kiddie sleepover

Andrew and Samuel wanted Cecelia to sleep over last night. they are close. I brought in the air mattress and aired it up. only used it once in camping this year. we put it on the living room floor. they had fun jumping on it until I made them stop. they finally settled down. a house full of kids is sorta noisy but I like to hear my grand kids playing and having fun.

I must be mellowing out. yesterday we took Andrew to his soccer game. he bumped the car door that was parked next to us. I looked at it and it wasn’t scratched or dented. we went in for his game. after the game I seen both my car doors had been keyed. big scratch about 4 foot long.  I wasn’t really mad about it. my old car has over 200 thousand miles on it. it wont be worth anything when I am done with it. I did think that was pretty chicken shit of the guy or gal that did that.  gutless wonder.

Andrew didn’t want to dance at the pow wow when we got back from soccer. I wasn’t all that surprised. he was all game getting his outfit ready. when they got to the bingo hall he didn’t want to dance. I don’t believe in forcing a kid to dance. it should be fun. my favorite dancers are the ones that look like they are enjoying it. well at least we got him ready. it will give us more time to add to his outfit.

we are planning on a nice family dinner for thanksgiving. we will have the usual turkey and dressing. we bought a smoked ham from the meat locker. it cost more but they taste better than those spiral ham things from the grocery store. I scored a buffalo roast (and some buffalo sausage from the tribe). we was gonna use the roast in our corn soup but will use deer meat instead. my brother in law gave us several bags of deer meat. maybe we will use the buffalo sausage in the wild rice. .

we will also have nenwezhek, indian tea, dried squash and kakasewabo. probably some of the sweet potatoes I grew and mashed potatoes with gravy. we will also have some of the blueberries we picked this year. we will use real pumpkin for pie.

I think I will save the two rabbits until I get a few more. we will cook the two squirrels joe and I got while hunting. kinda reminds me that little soldier creek wasn’t running. just a few pools of water here and there.

sounds like a lotta food. diet be damned I guess. we do watch what we eat. one day of feasting wont be bad. it is what most of the country will be doing. I had a friend that used to fast on that day. I always think about him. and others. I don’t understand how anyone can be hungry in this day and age. we have the technology to feed everyone in the world but there is no profit in it. I am grateful for what I have every day.


made a bustle

my grandson Andrew wants an outfit to dance at pow wows. william got a whole bird from the fish and wildlife department. I have helped a number of people fix their feathers. mainly cuz a few “tradish guys” were ripping people off for their feathers. we used some of the feathers william got to make a bustle. I showed william how to fix the feathers. while he was doing that I was stringing the feathers to fix to a base. this is what we ended up with. the kid ought to be happy.

I picked up the rosette in the middle of the bustle at an indian shop (can you say that? don’t wanna offend my native friends). i seen a number of these on clearance sale. I knew this one would fit the middle of a bustle. i got it at a good price. other than the rosette and the pony beads for spacing the bustle is plain. I like it that way.

Andrew will be semi ready to dance at the pow wow tomorrow at the bingo hall. first he has a soccer game in lawrence at 11. then we gotta rush back to the rez. he has been dancing with an old roach I had hanging on the wall. it belonged to old man andy. don’t know why they gave it to me. i made it. I will let andrew wear one of the new ones I made. he glommed onto my deer dew claws to use instead of bells. we will see what else he has to wear on the spur of the moment.

it has been warm a few days. I took advantage of that to move the rest of my composted manure pile. I wheel barrowed it up to my grow boxes. I added the composted manure to each grow box. I added more top soil to each box also. when I cleaned out my stove ashes last week I added some of them to the boxes too. I threw in coffee grounds and egg shells also. my grow boxes will be ready by next spring.

