I want to buy porcupine guard hair and quills

i want to buy porcupine guard hair. i will pay at least $27 an ounce for it.  Or $432 a pound for it. The hair must be piled in one direction like in this picture. The yellow tips should be lined up on the same side and not have alot of under fur and quills in it. I am not interested in hair shorter than 5 inches. That is the shortest length i use to tie roaches with. a simple way to measure is the length of  the palm of your hand. i dont want too much hair shorter than that.  naturally there will be hair that length and shorter in batches. I just dont want to pay for a lot of short bundles of hair. i can get that from the  supply houses.

the next time you see a dead porcupine on the side of the road you can see money laying there. each porcupine should give at least an ounce of hair. I toss carcasses in the trunk. i plucked them later instead of trying to do that while traffic is buzzing by. i would carry a canvas mail bag to put the porky in. i used gloves to pick it up with.

it is easy to pluck the hair off the fresh killed carcass. you simply grasp the very tips of a few hairs between your thumb and index finger then give a slight tug. the hair should come out. try not to grab too many hairs at one time. it wont be easy if the carcass has dried tho. then you would have to soak the hide until the hair can be pulled out. by being careful you dont even touch the quills because they are shorter than the hair. the hair actually stands out from the quills.

i have plucked a number of porcupines and havent stuck myself with a quill yet.  you just have to be careful.  just remember to keep the hair ends in the same direction. and try not to bend the hair. the hair can be kept straight by keeping it in bundles with a rubber band around it. just dont make the rubber band too tight. you dont need to pluck the entire carcass. just pull the longer hair out.  when you get a good supply of hair contact me.

i have been buying porcupine hair for the past 40 years. i buy several pounds of hair each year. i need it for my craft of roach making. i am looking for a long term business deal with anyone that is willing to provide me with hair. i will buy it year after year. it can be a continuing source of extra income every year. the season for winter hair is usually between september and march. a person can make several hundred dollars a year by making use of the porkys that would otherwise be wasted. the hair will be put to use in the making of my art.

i have found that i cant get good hair from many of the supply houses. or from the auction sites. i won’t compete with them in buying hair either. they tend to charge a lot and just give a few strands of long hair. they pull the longer hair out and sell it for more money. i even bought these higher priced bundles of hair and not gotten much long hair. i have bought porcupine hair in pound lots and still didn’t get much long hair. many dancers want roaches with long front hair but they just don’t seem to understand that the average roach maker doesn’t have access to alot of long hair unless he buys in quantity and saves it.

I buy direct from trappers or those willing to pluck hair from porkys. by doing so, we cut out the middle man. we both get a better deal.

i am also willing to make a trade for good hair. i can create a custom made roach for you in trade for alot of porcupine hair. a pound of hair will get you a roach equal to $432, two pounds of hair will get you a roach worth $864 etc.

i do not sell  hair. i need it for my roach making art. I definitely will not sell you the long hair I collect. it is to hard to come by.

i want to buy quills too. my wife and i are wanting to try doing quill work. we need quills to do that. make me an offer on all the quills from one porcupine. if i can get a good price i will buy all the quills off  4 or 5 porcupines. we may be willing to buy them every year.

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  1. i have been making headroaches for 29 years and i know alot about them. thats my hobbie. i sew everyday and just like u. i try to help people that r in need of things that they cant make. this is what i do for a living beside work.

  2. I got a porky today and pulled the guard hairs . This is the first one I’ve taken the hairs off . I tried to take the longest and no under fur . I can send it to you and tell me what you think . We don’t get alot up in this country ,just one every now and then . I’ve seen that some folks use badger claws , do you have any use for those ? I’ve got 2 frozen carcesses in the shop now . Take care Bruce

  3. bruce thanks for contacting me. i appreciate that. i will email you with my address. i will pay $20 an ounce for any hair you can get. havent had a need for badger claws but may find a use for them. let me know what you want for them and i will think about it.

  4. eddie joe.
    i would like to buy some porcupine hair from you if thats possible. if you can id surely appreciate that and maybe the supplies to make the roach? casey

  5. casey i really dont sell porky hair. it is hard for me to get. my suppliers come and go. i save what hair i do get for my business. sorry i cant help you. will let you know that ebay is not a bargain. the supply houses that sell indian products pull out the long hair and charge more for it. i have paid 60-80 an ounce for it and didnt get enough to make a good roach. i have bought hair by the pound and still can get maybe one good roach with long hair out of it. then all dancers say they want double rows of hair that is 10 inches long. little do they know of the realities of buying hair.

