got a routine going on roaches

i am almost done with the second roach i am making. i finished tieing the second row of porcupine hair yesterday. it will be a red, round one like the one i just completed. these two roaches are for a lady in red lake. i sent her a picture of the first one. she said it was beautiful.

i will tie the outer deer tail trim today. i can work around the grand sons and granddaughters here. they dont bother me when i am working. i am glad to know that since i will be working on roaches when ever i can. the boys and girls club will be open next week so the girls will be over there. school will start soon, so the boys wont be here later on. i will be in a routine by then.

i dont know how you wrap a small round woodland style roach. i havent talked with anyone that has one. i googled that and couldnt find anything. there are a few videos of wrapping a regular roach but i already know how to do that. on one video i seen that one dancer uses dax pomade on the porky hair to shape it. i use plain water to help shape my roaches.

i found a coupla short sticks at a garage sale. they looked like they would work for short roaches. i wrapped the first roach on one. i am gonna see how that works. if it does i will have to make sticks for wrapping round roaches. i will have to ship these roaches. i was wondering how i will box them up so they dont get crushed.

tomorrow we are going to the farmers market in kansas city. it is a big market. i dont have a garden and i am wanting fresh veggies that i usually grow. i have to see what they are selling. we will be buying some things in bulk to save for the coming year.

we cant buy up too much until we get our quarter beef. we were expecting to get it this week. we got word it aint going to the locker until the 15th instead of last week.  we gotta see how much room in the freezer that will take. i hope i aint gonna be saying “what steak again?”. eh.

we were planning to cut the willow poles for the sweat lodge on sunday. the temperature will over a hundred. working in the heat wont bother us but we decided to wait until next week when temps are in the 80s. even though we can handle the heat i prefer to do it when it is cooler.

i get amused at how some people can just make up their history. i gotta admit some are pretty creative about it. its okay if they believe it but it aint right to be passing their fantasies off as the honest truth. in todays world of social media anyone can be anything they wanna be, i guess.

gotta do chores and finish that roach.

working on another roach

this is a picture of the last roach i made. i turned it upside down to make the hair splay out.  i posted a picture of this roach last week. it was a view from the top. i will start tying the porcupine hair for the next one today. it will look just like this one. a lady from red lake wanted two of them for her sons who are starting to dance.

the grandkids are going to the water park today. i will be able to work on my roach without worrying about them getting in the way. they arent a problem though. while the grandkids are here, i only have two rules. rule #1 : do whatever misho says. rule #2: always obey rule number 1.

i was sorting hair yesterday with them playing. i got enough hair done to finish this next roach. i will get the first row of porcupine hair sewn on today. dont know if i will have both rows of hair done. if i dont, i will finish it tomorrow.  then i will tie the deer tail trim to finish it.

i recently bought a derby hat. i go thru lotsa hats. a lady is beading the brim of the derby for me. she is starting on it today. she said she would do any work that i needed. she is working to pay medical bills. i said i have a beaded breechcloth. i need a matching one so i will have a front and back. she is willing to do that for me. she will do it after beading my hat.

monday we had a cooler day that we have been having. i worked outside. i didnt wanna wait til it got hot. i dismantled my sweat lodge. i had to take it down so we can build a new one. my sons will help me cut the willow poles and set up the lodge. we havent had a sweat for a while. i could have used one when i caught covid.

we gotta cut the willow poles while they are still pliable. if we wait too long like last year, they wont bend. they break instead. this year i want to have a new frame put up in case we wanna go in this winter. i bought some new canvas tarps for it off the internet. the tribe used to have rolls of it that came from army surplus. i have part of a roll left. i hope i have enough to cover the lodge.

we havent heard when the quarter beef we ordered will be ready for pickup. it was scheduled to go in this week. i imagine it takes time to process it. mary defrosted the freezer. we have been cooking whatever we could from the freezer to make more room for the beef that is coming.

later today i have to head to town. we need to fill up our drinking water bottles. we use it to make coffee, tea and to cook with. i better get my chores done and get busy on that roach.