I am happy I did that work to my grow boxes. I have decided I will build six   more grow boxes by next spring to even out the three rows. I put down the pond liner where they are to be built. this will kill the grass. i bought the pond liner cuz some hippies claimed it made the composting process speed up. it didn’t. they need to clean that bong out. I have a few pallets to take apart. I will use them to build the boxes.

tonite KU is playing. I wont get to watch it. its on a channel I don’t have. damn. I might listen to it on the radio. we had to do that back in high school. in them days they didn’t televise too many games. just tournaments. us indians would ask each other if we listened to the game. then we would talk about it. crazy ass indians.

today I am testing out my culinary skills again. I will  make some mish mot (most know that as tripe or menudo). I will add some hominy to it. that will be my supper while listening to the k u game.

getting a new winter coat

my sister jackie is gonna make me a capote coat out of a Hudson bay blanket. I got the blanket at an auction a few years ago. they sell for several hundred dollars. I couldn’t let it pass at the price I got it for.

I sent for a pattern off the internet. I am anxious to see what it will look like on me. don’t know where I will wear it. not to feed the chickens I bet. maybe it will look good hanging on the wall.

I have been busy sorting porcupine hair. don’t see an end to that chore anytime soon. people tell me they would be bored if they were retired. I don’t see how. its rare I have a day off to do nothing. I had to make the time to go hunting. I still want to go again.

I haven’t mentioned gambling lately. maybe because mine has curtailed so much. I only gamble what I can afford to lose. since I am retired that means less shonya (translation: money) to gamble on. I doubt new paint and new rugs will get me back. casinos aren’t interested in small time gamblers like me, as if they can afford to lose any customers.

I was up not too late last night. I was watching the K U-Kentucky mens basketball game. I put a $10 bet on it. K U won and I won. that should make us both happy. the tv announcers kept building up Kentucky even though we led most of the game. maybe they need to cover them bald heads, their brains must be too cold to work right.

I am happy to see they closed the infamous N road dumpster. while it was convenient it was an eyesore for us that live in this neighborhood. no matter what kind of sign was put up, some just could not comprehend throwing the trash in the dumpster. nor did they understand if it was full, just wait a few days until it is empty again. it wasn’t unusual to see plastic bags flying all around, stuck in trees etc.  trash is supposed to be bagged up, so that could be blamed on dumpster divers. some people just don’t give a damn, especially if they don’t have to live here.

I let the wood stove go out for a few days. it isn’t suppose to be that cold this week. it will get cold again. when it does I will fire the stove up. winter hasn’t even started yet………….

went hunting

joe and I went hunting yesterday. it was nice to be out in nature. i get my physical activity while i enjoy the peacefulness. we musta walked over 3 hours. we had to climb up and down creek banks.

we got two squirrels. we singed them and put them in freezer bags. I know some people skin them but we were taught to singe them. we still do. I have two rabbits in the freezer also. we will cook them on thanksgiving. we like to have an indian meal. we cook indian corn, wild rice, nenwezhek and any wild game we have besides the turkey and ham.

I was given a Pendleton hat because I always wear a hat. I was looking at it and noticed the label. it said made in china. I have a Pendleton coffee cup that says made in Thailand. now you see knock off Pendleton blankets.  some roaches are made with synthetic hair made in china. don’t know if this is funny or not.

I mentioned before I like to put cedar on the wood stove when a fire is going. a friend of mine that lives up north gave me two flat cedar trees. they were in gallon containers. I brought them home and transplanted them. that was a few years ago. now the trees are about 7 foot tall. I get my cedar from them when I need it.

my phone acts up now and then. it is an iPhone 6 plus. it was top of the line when I got it. now it is an old phone. I have looked at upgrading but am reluctant to because of the cost. damn sure aint gonna get an iPhone X that runs about a thou. the prices are getting ridiculous. I will have to use my 6 plus until it wont go no more.

today is my aunt Zelda’s birthday. she is now 93. maybe I will take the day off and go visit her. she is in hospice care.

wood stove is going

these are some of the pieces of beadwork that mary got with her dress. they were all made by blanche cook except the medicine wheel at the top. I was surprised to learn that it was made by the man that taught me how to make roaches. I am still making roaches over 40 some years later.

