Roach Head Dresses that are sold

Below are some of the Roach Head Dresses I had for sale. I will add more on the for sale page as i make them. I would consider a fair trade of indian made art for one of my roaches. For instance, indian tanned hides. it must equal the value of the roach. Say you place a value of $250 on a hide, it would take two tanned hides for a $500 roach. etc. Please click on the [View with PicLens]  link above the pictures for the best view.

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  1. Hi Eddie Joe,

    My son is Pueblo/Hupa and a grass dancer. He was just head boy dancer at a local Pow Wow near our home in Monroe, Washington. I made him a horse hair roach from a kit and it turned out okay. But Pow Wow season is here and he really wants a Porky roach. He likes your green one… He is eleven years old and is going to pay half. Is it still available?


  2. Eddie Joe,

    how do we get it paid for and sent? We have an event at the end of the month.

    Tammy Stevenson

  3. Eddie,

    Just received the green porky roach. It is awesome! Looks great, fits great. We will talk you up at the PowWow’s here in the NorthWest. We may go to Gathering of Nations next Spring… you planning to go to Sante Fe anytime? Anyway, Elijah loves it and Tammy says it is better than my Horse Hair roach I made… good work.
    Chris Stevenson, Washington State

  4. chris glad you like it. i get inquiries all the time bout my roaches. i quote what i believe is a very fair price for the quality work i do then i dont hear back from them. my travels take me to many places. passed thru sante fe last year. dont know when i will to there again.

  5. My 7 year old son is starting his grass dancing and I am interested in purchasing him a Red, White, and Blue Porky Roach. Please let me know if you have one for sale and pricing. Thank you.

    Semper Fi.

  6. jeff i dont have one at the moment but could make one. i could do a 15″ one with those colors for $325. may take me a week or two since i have a day job. le tme know if you are interested.

  7. hello my steve from gila river rez in az.your roaches look real nice.I would like if you could make me one.i am goin start dance’in tradish.get bacc at me threw e-mail..respects

  8. hey my baby boy is entering tiny tots this year, and i wanted to know if you still have the yellow and orange 14″ available. and if so how quick can you get it to denver, denver march is march 18th.

  9. Do you have any childrens head roaches for sale? I’m looking to purchase one for my 5 year old son. If so, what size/price? Thank you.


  10. i was wondering on what sizes and prices your roaches are? and which ones do you have avalible.

  11. I have two sons that are need of a head roach. both my sons are grass dancers, one is 10yrs old. and the other is 4yrs. old. Do you have children sizes for sale? If so, how much?

  12. i do make child size roaches. they vary in price depending on length of roach and front hair. as a rule i price most under 300 for kids roaches.

  13. Hi Eddie i looking to buy a black deer head roach like the one you have on your site, how much ? what time frame? David

  14. Looking for a roach 22″ didn’t know if you have anything ready to go right now? If not how long would it take.

  15. I’m a prairie chicken/crow traditional dancer. I have a roach I purchased last year from a guy in Montana. However, he made it too long and I want to know if you can shorten it. I’m also looking for a 24” roach to purchase. Please let me know. Thank you!

  16. rocky i generally dont work on other roaches. so i cant shorten the one you have. i would rather make one from scratch so that the entire work is my work. i am sorting hair and this will take awhile. i will contact you when i am ready to start tying roaches.

  17. occasionally. i work full time and am kept busy on weekends. usually people want 10-12 inch double row of hair and 24 inches long roaches. they dont understand it takes a couple of pounds of hair to get one like that. that one roach is the primo of the lot, which is why you dont see many of them. i imagine one has to be tight with a roachmaker to get one of them. others want indian price. i sell mine reasonable as it is, not nearly as high as non natives. i make better roaches than alot of the ones i see. so i just pick and choose what roaches i want to make.

  18. I am a grass dancer and I was looking around for roaches and was hoping you could make me one

  19. Could you make a 18 inch porky roach that spreads at all times when idance and i am agrass and green purple in it contact me back. Thank you

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