got grandkids this week

we are watching the granddaughters because the boys and girls club is closed this week.  the grandsons are here too.  i will have to find time to work on my roaches. they behave pretty good but i gotta be careful they dont upset my porcupine hair. it takes me hours to sort it into piles.

they will go to the water park in mayetti sometime this week. the girls didnt bring their swimsuits today so it will be later this week. mary has taken them to the waterpark several times. they like playing in the water. they better enjoy their time there because it will close once school starts.

we have had my rhode island red chicks for 18 weeks. this breed will start laying eggs between 18 and 20 weeks. some early as 16 weeks. none of mine have started laying yet.  i am watching to see when they start laying. i aint sure if i can do this but i am mixing a little 16%-layer feed in with their chick starter. the layer feed helps them produce eggs.

i might have one rooster in with the 11 rhode island reds i have. i notice one of them has a big comb, that might be the rooster. he aint supposed to be in that batch of chickens because i paid more for them as pullets. if it is a rooster that is okay with me. i like to hear a rooster crowing in the yard.

if i do have a rooster i may buy an egg incubator. that rhode island red rooster will fertilize the eggs and i will have red chicks. they will be good hens. the cost of an incubator is about what i pay for chicks.  i can re-use it and not ever have to buy chicks again.

i get 6 to 8 eggs a day now. when these hens start laying eggs along with the 11 production reds i have i will be getting lotsa eggs.  maybe a dozen or more every day. that will be okay. friends and relatives buy my surplus eggs. i sell them for 2 bucks a dozen. thats cheap for big, brown eggs. i only do that so they wont go to waste. i use the money to help with chicken feed.

rhode island reds are my favorite chicken. when i cant find them i get the production reds. they are a hybrid with rhode island red ancestry. i remember my misho saying not to get white chickens because chicken hawks can spot them easy. i have two big hackberry trees in the chicken yard so hawks cant see my chickens.

i am glad i built 15 egg boxes in the chicken house. that should be plenty for 21 hens. they dont use every box. bringing in the eggs every day is another one of my chores.

i am getting more spam on this site and in my email. that is a real nuisance. i erased over 100 today on this site today. i erased about 50 in my email. no i aint sending my info for a new drill i won or an inheritance i got from a rich uncle.

gotta work on a roach.

pups will take over

our old faithful, red heeler Konugish is gone but will never be forgotten.  the pups that we had for the past 9 months will take over as family pets. they are merle australian shepards. merle is a genetic mutation that makes their coat marbled. it is spotted on a solid color. these pups are blue merle and have bobbed tails.

Zoey, the female has blue eyes.  Vader, the male has one blue eye and one brown eye. the grandsons claimed these pups as theirs, so they named them. they really belong to all of us. i do most of their feeding and watering. we had the pups spayed and neutered, we arent a puppy mill.

i am hoping these pups will become good guard dogs. they have a good start. we can hear them barking at coyotes, owls, other dogs etc almost every night. they are starting to follow me when i am in the yard. when i go feed the chickens they wait outside the chicken house until i come out.

we will train these pups to walk with us on the road. we have been using the treadmill during this summers’ heat. we will walk on the road when the weather cools down. i like walking on the road. the treadmill is for the times we cant.

i finished the round roach i was working on. i am almost done fine sorting porcupine hair for the second round roach. i will make it with a double row of porky hair too. i will start tieing the hair when i have enough sorted.

i will continue making more round roaches.   i want to have a supply of them stock piled for a stand at a future pow wow. i will need to make some small craft items for the stand too. i have a few ideas of things i wanna make.

i dont have a garden this year. i told someone i lost interest in having one when my indian corn didnt come up. i am thinking that i better get into a project i put off. that is to rebuild my grow boxes and fence the area in. i have until next spring to get it done. it will be ready for my cool weather crops.

i will rely on farmers markets now. most of the growers grow organic. i will stock up the freezer with veggies and mary will can some. i will have to see how much room we will have after we get the quarter of beef we paid for. it will fill a good portion of the freezer. i have no doubt we will fill the rest of it up. we are in the process of defrosting it.

for sure i will buy roasted anaheim peppers from the local farmers market. we will dice them up as green chiles. i will get enough to last us most of the year. i will buy tomatoes and habanero peppers to make a years supply of hot sauce.