today is veterans day. I had to think of my brother larry. viet nam had an effect on him. I knew he had changed. he didn’t talk much about it. now and then when we were partying he would say something.

later he wrote a book in verse form about some of his experiences. I check out the price of his book from time to time. yesterday it was listed at from $70 to $880. I can imagine the look on his face if he knew it was going for that much. he had trouble selling it for $20 a copy. he gave me a few copies that I loaned out, never to be seen again.

at times I wonder about the book I am writing. my two older brothers both had a book done.  I have to get mine done so all three of us brothers can be published. cant compare our writing at all because we each write different. gary wrote about potawatomi history. mine will be more of an autobiography. my radical look on what I seen in my life.

I have several chapters of my book done. one about growing up poor on the rez with no electricity or running water. another about boarding school days. a few have read them and liked what I wrote. one said my book would be of limited interest. I am mainly writing this book to tell my story to my grand children, not to reach a big audience.

another said she wouldn’t have to make many changes to my writing if she was to help editing. I thought “changes” ? I don’t want anyone to change my words. wtf my story, my words. perhaps my thoughts on the matter could become an obstacle to getting published. I have no problem with using caps, etc.  blogging is an easier form to make a point. proper grammar isn’t totally necessary. I understand a book would have to be different.

I have parts of other chapters started. hard to write some of it like the days I was into alcoholism, drug abuse and violence. it was my lost weekend that lasted a decade or two. it aint like I want to glorify it or to relive it. it was part of what I had to go thru to get to where I am at now. looking back I could see where I was but at the time I couldn’t see beyond the right now. didn’t have the clarity I do now.

perhaps I better get back to writing my book since I am retired now. the reason I blog is so I can have practice writing. maybe when I get tired of sorting hair I can sit down and write some.

I tossed more wood into the basement. gotta keep our fire going. I was suppose to go hunting yesterday but it was a bit cold. we postponed our hunting until tomorrow.

marys new old dress

mary went to visit her cousin and was given this dress to keep it in their family. it was made by Blanche Cook, who did beadwork all her life.  it is an old design.

mary also got beadwork made by Blanche. it goes with this dress including wristbands, head band and belt. she will treasure it all.

I had a vest that was made by Blanche. I gave it away at a ceremony. I am happy it is still being worn. we also have a small beaded vest made by Blanche. it was worn by our son and now by our grand son.

you only see the old bead work on special occasions. I was given an old beaded bandolier by my great uncle. I have only worn it a few times. when the old guys wore these bandoliers they were considered “dressed up”. one of my sons said mary and I should dress up and take a picture. I wouldn’t know where to go for such a picture. what would I do with the rest of the pictures after giving one to my kids. give them out like class pictures?

my great uncle also gave me a fan that belonged to my great grandfather who died in 1939. it has an old beadwork design on it. I gave that fan to my son who carries my great grandfathers name. it is so old, the feathers are worn down. my great uncle called my great grandpa my “big misho”. I still use that term.

our old people used to be real giving. now we live in the best times of our existence economically but not many give as they did. I wonder why having more money makes us less giving.

went to town yesterday since I got my old folks check. I had to get chicken feed and dog food. that cost me $60. my animals cost me a few bucks. I get fresh eggs from my chickens and loyalty from my dogs. that is worth it to me.

one of my sons is coming over tomorrow. we are suppose to go hunting. the old fashioned way where you actually walk. it is nice to be out in the timber. I walked a mile on the tread mill the other day. I wanted to be sure the arthritis in my knee wouldn’t be a problem. cant wait to go hunting.


not buying porcupine hair

never thought I would turn down porcupine hair. I have done that twice this  season. two different trappers asked me if I wanted to buy a pound of hair. I didn’t want to but I told both I wasn’t buying hair this year. one of them has supplied me with the best hair i have bought.

the reason I am not buying hair is I have plenty. good thing I had the foresight to stock up on it for the past decade. I estimate I have close to 15 pounds of hair saved. it is easily worth thousands of dollars. i looked at it as an investment in myself when i retired. I am lucky I didn’t pay the inflated prices the supply houses and auctions sites charge.

if I got extremely ambitious and made a roach every week, it would take me over 3 years to use all my porcupine hair up. I doubt I will churn out one a week. my supply will still last me years. thus no need to buy anymore.

