they will get full south side sun exposure.

back in the old days, you could always tell who the country indians were. they would be the ones that took off their shoes in your house. on the occasional times i lived in town, i would get drop in guests. they would always take off their shoes as soon as they came thru the door. . that kinda showed they felt at home at your place.

i didn’t wear shoes until i went to school. at boarding school i would slip them off while sitting at my desk. that would only last until the nun would walk by and slap me upside the head and tell me to put them back on.

speaking of old days i used to like the soft spoken guys. they were more apt to live the life. the force it down on you teachers didn’t always live it. they like to let others know what they were doing wrong. their own short comings were no big deal though. i liked what my great uncle told me. he said don’t tell  people what you gonna do, show them.  i agree with him. the best leaders lead by example.

i have walked on the treadmill a few times now. i also hit the weight machine. i hope to keep it up for the rest of the winter. maybe when it warms up i can start walking on the road with my dogs again. i walked on the paved road near my house for years. then i let up. if i didn’t, my health would be better, no doubt. gotta watch my health to reach an item on my bucket list. i want to live to be an old man. partly there now. still a ways to go.

rock chalk

i predicted that K U would win the game against west Virginia last night.  they were down 16 points at one time. i said we got them right where we wanted them. they chipped away and did win. they will win plenty more.

i remembered last years game at allen fieldhouse. i had tickets to it. we were suppose to set the world record for loudest indoor crowd noise. we did. K U was down 14 with less than 3 minutes. we came back and won. we set the record again. the fieldhouse was louder than i ever heard. my hands hurt next day because i clapped so much. my voice was hoarse from hollering too.

i am lucky in that i have tickets to the game this Saturday against Baylor. we will have another heat wave by then. it is suppose to be 44 degrees. this morning it was predicted to be 20 below. don’t know if it hit that or not. we have a fire going so we don’t feel it.

20 below is pretty cold. about as cold as the way some fort injuns treat their own people. well maybe not that cold.

this cold makes me think of misho’s house back b.c.  (before casinos).  often the insulation wasn’t that good.  it was blown into the walls but would often settle at the bottom. that created cold spots. we didn’t have storm windows.  the doors and windows would leak cold air. the floor would be cold in the morning until someone got the fire going. best place to sit was next to the stove.

i got back on the treadmill the other day. i am in the basement many times during the day putting wood into the stove.  no time like the present to get started working out again. i try hard to eat right. that is hard but i have cut back on many sweets. just drinking indian tea or water now. everywhere i go seems indians got food. that’s good too. i remember when we didn’t have much food. now we have too much. thus our health problems. there is a price to pay for everything.

this is a pictue of my brother randy showing how many times i have seen him in the past few years.

gotta walk on the treadmill again today. who knows maybe i will hit the weight machines again too.

back to a routine

i need to get back into a routine. in the past month we have had our winter dance, two funerals, a road trip and the holidays. i also had to add in misho time with the grand kids. everything stops when they come.

i haven’t finished my last roach. i have spent many hours sorting hair though. i probably sorted enough hair to tie about 3 more roaches. now it is time to get back to working on them. i bought 20 deer tails and agreed to buy a few ounces of porky hair from a trapper that always had good hair.  i make many other crafts as well. by summer time i want to have enough done to fill a pow wow stand. i may have one some where, some time.

i need to get back to working out again. i was before my routine got broken. my last lab results showed my blood sugar was up. i gotta keep it in check. exercising helps do that. i just found out i was diabetic bout two years ago. i see that is a problem in our community. i try hard to eat right and exercise and still have a problem. i can see why some that don’t even try have a rough time. it is hard work to take care of yourself. i view my health as my responsibility. i can do something about it by trying to eat right and exercise.

i am drinking indian tea instead of any sweet drinks. i go thru a coupla gallons of indian tea every week. i don’t drink pop. i was substituting Gatorade for pop but found it still has sugar in it. i decided to give that up too. funny that when i as young we had to drink indian tea because we didn’t have things such as pop and candy very much in them days. now i am back to it because of my health.

i still get a few eggs even with the cold we had. i might get one or up to 4 eggs a day. some chicken breeds lay all winter. some don’t. i am glad my chickens are laying. i have to feed and water them everyday even when it is cold. at least they are giving me something back.

we got a light snow last night. it wasn’t much but i am glad we got it. my gardens need that moisture in the ground when it melts. if we don’t get snow, the ground gets dry. even in a modern world we still have to depend on nature.

now that i am retired i wonder at what age do you get away with saying anything? you know how some old people can say some real off the wall things and people let it pass cuz they old. i want to cash in on that. when someone asks me a real dumb question i want to be able to give them an equally asinine answer.


back on da rez….

i had to think of an old protest song from the 60s. kinda paraphrasing the lyrics but it goes ‘you can leave for 4 days in space, but when you return, its the same old place’.

i am assuming nothing has changed on the rez. my dogs looked at me as if i hadn’t gone anywhere.

i had planned on staying until today and getting home tonight. my plans get changed for me. sometimes my time aint my time. i have to help at a funeral tonight and tomorrow.

the weather also played into it. snow and freezing rain was moving in where we were at 2 in the morning. it was also suppose to hit at home 6 in the morning. my nephews and I decided to leave early. we left bout dark late Wednesday afternoon.  it was foggy for most of the first coupla hundred miles. visibility was limited, couldn’t see too far. we drove out of that.

we drove all night and got back to the rez after 7 am Thursday morning. it was raining in iowa but it wasn’t freezing. when we got to Hiawatha it started snowing. no ice. when we got south of Holton it started to have a little ice coming down. we seen an accident as we turned onto a gravel road heading back onto the rez. we made it home before the weather hit. ended up it wasn’t that bad. if it had been we would have still made it home safely.

i am glad we had a safe trip. on the way up we seen  eagles 4 different times. one was a immature golden eage. the others were bald eagles. i always think seeing an eagle is good mojo.

i had to nap yesterday because i was up most of the night to keep whoever was driving company. i was tired  and had to get some sleep.  i knew i had to help at this funeral.  i am glad i made the trip. i haven’t been anywhere in awhile. our northern kin treated us good. they put us up and fed us. i hope to get back up there sometime.

i ordered 20 deer tails for my roaches. they arrived. i will finish the last roach i have been working on. i watched the KU game i missed while on this trip. i will get back into my routine in a few days. just gotta let things play out.