gotta work on roaches some more.

dog gone…

what did the indian say when his dog died? dog gone. i know an old joke.  our dog konugish finally left us. we dont really know how old he was. we guess around 15. that made him about 105 in human years. we had him since he was a pup. i was around him longer than any dog that i remember.

he was a loyal friend. he would be wherever we were. if we worked in the garden, he was there. when we dried corn or squash, he would be near us. he would watch us when we threw wood into the basement.  when we camped out in the back yard, he slept outside the door of the tent.

he would follow me when i went hunting, looking for mushrooms, feeding chickens, picking paw paws or just to the mailbox. when mary and i walked our two miles he would walk with us over the years. he would get anxious to go for our walk. he waited by the door for us to put his leash on him.

the kids grew up around him. he liked the grandkids, maybe because they would always play with him. once one of our other dogs growled at andrew. andrew was little then. konugish got in between that dog and andrew. the other dog backed off. konugish protected andrew. he was like that with all our grandkids.

deer bother my garden now and racoons have killed my chickens. that is since konugish got old. he wouldnt let any animal in our yard when he was younger. he ran off a rottweiler and german shepard once. this was his home too.

when konugish was younger he was a muscular dog. he got fat when he got older. he couldnt walk like he used to. he waddled.  he quit following me to the timber. we took care of him when he got old. we were taught we have to be good to dogs. they are our companions.

we noticed yesterday something was wrong with him. he was barely walking. as we went to town he got up and wagged his tail. that musta been his goodbye. i found him this morning. i buried him because i thought he deserved to be taken care of.  i once said my dog and was corrected by the grandkids. they said hes our dog too. i agreed with them. he belonged to all of us.

i went to my heart doctor this morning. i remember one of the nurses from my cardiac rehab. i told her they did a good job working with me. i spoke with the heart docters assistant. he checked me out and said i was okay.

the heart doctor came in and told me i was doing good. i thanked him for finding the blockages i had. i said i dont know what could have happened to me if he hadnt found that. he said i will only come back for a yearly checkup. that made me feel good that i am okay.

gotta work on roaches.

finishing a roach

i am almost done with this round roach. i have to tie the outside deer tail trim and this one is finished. i will do that today. then i fine sort porcupine hair for the next roach. i will make another one like this one. i already have the base and inside trim done.

working on roaches is doing the same thing over and over again. i listen to music or watch tv while i make roaches. that helps pass the time. i aint got cable so i have streaming. i watch old reruns or a continuing series. i got thru one series while making this roach. my kids tell me which show is a good one to watch. i seen most of the popular ones.

i am hoping i get back into a routine making roaches again. i havent made any in a few months. i wanna stockpile as many roaches as i can. my goal is to have a stand at a pow wow next year. i didnt go to any this year besides ours here on the rez. i wanna have a variety of styles available. i will make full size roaches, woodland style roaches and round roaches.

tomorrow is primary voting. i will go vote. once i seen my voting record. it is public record and open to anyone. i dont care.  i voted most elections since i was 18 years old. i will vote again tomorrow. a few times i said i wont set foot in a church. voting is done at a local church. it is in the adjoining hall and not the actual church.

i have an appointment with my heart doctor on tuesday. nothing wrong with me. it is my yearly appointment. they keep track of me. it’s been a year and a half since my open-heart surgery. i aint having any problems. more than likely they will check me out and tell me see you in a year.

i am glad i mowed the yard before the heat comes. it is supposed to be in the 90s all week. i wont have to deal with that heat except when i go feed and water my dogs and chickens. i will stay cool while working on roaches.

seems like when you’re young time passes slowly. when you get older it seems to pass by quickly. i cant believe its already august. this is the birth month of my mother, brother and sister. they are gone but i will think of them on their days. i think of them all the time.

also this month i will have been sober for 27 years. not bad for a guy who someone once said was nothing but a drunk and will always be nothing but a drunk. guess people can change. i know i did. on social media someone can post they been sober for a few days and get a hundred likes. i wont get any likes for my 27 years but i am proud i got out of that life.

gotta do my chores before it gets hot.