I still cant get over some people using roaches made out of synthetic fibers. true they look good, but hey it aint real.

we had some deer meat for supper last night. whenever someone writes about indians eating deer it aint deer. it is “roasted venison”. guess that sounds better than cooked deer meat. later this week I will make some chili with deer, I mean venison, in it. gotta use up what we thawed out.

I was scheduled to attend a diabetes cooking class. I totally spaced it out. I was asked to watch the grand kids and forgot I had the class. oh well, I make the time for the grand kids.

we had some tomatoes frozen. mary made some salsa with them and canned it. I had some with chips. it is real good. cant beat home made.

kinda been thinking of firing up the rocks for a sweat lodge. aint had a sweat in some time. I haven’t used the buffalo robe I bought to cover the lodge door either. my skin gets so dry and itchy this time of year. a sweat helps my skin breathe.

tonite is suppose to be the coldest night so far this year. good thing we have a fire going. lately Andrew has been asking to help put wood into the stove. I let him now and then. mainly as a teaching tool. kids gotta learn how to respect fire. when it gets cold we will throw more wood in. I like to sprinkle flat cedar on top of the wood stove when a fire is going. it makes the house smell good. probably creates good mojo too. need it in todays world….

soccer starting

we took Andrew to his first soccer game yesterday. he plays on a kindergarten team in Lawrence. had to get up at six, in order to make it down there for the 8 o clock start. we had to get breakfast, coffee and fill the gas tank before leaving. and the coach like most coaches demanded the kids be there 15 minutes early. we were half an hour early.

it was worth it. Andrew knows his misho supports him in everything. I make the time for my grand kids. too often I see parents spend no time with their kids. I know I had to miss a few things of my kids like games or concerts because I had to work or help at ceremonies. I don’t want to miss time with my grand kids.

Andrew scored the last goal to tie the game. well actually they weren’t keeping score. something to do with not making the kids competitive or something. the goalie on the other team cried when a goal was scored on him. he kept looking at his parents after every play. so much for not being competitive. some parents do that to kids. the kid grows up with unrealistic expectations. you do lose in life. that becomes too hard for some to accept.

too bad they didn’t teach trump and Hillary not to be overly competitive. we live in a win at all costs society. sounds like both would do anything to get elected to our top office.

we have a fire going in the wood stove in the basement. it is nice to wake up and have the floor warm. the furnace wont do that. it only heats the top floor. once the water pipes in the basement froze, even with the furnace going. that’s why I like a wood stove going in the basement.

I told the tribal workers I appreciated them coming over to clean the stove pipes. I still say every program out here should give a week to serving tribal members. some workers only there to get an easy pay check without giving anything back. like parasites that suck the blood out of us.

I get out and about on the rez. its always an adventure. you never know who isn’t speaking to you over something imagined by them or done by someone else. sometimes they hate on you because of a family member even if you had nothing to do with any of it. I find people forget all that when they need something from me.

sometimes I think sovereignty means you can be mean to your own people. control of our money means some will use their positions to go after anyone they perceive as a threat. even when they aint.  that is sad. that aint real power. its a cry for help. I doubt hurting others makes anyone feel better.

the leaves are turning color and are dropping. that means its time to go hunting. the timber on the creek I live near is full of game. turkeys, rabbits, raccoon, squirrel and deer. trick is to bag some. I love wild game.

indian tea, snow…..

picture is a pile of indian tea I had curing out. it weighed about two pounds when it was green. it dried down to a lot less than that. it filled up a brown paper grocery sack. I picked it after the hay was cut. didn’t know there was a second crop until then. I was showing some visitors what it looked like.