  6. I have 4 porcupine hides remaining from last yr. They have been on salt in my fur shed since last fall. I ahvent pulled any hairs or quils. I am looking to sell them but will only sell as is!
    If you are interested in buying these please contact me via email at xxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com or you can contact me via phone after 4:30 pm mst xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    Thank you

  7. im intrested in some long hair. i have 2 pounds of hair but all short. in south dakota. the porcupine hairs r bout 7 to 8 inches long. please email or a number were i can get ahold of you

  8. i am wanting to buy hair not sell it. i have over 6 pounds of hair, most of it short also. what long hair i get i save for my roach business.

  9. Hello, do you know where I can get some salted porcupine hides? I don’t need them with the guard hair, but I do want ones with nice quills as that is what I’m after.
    Thank you.

  10. Eddie Joe, I sold you some hair a couple yrs back. I have around 20 oz of the same quality hair. Each porky is bundled individually. Will sell to you if you are interested. Cant remember the details of payment, shipping etc RON

  11. I have some hair. We still have some good porkies left. Cold Canadian porkies. Daughter is pulling hair and is fussy. She measured one at 13 1/12 inches.

    I could skin some porkies after hair is removed. What would you pay for salted? Are they just for quills? Is some taint in the skin okay. Please email asap as plucked porkies are just laying out the door.

  12. i just want the hair and will pay you $20 an ounce for it. i dont use the quills since i dont know that art but would be willing to buy a couple hides if the price was right.


  14. i have some long hair for you if you e mail me your address i can send you some

  15. Hi i have a whole porcupine skin i would like to get a fair price for it. I have skinned it up the belly like a deer.

    Please Email me at

  16. Hi, I collected a roadkill porcupine last night. I took off all the guard hairs (didn’t see the part about only the long ones)over five inches. I started separating the all white ones out but then mixed them in, sorry. Can you still use these? They are sorted by length but I don’t think any are over 9 inches. Most are between 5 and 8″. I need an address to mail them to if you would like them. I killed an innocent porcupine as a child, just something to shoot. I will give you the hairs as my atonement, my amends for the killing. Let me know if you would be able to use them. Vanne

  17. Hello. I have a bunch of porcupine hair I need to sell. Probably 3 or 4 ounces. Some up to 12inches. Send me some info and i will send hair.

  18. it is too hard to get. i would have to buy pounds of hair then sell the long hair out of it for a faction of what i paid for all the hair.

  19. Hi. I hunt and trap in Central Montana and meet many porkys on my journeys and would like to become a regular . I can probably get you 10-20 oz. a year if you would be interested.

  20. Hey , my name is Josh I’m from northern ny I do not know if that makes a difference in the guard hair quality or not but I run into porcupines all the time and I’d be willing to sell it . shoot me an email with porcupine in the subject so I know . Thank you

  21. We live on a ranch an are constantly killing porcupines. Sometimes 7 a week. Please let me know if you are interested in the guard hair. Thanks!

  22. Have some hair now. Not sure how much is there, you still buying? Need adress and everything to send.

  23. i have a bunch of good porky hair that I want to part with, shoot me an email with particulars, I can send a picture if you want too. Thanks Shannon

  24. i am a quillworker and I am always interested in obtaining quality quills. I live on the Yankton Sioux Rez in South Dakota. Like yourself, I too require that the quills I use have the necessary length for my work. Would you happen to have some contacts for me?

  25. I was wondering if you still buy guard hair? I could send pictures of what I have if I had your email. Thanks

  26. I will have 3 to4 ounces of porky hair shortly what would you be willing to pay for them? Also, do you want hair under 5 inches?

  27. i have a fair amount of 9″ porky hair if you would be interested in talking about it let me know.

  28. Hi, I am in Canada with a bunch of hair every winter. I want to sell in Canada only. Where are you at? We’ve been getting $45.00 per oz CDN. Can you do that? My email
    We try to keep the short hair out, I tell my girls 6 inch minimum. Always good winter hair.

  29. Hi I have a fresh porcipine with all quills and hair. Are u still interested in buying quills with hair and how much are u willing to pay? Thanks Stacy.

  30. I have just harvested my first roadkill porcupine, It wasn’t that bad, I have some guard hairs, do you still need them?