woke up still a broke indian

i normally dont play the mega millions lottery.  the jackpot was up to 1.3 billion dollars. that was too tempting to pass up. i thought why the hell not buy one ticket. the odds are i wouldnt win but i would only be outta a coupla dollars if i lost.

i checked my numbers this morning and i didnt win the billion. just as well i probably woulda had more friends and relatives that i needed if i had won. i did win $4 though. i doubled my money. not a bad return in any venture.

i can probably handle the 4 bucks. i think that winning the billion would corrupt my life.  some would say it wouldnt change them but it  probably would change me. going from doing without most of my life to having anything i wanted would have been too much.

i went out to feed my animals this morning. i liked the 70 degree temperatures. temps will be back in the 90s this coming week. i decided to mow the yard while it is cool. it didnt take too long to see the grass is wet. it fell in clumps instead of scattering. i will wait until the dew is gone then mow.

i had the chicks i got this spring for 17 weeks. they start laying eggs any time after 16 weeks. i will keep an eye on them to see if they drop any eggs. when they do, i will release them into the yard with the rest of the hens. i will put a band on one of their legs so i can tell them apart from the production reds i have.

we have been eating the cantaloupe and watermelon we bought at the amish town. both are real sweet.  when i worked in the traditional foods gig i grew amish cantaloupes. they were the sweetest i ever grew. i always like melons and cantaloupes produced by home growers. they taste better than what is sold in grocery stores.

i wont get any melons or much of anything i grew this year. once my indian corn didnt come up for me, i lost interest in a garden. i will get back to growing a garden next year. when i worked in the garden program i tilled 51 gardens one year. probably half of them didnt plant anything, especially the ones that whined the most.

i sorted porcupine hair all week. i will start tieing a round roach today.  i have enough sorted hair to make a double row of hair on this roach. i can have the first row done in no time. after the next row is tied i need to do the outer deer tail trim before it is finished.

when i finish this one i will start on another round roach. i already have the base done with the inner row of deer tail trim. some lady from red lake wants two of them for her sons. she wants both of them to be red. i can do that. i needed to get back to making roaches.

gotta tie that roach.

cooler weather and apology

it is cloudy again today. that is making it cooler than the heat other parts of the country are dealing with. i havent been out much but i felt the heat while doing chores. i am making sure my animals have plenty of water.

lately i have only been drinking one cup of coffee a day. i am not trying to cut down. we arent making a full pot of coffee every day. as a result, we have less to drink so i drink less.  a bag of roasted coffee beans lasts us longer now.

the pope went to canada to apologize to boarding school survivors. he was given a headdress and some native leaders said the healing can begin. all of the boarding school survivors i met knew we had to continue on in life. we made the most of it. my life slowly turned around for me without an apology. i got out of boarding school almost 60 years ago.

we all dealt with the effects of boarding school in different ways.  i lost many good jobs and golden opportunities because of my alcoholism and drug use.  i seen lotsa violence that began in my boarding school days. it carried over into my life thru the anger i had. i defied authority because of boarding school. and to this day i wont set foot in a church.

i dont speak of my boarding experiences much. once i told a close relative of mine about a beating i got at school. she said she knew someone that could top that. i wasnt aware it was a contest of who had it worse.  i was merely speaking of an incident that happened when i was a small child. the school i went to was bad but i know that others had it worse than i did.

during the aim days, i met guys i went to boarding school with. we were standing up against the wrongs that other indians had to go thru. when i worked in prisons i met a few that i went to school with that were doing time and heard of others that did too. while in bars or copping dope i met others i went to boarding school with. others met violent deaths. yep we all dealt with what happened to us in different ways.

this coming tuesday is primary election day. i will go vote.  i have seen political ads. i wondered why politicians dont do the things they promise all the time, not just while running for office.

it will be time to mow the yard again soon. i hope to do it while it is still cooler. the sprinkles of rain we got will make it grow.

i have been sorting porcupine hair all week. i will probably start tying a roach soon. i will make two round roaches a lady asked about. she wanted them for her sons who are gonna start dancing. i may make more round ones after i am done with those two. gotta get busy.