I have been stripping the tea off the stems and cleaning it. a tedious job. maybe some old hippies remember the process of cleaning out stems. not that I have done that eh.  I have about half of the tea cleaned now. I will clean the rest later. I have a supply to last me all winter now.

I mentioned this tea before. I used to drink it when I was younger. we didn’t have pop, kool aid etc. some old lady showed me this tea that was growing in the back yard. she said it was a good all around tonic. I have been drinking it since.

forgot to say we had our first snow on Halloween day. it didn’t last long. there was just enough to scoop up two handfuls to wash my face in. we had to do that growing up. we were told if we did, we wouldn’t get sick. I have done that my entire life. first snow also means I can hunt rabbits. maybe Andrew and I will set our traps. funny how you don’t forget little teachings.

tribal guys brought me a load of wood. first I thought wtf only half a load. that’s why I had to buy wood in the past. then a few days later I got another half a load. that is enough to last me awhile. good thing too cuz I really cant afford to buy wood.

they are having another clean up week. this time by four different programs. that is a good deal. I applaud the ones doing that. every program out here should do some kind of work in the community. some just skate by with out doing anything for the people here. I signed up to have my chimney pipes cleaned. then I will fire up the wood stove. been relying on the furnace.

young guys used to bring me deer all the time. then they quit. recently my brother in law got a buck. he sent some meat over. I cooked some with corn I got down in Oklahoma. I was visiting with a nice lady there that was making cat tail mats. her brother was shaping out a wood spoon. she had a metal trash barrel full of corn.  she gave us some, saying she gives a lot to people. it tasted good with the deer.

cant wait for the leaves to fall now. will go hunting soon as that happens……

made it to k u game

I went to K U’s men basketball game last night. I don’t think I have missed an opening exhibition game in about 15 to 20 years. I lost track. don’t matter, I know I have been to many games of my favorite sports team.

it wasn’t much of a game. k u played a smaller school. mainly to benefit that schools budget and exposure. as expected k u dominated the game. that’s okay, that allows me to leave my seat and go down to the tunnel to high five the players. that has become one of my traditions concerning ku basketball. in the past coupla decades I have high fived many of the ku greats that came thru our program.

another tradition of mine is to take a picture with the cheerleaders. usually they indulge this old man. they are always sports about it. I also buy a k u jersey. this year I bought devonte’s jersey, number 4. they have become pricey since the wiggins days. they give away refrig magnets with k u’s schedule on it. I have gotten one every year. I usually ask the kid handing them out to give me several so I can give them away. they too indulge me.

I enjoyed the game. it was probably sold out as it always is. there were some empty seats though. it wasn’t crowded like it usually is. I had some elbow room. the field house wasn’t hot from all the body heat.

this team will be good again. there are some real athletic players on our team. we should win the league title again. I think we tied ucla with 13 league titles. ours is a bigger deal with college parity. when ucla ruled, they didn’t recruit, they picked who they wanted. all the good players went there.

going to k u basketball games is a great diversion for me. when the game is on, nothing else matters. it is totally tuned out. there is no such thing as the senseless violence going on in this country, or the politicians working for big business against the common citizen, or some of our people being mean to their own, or whatever. the only thing that matters in the moment is k u basketball. rock chalk jayhawks.

before heading to the game I had to stop at nation station to fill up. I seen a guy I went to high school with. we visited a little while. he told me he looked for my house. he said he couldn’t M road. I said I don’t live on M road. he will try again, I told him I am usually home.

I missed the world series because I was at the game. I was hoping the dodgers would win so I can watch the final game tonight. they did. my daughter wabenokwe was at the game. she is on a bucket list to go to every stadium to watch a baseball game. she has been to a few world series games too.

gotta finish tying the porky hair on my latest roach…..