canned green beans

today is cloudy and we are getting some sprinkles of rain. it wasnt in the 100s yesterday either. that is giving us some relief from the heat. we have had a week or so of 100-degree temperatures. the rest of the country is dealing with this heat too. i have been keeping my animals watered so the heat dont get to them.

mary canned the green beans we bought at the amish town. i helped snip the ends off the beans. we cut them up into pieces that fit into the quart jars. she used one of our pressure cookers to can them with. sometimes she will have both going.

we ended up with 12 quarts of green beans. there were times we proudly told people of our canning like that. some would reply they put up 12 dozen jars of something or other. we are proud of our work anyway. besides canning we dry and freeze things.

3 of the jars didnt seal. instead of reprocessing them, we froze some of them. we cooked the rest with the new potatoes we bought. mary added bacon and chicken broth. that soup was real good. i had it with the fresh baked bread and butter we bought at the amish town. it was a great meal.

i dont have much of a garden this year. i will definitely buy anaheim peppers from farmers markets. i will get them already roasted. when i get home i will peel the outer skin off and dice them up for green chiles. i will also buy tomatoes to can salsa, hot sauce and tomatoes. if i can’t raise it, i can find it at a farmers’ market.

we will have to defrost our freezer. we ordered a quarter of beef from my nephew and his family. they raise cattle and hogs. we prefer home raised meat to what is sold in grocery stores. we will get a coupla hundred pounds of hamburger, steaks and roasts. we will have to make room for that.

sometimes i wish i could find another freezer to put in the basement. whenever it would be time to defrost, we could transfer everything to it. or if the one we have is full, we could store things in the extra one. it would be unplugged when not in use. i am looking on craigslist and garage sales for a used one.

i am still sorting porcupine hair. i worked on that yesterday. i have decided that i probably wont have a stand at any other pow wow this year. instead my goal will be to have as many roaches done for next year. dont know how many that will be but i should have a number of them.

i probably will make some round roaches and some woodland style roaches. some people want those styles of roaches too. and i gotta have some smalls at my stand. i will try to make some miniature hand drums by next year too.

already got my chores done, i better sort more porcupine hair.

stocked up on supplies

cece and kini came for a sleep over thursday night. their parents went to a concert in kansas city. they would have gotten home late and have to wake the girls up. we said we would keep them all night. since they were staying the night, we put the air mattress in the living room.

we had a slight problem. the mattress kept leaking air, so they slept on the couch instead.  i wonder if the mattress is a goner.  i will air it up and use soapy water to find the leak. maybe i can put a tire patch on it. if not, we might have to buy another one. we camp enough that it is not a wasted expense.

after they left yesterday, mary and i went to the amish town in missouri. we loaded up on grocery supplies. we especially like their homemade butter. we both came out with a shopping cart full of foods. we buy different things, but it all goes to stock our pantry.

we went to the diner in town for lunch. they have a great fried chicken buffet. we didnt check out the antiques stores. we did stop at the green house to buy veggies. we found another place that also sold fresh produce. we bought some from them too.

i noticed on the drive there and back lotsa menashkuk growing by the road. i thought it was kinda late in the season for it to be flowering. the narrow two laned roads didnt have a place to pull over so i could pick some. i will have to make do with what i picked in the ditch in our front yard. it didnt produce as much this year.

i have been sorting porcupine hair again. i dont know how many hours i spent this past week doing that. i watch tv as i work. it makes a monotonous chore a little more fun.  the job of sorting hair will never end. i have pounds of hair. i put what i sort into a separate container.

indians in canada are waiting for the pope to come. they expect an apology for the part the church played in the boarding school trip. some said then the healing can begin. dont know bout that. it has begun for most of us years ago. all survivors have dealt with the effects of boarding school for our entire lives. maybe an apology will make the ones who didnt go to boarding school feel better.

i still dont understand why people that never went to boarding school feel it is their duty to talk for the ones that actually did. i met many others that have gone to boarding school. all are quite proficient at speaking for themselves. they dont need anyone to tell others what they went thru.

today i have a box of green beans to fix. i need to snap the ends off of them. i bought them yesterday. mary will can them later. got to feed and water my critters before it gets hot.